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[EN/US] Hello there! Welcome to Berry City, the home of some of the worst criminals in history. From crazy thugs to vigilantes to criminal masterminds, they are all here.

While it is fun to rob banks or be a serial killer, we also need people on the side of the angels. We need some of Berry Cities finest to catch all those bastards! That’s why you can choose to become a cop as well.

We have:
- A mayor
- A district attorney
- Cops
- Detectives
- SWAT-teams
- Mercenaries
- Serial killers
- A criminal mastermind
- NSA-agents
- Bodyguards
- And more!

Furthermore, we have detailed characters and new events every week, so it is never boring here. And even though we are with a small amount, we are very active! We have people that are online at all times of the day and we all try to make it as fun as possible. To make it even better, you are even allowed to have multiple (side) characters. Of course we accept all people, just don’t be an ass and you’ll be fine!

It is all possible in Berry City!

We will be happy to have you join our server!

Find us on Reddit: