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Hello there stranger, welcome to the West. In this server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!

[I'm currently looking for active users and possible admins/moderators]
Welcome to all west players we allow anyone to participate in scrims. we are looking to be a big server so we can always run snipes when other servers are dead, if ur interested click the "join" or link below!
The world has changed since the cows came home...the year is 1890 and the world has been thrust into a western frontier, native americans didn't take too kindly to the ranchers, so they summoned demons beyond the cow leather of space time, this incident caused the cows to come home and destroy most settlements set up out west, even causeing havoc in the eastern americas, now with the space time cow leather all out of wack, all sorts of things are coming through, from goblins, demon clowns, and Hell cows, oh my, to ghost ore that has sparked a revolution in technologies as a fuel source 10 times as potent as regular coal, to make matters worse, a man that calls himself the devil is selling mystic "tonics" to the nastiest outlaws out west, giving em strange powers that let them get above the law, its not all bad though, while native americans have mostly been wiped out wjen the cows came home, the majority of the ones left have been able to tap into the magic seeping through the cow leather of space time and use it for their own benifit...there are alot of things to do and problems to solve in this weird world of the west