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2021, the big threats to the Wizarding World have long vanished, but those that did know about it have started to hunt down magical creatures. Hippogriffs, Dragons, Thunderbirds... all going extinct, or critically endangered. Hogwarts turned to be the home of these various endagered creatures, along with the renovations after last year's long battle with the Muggles.

It is the first year in Hogwarts for most students, teachers have already been introduced and class started. But it's up to you to lead these classes onwards.

Are you Muggle? Half-Blood or Pure-blood? It doesn't matters to us, because you, ________, has been accepted into Hogwarts!
What happens when the good guys don't win?

Rebels were punished severely after a recent war, some losing their homes and freedom, others losing so much more. Rights have been stripped, The Order claiming their rules and laws are to help make everyone equal but even the most loyal believers are feeling the tightening noose of oppression.

Join us to rebel against the totalitarian regime, or side with the force of tyranny and bask in the glory of its rewards. No matter your side, no matter your story, you will witness the Ascension Of Darkness.

Join our discord and JCINK site:
Pottertale is based in the Harry Potter universe. Visit Diagon Alley to get your wand, be sorted into a house and explore Hogwarts together with other players!
🔮 Seasine School Is a Roleplay server based off the Wizarding World 🔮

Make your own character, go on adventures meet new friends and enemies, attend Classes and forge your own Wizarding World story.

20 + Role play channels + Role Setup + Friendly Harry Potter Fandom members + Weekly events + House Points + Economy System!

We accept everyone no matter what race, religion, orientation or gender! We can’t wait to see you at Seasine, your journey begins now.