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Looking for a fun space for yourself, writers, musicians, artists, shitposters and more? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Cryptid thighs, we welcome newbies with open arms! Make sure one you enter you write a quick intro that includes your pronouns. Thanks for giving this a read! Hope you’ll join soon~
Hello the Good People of Discord!
I am here to represent The Writer's Guild! It is a server dedicated to writer's who want to meet and talk to other writer's, improve their writing, get practical and constructive feedback on their work and do the same for other people. We also have spots open in the administrative staff. The Writer's Guild shall be eagerly waiting for all new members.
Greetings from The Writing Group.
We are here to bring out the best in you.
Whatever your story is we'll be there.
Join the best writing group there is. TWG.

If you're going to join: please be active and talk
VIRTUOSO LOUNGE is a brand new art server that welcomes artist of all kinds. We have lots of art channels even ones for posting adopts, commissions, writing and more. Good for Deviantart users. Friendly for most all ages. Cursing is allowed (but we do have a PG chatting area as well.)
∅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬W E L C O M E T O C L O U D Y T H O U H G H T S▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ∅

A writing server that can help build your skills but can also help for venting your feelings out. We are a multipurpose server built around the writing section. Here we help others in topics such as poetry, story telling, and even support each other. The idea from this was that I wanted to show what I made and only pasting it through some venting servers aren’t going to be enough. And I’ve seen many talented people on the discord community. So by joining this, you haven’t only just joined a community, but you joined a family. A family where you can never be betrayed. We are a LGBT+ Safe Friendly Family, and we hope for you to join.


Things We Currently Hold~

∅ Self Assignable Roles. ∅

∅ Venting. ∅

∅ NO Pings. ∅

∅ Essay Help. ∅

∅ Emotional Support. ∅

∅ Fast Growing Community. ∅

∅ Poetry, Quotes, Short Writes, Story Telling. ∅

∅ Constructive Criticism. ∅

We really hope you see to see you soon to join the family !


Cloudy Thoughts, EST. ‘18
08.25.2018 By @ Asian Loli#9467
A server about writing focused on lesbian characters, but not necessarily romance. We're trying to create a nice place for anyone who wants to focus on lesbian characters, no matter how experimental, epic or fluffy you want to be. Note that you don't have to focus on your characters' sexuality per se, they may happen to be lesbians... just because you want them to!
A server where you create!

you can make books, view them, comment on them, or just chat! were all fun here!
Clever Crafty Composition is a nice and friendly server for writers who want a place to talk about writing and find other writers! It's still growing, so be not afraid of the silence!
We have:
-Weekly writing prompts
-Many channels
-Many potential friends!
Please come and check, we hope you enjoy your time there!
Mid Michigan Live News is the home on discord for the Mid Michigan Journal ( This is where writers, editors, and people "in the know" can come together to discuss the news and events that are happening in the central Michigan area. Also welcome input and contributions from outsiders.

I am looking for volunteers who would be interested in serving as moderators, writers, editors, and graphic designers.
Are you someone who frequently writes stories and books alike? Would you like to talk to people who also enjoy writing? If yes to both these questions, this is the server for you!
We have a general chat, chats to help with writing certain characters and scenes! Join us if you are interested!
This server is a writing server where writers and authors can share their writings! You can also meet other people here and chat! Simply, this is just a server for authors and new writers alike to come and share their experience and give tips to beginning writers!
Discord server for a group of horror enthusiasts who got together and started a new horror flash fiction zine called "What the Mad Men Wrote." The zine is based off of stories posted on the website at
The Creative Closet, a LGBTQI+ writing and art server! We would love to see anyone who writes LGBTQI characters respectfully join us for writing, art and worldbuilding talk!
I'm Looking for People who are interested in helping me with crating a Dark Fantasy story That i call ULTIMATUM.

I am looking for individuals who are good at giving writing tips, constructive criticism, timeline generation, and character development.

Also looking for artists.
A place for people to help each other and talk with other writers! There are sections for different writing categories, and we often are talking about fun stuff in our general chat!
Been working on nsfw and sfw information on prompts, sketch models, history, mythology, pagan/wicca, gaming news from pc/xbox/ps4
Roblue Studios is a studio created by SimonF-WordMood and Maacon, This server allows people to help out with our series, more info in the server.