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Turtle Wars (NA West and NA East)
We have around 1.3k members, join up!
Turtle Wars is like a scrim practice game. Everyone fights
in a 16x16x5 box with an AR, Pump, and SMG!
With playing, it improves your edits, your aim, and your game sense!
- 15 Minutes Per Round
- Please read the rules and info before playing.
- We have a really cool Ranking System!
We host very often, come in and see for yourself! :)
The year is 1867, pretty much at the height of the wild west. Its an untamed land, with many settlements and towns setting up, flashy growing cities all around, but that's not what everyone wants. Some people want to be outlaws, robbing the rich blind and making their unmoral story here in the west, the lawless lands. Its a free country, and any choice can be made out here, but how will some tackle it? Become rich by killing, or make their own way up? There's not much stopping them, this is everyones time to shoot their shot, and attempt to become the best in the West.
We're a new server, however we're trying to grow an look for new and active members! Come give us a look, we have many places to rp in, and it's still growing!
we have a few bots, including mataro and unbelievabot, and we'll be adding more as we grow!
We're open to partnering!
In our server, we strive to be the best. We are working very hard to make our discord server professional with functional bots. We will make you into a great Fortnite player with our Fortnite scrims. We just need more members to join. Feel free! :)
A server for people of the West Coast, From the bottom of Cali to the top of Washington.
We accept everyone all races and sexual preferences
we have an 18+ nsfw area
and if you want to find some cool people to chill with come and join btw we are literally brand new and just started
Welcome to all west players we allow anyone to participate in scrims. we are looking to be a big server so we can always run snipes when other servers are dead, if ur interested click the "join" or link below!
- Fortnite West Scrims PC
- Any Platform is welcome
- We are here to practice
- Scrim Snipe Games
- New to the Community
- Come Join Help Us Out
- Looking For Snipe Hosts
Fortnite WEST Server if you would like to join heres the link