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Want to learn or share survival tips? Want to be at least a little bit prepared when Sh*t Hits The Fan? We are a community server where you can find fellow survivalists, like-minded individuals who just want to be prepared, friendly /k/ommandos, weapons fanatics, pyromaniacs, and people from all over the world who want to make new friends. We have:
- Channels for handbooks, manuals, tutorials, etc.
- Music channels
- Memes
- Art channels
- Gaming channels
- Notsobot
- And more!
Anyone is allowed here, no matter your background or beliefs! Be sure to have fun, and stay safe :)
The Military Archives is a server for laid back discussion of all things military, and other stuff too. We have channels for weapons, equipment and vehicles to name a few and we're not too strict about moderation either.

To any TMA Original Members - you WERE NOT banned or kicked. We believe lelop deleted the server without warning anyone first.
The land of Phantasia is a highly developed UnbelievaBoat-based and Dyno assisted interactive action roleplay community server with Races, Classes, Factions & many Professions and other Affiliations. Phantasia has many items and weapons, a full shop with 50+ items! We have an engaging combat system including 13+ weapons and spells. The server has a soft roleplay element. Start as a lowly peasant and triumph until wealthy and powerful Choose the path of the a Combatant, Archer, Mystic and or even politician. The land has laws that must be followed or else risk fines or being sent to the dungeon. You may judge or be the judged. Seek out Professions you wish to receive once you acquire the requirements ask for the position and follow the role of your job.

The Armory is a great server that specialises in Airsoft.
We have many different chats for weapons, gear and airsoft help.
We are a new community who are always open to new members.
Even if you don't play airsoft you can join and have a chat with others!
We have different bots you can have fun with to make your time here even better!
We are LOOKING FOR STAFF, so come on in and maybe you can get an amazing staff role.

So come on down and join the best airsoft server around, THE ARMORY!
A place where you can share weapon designs, your art, or talk about anything military. Along with being able to talk about Games.
The server is organized by different eras (World War I, World War 2, ect.)
In each era there are channels that are dedicated to Tank, Plane, Ship, and Infantry Weapon designs
Our community is very friendly and any weapon idea/design will be accepted no matter the viability or practicality.
Imperus is a digital micronation simulator intended to bring together a community of crafty, creative, and brilliant individuals with the goal of creating technological solutions to modern problems. In this server, you are challenged to compete in design competitions for an opportunity to win __real world currency__ (in the form of gift cards and e-Transfers).

Competitions fall under a variety of categories, with a number of new categories still under development. For now, the available categories are:
- Armaments
- Architecture/Engineering
- Economics

We hope to see you soon.
Attention all Space Marine Recruits. The Timesplitters have returned to wreak havoc on the timestream. We have reports of them causing chaos throughout time, we've sent our best operatives out to deal with them, but we need more. Get your asses moving Marines. Its time to split.

In this RP you can play as any canon character or make a oc. They can be heroic, villainess or neutral. This RP isn’t serious it’s just for a bit of fun.

As said earlier? It’s Time To Split!
(Need a few admins/moderators and a few people who know how to make a server.)
Roleplay with all places weapons characters and updates there may be spoilers in here we also have Rhythm for music it will hopefully be repeating a song if you go onto its channel
This is a group where we try to get modded gun schematics in Fortnite Save The World. We hope to be a huge group to maximize our chances of accomplishing our goal.
Welcome to BATTLE OF ABILITY'S. In this server you will be able to make characters, weapons, pets, powers and you get to fight with them. We are a new server and hoping to grow. If you want to have some fun join us :D
Hello I'm star struck and im the owner of this server,there are lots of fun things to do here,it goes from adopting cute little pets,to hanging out with your friends,also make lots of money off of getting a job,and buying your own little home in Magic city,also can go and make your own shop once you have been in the game for three week,in those three weeks you have to be active,if not you will have to be active for one more week,you can also make your own weapons and a couple of characters,so come and join Magic academy you will have lots of fun!!!
Join this server if you personally hate discord but use it, join if you want freedom for all discord users.
The Hive, built in 2019 on an island due to the need for a way to keep powerful individuals in check. Welcome to the first and only privately owned corrections facility that takes in special individuals and keeps them here. Each prisoner here is serving a life sentence and from now on this is their home, in exchange for good behavior they get better accommodations then most prisons however it comes with a price, The Arena. Every so often two prisoners are put against each other and whichever comes out on top gets to become top dog until they are defeated. If you want to get by your either going to need to learn to bend over and take it or get used to being used as an amusement tool for the others. And one more thing, we don't keep privacy here, everyone gets a handout on who and what you are.
A long time ago a vortex with 6 users of 6 different legendary weapons set out to save the world. After they died saving the world, their weapons were scattered across the world and 6 families were formed, each with a certain weapon specialty
Discord for people who like to collect, make or just use cutlery.
Slowly growing userbase.
Always active admin.
High quality emotes.
Self-promoting channel.
The year is 2050, Tokyo, Japan.

The government has fallen due to a criminal coup, the Dragon Clan
(ドラゴンクラン), one of the most influential gangs in Japan took over the government, completely destroying the bureaucracy.
Their rivals, the equally influential Moonlight Cartel (月光カルテル), jealous of their newfound power, initiated a new era of one of the ugliest gang wars in history.
Several new gangs sprouted, some gaining immense power, all fighting for territory, while the old government secretly attempts to regain power. All the while, citizens watch along, their lives in absolute misery.

What happens next? Who gains power? how do we go on?

You decide.

—> Futuristic setting : all cars, weapons and armor are futuristic, all listed completely in the items list section!

—-> Literate RP

—-> A variety of Bots and mini games
Lore of the role-play

Welcome to world sicers this planet is. Free for all races but one day the hunters thought they the world would be better without others so they go along and started to slave other races going to planet to planet but some people mad a factions to stop this from happening so they gather all the races to the meeting but they said no to the stand because they were scared or worse they will lose Families but we can have a stand to this we can take back what we had in the first place we can free the people who are being slaved COME ON ARE YOU WITH ME LETS TAKE BACK ARE PEOPLE AND FIGHT AND LIVE GO MY PEOPLE MAKE ME PROUD
The madness army, our army is recruiting for people interested in guns, weapons, tanks, ships, among other things, come join our madness army today!