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◑ ━━━━━ ▣ ━━━━━ ◐
Hello and welcome to Wattpad Buddies! A friendly community that shares the love about writing, reading and so many more things. While the server is based around Wattpad, we also encourage people outside of the app to join. Our community has

↠ Friendly Staff and will be looking for more!
↠ Organized channels
↠ Weekly or even daily fun activities!
↠ Supportive community
↠ Self assigned roles
↠ Leveling
↠ Personal roles for members who are active

We hope to see you soon!

- Wattpad Buddies

◑ ━━━━━ ▣ ━━━━━ ◐
For everyone on Wattpad to have a space to share their ideas and to have fun. Music, bots, and people to chat with. Everyone is there to talk!
╿╽ Accepting group
╽╿ Self assignable roles
╿╿ Shop
╽╿ Leveling up system
╽╿ Writing and Art channels
╿╽ Editing channels
╽╿ Cute bots and emots
ꔛ‬𖤐˒˒ hope to see you in our little family ˒˒𖤐ꔛ‬
A server where writers and readers can come together to discuss ideas and share stories/recommendations.
Fun and friendly.
This is my discord server for an upcoming book that I will be publishing in the next year or two!
Welcome to A Writer's Paradise! A place where many writers alike come to talk and share their writings! We welcome many types of writers! Poets, songwriters, short story artists, novelists and more! We welcome everyone with open arms and I hope to see new people soon!
Come join my writing server
~ debates
~ Topics to write about
~ help with essays
~ can share your writing usernames
Just a place for people who like fanfiction, fanart or even just want to talk about headcanons to hangout. Whether you're a reader, writer, artist, admirer or all of the above, we would love to have you. Let's showcase different art and stories to each other, get feedback on the things we are making, and find friends in people who share similar interests.

There are rules to help with cutting down on toxicity because we all know when ships come up, there's people ready to sink others to keep theirs sailing lol.

There are role ranking rewards, a cute timed message, and I'm planning to add some fun bots for everyone to enjoy.

We are new and small, but come on in and help us grow!
You have found your way to the wonderful world of writing. This server is for all writers alike to talk about their work and make friends with other writers. Wether you are a fan-fiction writer, or you write original stories. It does not matter. You don't even have to be a writer to join! You could just like expressing your cool story ideas. It does not matter.
We would love for you to join!
! This server is only up for one week !
Come join a really great non toxic server! Come share your art and writing!Maybe make a few friends!
This is a place where you can ALL share your stories, movies, anime, and games that you wrote/made! We accept partners and we love everyone! Make sure to be kind everywhere you are!
This is a relatively new server based around writers and readers who want a community to be a part of. If you are looking to improve your craft and have a good time while doing it as well as meet others who are perusing the same thing than you should join up. We accept people of all ages as long as it fits within Discord TOS
Welcome to LGBTQ Erotica Alley

We are a brand new 18+ community for writers, editors, and readers who love and appreciate lgbtq+ pairings in creative writing. We offer games, goal setting, a space to share, discuss, and receive feedback on your works. As a new server we are currently on the hunt for admins/mods to help us build a strong, fun, and active community!

- No Politics.
- No Plagiarism.
- No Trolls.
- You must be 18 to join us.
- Be nice.
The Word Arena is a brand new server that is centered around perpetual writing contests and events! Want to show off your skills and hone your writing skills via trial by fire? Then this server is for you!
Heavy moderation is also one of my major pet peeves, so I also want to make this a totally laid-back, chill server. I also have interests in maintaining a small-to-medium user list, so invites may be closed some time in the future. Join in now if you want to get in on the fun!
Welcome to our chill corner! This is a place where creators of all kinds can chill and find each other or get advice to grow. To friends and new possibilities.

Any questions or any of the sort can and will be taken care of by the moderation team or owner. The server is still under work so please be patient, but anyone is welcome.
This server was made by a lovely group of people that have a passion for gaming, D&D, Art, writing and so much more. We want to make a safe and fun community for all gamers, writers and artists out there! We love to play Overwatch, monster hunter, Dungeons and Dragons and other fun games. We also have a designated area for people who love RP. c:
Ephemeral is a writing based community that prides on challenges, prompts, and a safe place to share your work. We follow closely with large events such as Writeober and NANOWRIMO, as well as host our own occasional events from time to time. Overall its a safe place to meet like minded people, gather feedback on your works, and simply enjoy the company of other writers!
Wattpad Friends is a server that welcomes everyone, user on Wattpad or not! If you are a reader then you are welcome to ask for book suggestions and have discussions. We also have a lot of fun channels for you to have fun and play. If you are looking for ways to improve your writing or any tips then you can find that here too! Hope to see you around
Welcome to The Writers Corner! A hangout sever for Writers and Roleplayers to come together as a whole!
-Art channel!
-Music Bot!
-Word of the day!
-Writing tips!
-Casual Community!
-Roleplay channels!
Join us and others! Make some friends! Find a writing buddy! You can submit your stories and/or art for everyone to see!
"Write Now" is a writing community dedicated to supporting hobby writers and professionals alike. We're open to a wide array of writing, be it fanfiction, short fictional stories, poetry, and etc. As a new server, we've also got plenty of opportunities for mods! Come and help us build a fun and supportive community of dozens of different types of writers alike.
- Future minigames and weekly assignments!
- Positions for future moderators!
- Critique + writing help channels!
- Roleplays!
- Fun roles & commands!
- Minigames like "Build-a-Story" and "Prompt-Generator"!

աʀɨȶɛʀֆ քǟʟǟƈɛ


Welcome to Writers Palace! A server where are kinds of writers can discuss, share and critique each other’s writing! From novel writers to role-players. Hell, if you’re just a reader, you’re welcome!

աɛ օʄʄɛʀ

↬ A friendly community!

↬ Respectful and Understanding staff!

↬ A place for ALL writers. Readers too!

↬ Open for partnerships!


*server link:*
This is a discord server just for mystery and thriller writers of Wattpad! It doesn't matter what kind of mystery or thriller you write, from paranormal, to crime, to psychological, even a little bit of romance, and so much more.

What are we doing? Fun writing exercises, writing workshops, and graphic workshops! The purpose of this server is to help each other improve, support, and connect with each other. We also have a small bookclub channel dedicated to discussing our favorite books on and off Wattpad by our favorite writers!

We're currently looking for more members to join, so if you're interested, feel free to join. You're even welcome to tell others who might be interested and direct them here.
We are a community for anime and manga creators/fans to come together and share their work.
We hold an event called Nitro Games where you have the chance to win a MONTH OF NITRO! Our @Hosts will be giving out challenges and hosting Talent Shows for those chances to win!