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The Armory is a great server that specialises in Airsoft.
We have many different chats for weapons, gear and airsoft help.
We are a new community who are always open to new members.
Even if you don't play airsoft you can join and have a chat with others!
We have different bots you can have fun with to make your time here even better!
We are LOOKING FOR STAFF, so come on in and maybe you can get an amazing staff role.

So come on down and join the best airsoft server around, THE ARMORY!
The Military Archives isn't directly related to any specific military, it's just people who want to talk about most things military, from weapons to vehicles, tech to CBRN equipment and more. We have channels for each subject area as well as other channels for general conversation and bot stuff. We're not overly strict either - just keep it civilised.

All welcome regardless of background or age.

Lore of the role-play

Welcome to world sicers this planet is. Free for all races but one day the hunters thought they the world would be better without others so they go along and started to slave other races going to planet to planet but some people mad a factions to stop this from happening so they gather all the races to the meeting but they said no to the stand because they were scared or worse they will lose Families but we can have a stand to this we can take back what we had in the first place we can free the people who are being slaved COME ON ARE YOU WITH ME LETS TAKE BACK ARE PEOPLE AND FIGHT AND LIVE GO MY PEOPLE MAKE ME PROUD
Hello and welcome to this wonderful server, it is a zombie apocalypse RP for those who like it, we have many classes to choose from, if you want to add a class tell me, custom weapons from anime's or other things are allowed with some limits. Roleplay, chill, and more have something you wanna add, go ahead and tell me. You can enjoy some of our other servers as well, spreading our server is appreciated thanks!
The madness army, our army is recruiting for people interested in guns, weapons, tanks, ships, among other things, come join our madness army today!
Attention all Space Marine Recruits. The Timesplitters have returned to wreak havoc on the timestream. We have reports of them causing chaos throughout time, we've sent our best operatives out to deal with them, but we need more. Get your asses moving Marines. Its time to split.

In this RP you can play as any canon character or make a oc. They can be heroic, villainess or neutral. This RP isn’t serious it’s just for a bit of fun.

As said earlier? It’s Time To Split!
(Need a few admins/moderators and a few people who know how to make a server.)
In this server you can go from working in a bank.
To robbing a bank.
Or be a swat member and stop crimes!
The server is loosely based on Soul Eater, where it follows the same concept. You create your own Meister or Demon Weapon, pair up, and go on missions to defeat Kishin Eggs and help combat evil that lurks around the corner.
High School Adlı animeyi bilen arkadaşlar vardır bizim Role-Play sunucumuzda az çok ona benziyor.
Kısaca sunucumuzun konusunu anlatayım.(Her Konusu Ona Bağlı Değildir!)

Bir Okulda Okuyorsunuz, Ve silah kullanabiliyorsunuz ve okul öteki okullardan kat kat farklı karşınıza çıkacak çok Kötü-Eğlenceli-Utandıracak olaylar sizi beklemekte Bir tür zombie grubuna karşı savaş yaşamaktasınız PvP seviyesi üstün olanlar genelde savaşa gider. Okulda Kaba,Kötü,Sıkıcı eğitim görmekte olup hiç bıkmayacağınız bir hayata yolculuk yapıyorsunuz.
In this server you can play with weebs, fantasy nerds, and more. Join private roleplay rooms to collect 70+ magical mounts, weapons, and items. You can even go on cool adventures to defeat both sci-fi and fantasy monsters and aliens. Remember to have fun!
The War zone is a place for roleplaying and talking about war and weaponry. You can make your soldier/mercenary/assassin in anyway you want, it can be in the realistic, sci fi, steampunk, or whatever you want. So please enjoy your stay here.
A mix of magic and science created The Aplha Zero project. It was a reactor that humans created to see what they could create. The reactor had been working for 7 years before it exploded...Many people died, but many survived too. Humans were on a verge of war before they decided to rebuild their cities and create a new genaration of fighters. They're called ENTZ. ENTZ are the aftermath of the reactors explosion. Some ENTZ are called PRIME and they're the most powerful. 200 years after the reactor exploded and created ENTZ a new breed called RENTZ started appearing. What are they? They're beasts that are very powerful. Kiergia one of the 7 cities teaches their students how to fend off these beasts and protect their cities. Some students join the military and some just become civilians. The RENTZ created curses and they're very powerful, but they also have their cons. Elementals also started appearing after the creation of curses. Some elementals are friendly and some not. Humanity has reached it's peak in evolution. Will you help it or will you destroy it?
In the year 2064, a race of creatures called Tamashi were discovered by Humans and Mana. Tamashi were humanoid creatures that could morph into weapons. Humans and Mana used Tamashi to gain an advantage in wars against Dracoids, Androids and Zephar. However is wasn't long before Dracoids, Androids and Zephar found a counter l, the Yurei, Yurei were the same as Tamashi but could only be held by Dracoids, Androids and Zephar. Wars continued raging! It is now 2082, Humans, Mana, Dracoids, Androids and Zepher are now friends and have a new threat to combat, The Decayed. A race born from negativity. They must hone their skills by attending Spirit Weapon Academy!
This is not your average roleplay server. This is the Brawlin' Hall, a place where anyone and everyone can compete in the fight of their lives. It's an open arena; anyone, including aliens, pirates, cyborgs, assassins, spacemen, monsters, humans, animals, wizards, soldiers, and any other combatant can enter in the brawl. The arenas are no-holds-barred, anything goes. In this mythical hall, the best of the best warriors put their lives on the line to compete for their victory. The best of the best climb their way to the top. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive? Will you claw, hack, slash, shoot, or enchant your way to victory, or will you be slain and die a horrible, bloody and gruesome death? The choice is yours, and yours alone. So sharpen your swords. Load your guns and ready an arcane spell. Welcome to the Arena.
Hello. This server is based on Season 3 of Shooter. I don't really have anything else to say other than that So, Please join I need help badly
A long time ago a vortex with 6 users of 6 different legendary weapons set out to save the world. After they died saving the world, their weapons were scattered across the world and 6 families were formed, each with a certain weapon specialty