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WARNING: This server is 18+ ONLY. If you're underage you'll be banned until you turn 18.

This server is for people who are fans of vore who would just like to relax, chat around with each other, and even rp in our various rp rooms. We also have other activities and fetish other than vore available for your pleasure.

Fetish list: Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more. We wish for you to be active in the server but it’s ok if your shy. We make sure to make everyone feel welcome in our nice community to our best ability!

Now when you enter you will be asked some questions so that you can be verified into the server. Make sure to read the rules as well and have fun~!
A fun friendly crazy place for all you vore loving furs to come hang out! we are a very new server so please give us grace for our mistakes. The people are very friendly and I'm sure you'll have a good time!
A friendly community with a friendly server side staff and owner! a Role Play server that supports Erotic Role Play in both regular and Vore forms, don't take my word for it, come and check it out!
Vore servers are usually marked nsfw, and don't really accept minors. We think that is unfair, everyone should enjoy their likings! That's why this server DOESN'T allow adults. You have to be aged 13 through 23 to be invited to the party. We also DON'T accept nsfw of any kind.
Interested? Were you waiting for something like this? Then click/tap join server now!
[We're currently growing fast, active and welcoming newcomers, please really consider joining!]
WE HIT 100 USERS! Please, let us grow more and more by joining!
You stumbled upon Mouthwatering. A place to gather mouthwatering cuties and those that salivate over such treaties.

This is a vore server where we just focus on talking about stuff and enjoying ourselves with people that share at least fetish. This may or may not occur with a glass of wine, enjoyable company, and a happy belly. So come on in and see for yourself.
This server has now been updated and is now for both 13+ and 18+ but remember that this is a SFW server, we offer RP and overall a place for anyone to talk about vore or GTS within or outside the VRChat community.
(This goes out to you Del, you had 2 ways of changing the rules and you chose the bad one because it was the only one in sight so this calls out for a server conflict)
Welcome to this new server, it's apleasure to receive you here, we hope you enjoy your stay and eat- uhh... MEET new friends!
Welcome visitor~!

If you are looking for a new master or perhaps a pet to play with then this place is for you! Both pets and masters can do all sorts of kinky stuff here. ;3

If you join then make sure to read the server rules, make a character and select your roles. Most kinks are allowed here but the main focus is vore.

**(Alt accounts are not allowed here unless you get approved by the admins)**
𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘁!
We are a SFW vore and roleplay based server, for anybody 13 years of age or older (being under 13 on Discord is against ToS, by the way). This is not a furry server, but furries are still allowed. We don’t judge! Features:
㊀ Large, friendly community with over 300 members
㊁ Active general chats, with both ooc (out of character) and ic (in-character) variants
㊂ LOTS cursed memes for all your crackhead needs
㊃ Decent moderation, I guess- still chaotic though sometimes
㊄ Vore, of course! But there's also a "No Vore" role for those who aren't interested in that stuff.
㊅ Oh yeah we have Tupperbox (Bot) too, if you know what that is
㊆ no raiders ew gross get out stupid loser
Verification is manual (but simple and easy) to prevent raids. So if you’re interested, just hop on in! We don’t bite~
...Well, some of us do..

Psst, also Danganronpa is cool and good ✓
We need members so come join and have fun!
In Toiletland, We allow every fetish but the main channels are for the following fetishes:
• Scat
• Pee
• Fart
• Vore

We have meme channels, lots of NSFW channels, Roleplay channels, a relaxed moderation team and much more!

We welcome everyone into this server where you can talk in general or contribute to the NSFW channels we have.

If there is something you would like in the server, suggest it to me and i will add it!
Welcome to Bat’s Guild! We have normal text channels, and roleplay channels of varying degrees! Come on and have a look, you won’t be disappointed! Hope to see you there.
Furry-vore focused mini-server.
Entry requires furry profile image.
250+ members, secure design for chat, art & RP.
Friendly for Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs & Hyper-Furs too.
No tolerance for drama, immaturity or non-furry content.
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning! hope you enjoy your stay!
A fun little vore server where we're all about the long bodied and bellied predators of the vore spectrum! Have fun with fun vore activities and active members! Everyone 16+ is allowed! SFW and NSFW content permitted! To access the NSFW content you will need to be 18+

-Homely/Welcoming community!
-Fun activities and roleplay!
-Active members and helpful moderators!
-Loads of noodle noms to participate in

Come join today and take a peek into the maw of the serpent! You may find it rather comfy!
A simple scalie/furry based vore server in the works, meant for causal friendly interactions with all ages 15 and up
This world is ruled by giant women known as queens, who have made all other life in the universe submit to them. Whether it be eaten, crushed by or used by them, any life can only be so grateful as to be of some use to such perfect beings.

The server is 18+ and primarily femdom. The main themes are vore and macrophilia but we remain open-minded to all other fetishes and kinks. You don't have to be a roleplayer to join and we'd love to gather together a large community of artists, gamers and writers, even if you have no interest in vore and macrophilia. We are also a warm community, so don't worry about being mistreated under our watch.

We're new and growing, so we'd really love for some queens to join and help us establish their positions in our little world. We look forward to meeting any and all of you!

Thank you for reading this. <3
Vore World

Vous cherchez un rp Vore Français

Alors Vore World est dans ce cas ce que vous recherchez ! Nous avons tout ce qu'il faut pour répondre à vos besoins en matière de Vore rp.

Restez un peu et rejoignez cette communauté de roleplayer expérimenté ou amateurs qui veut grandir. Vore World s'adresse non seulement aux roleplayer, mais aussi à ceux qui aiment l'art de l'écriture et du dessin ! Nous espérons que vous apprécierez votre séjour parmi nous et n'hésitez pas à exprimer vos efforts artistiques avec nous car cette communauté ne tolère pas les discriminations et les jugements.

❧ Autorise les partenariats
❧ Nous avons des rôles auto-attribuables et obligatoire pour avoir accès à l’entièreté du serveur
❧ Communauté croissante de roleplayer
❧ Canaux de partage pour partager vos dessins
Come on down to vore city. Live out your fantasies with your friends and new faces. Along with the employees of local businesses. This city is still new and looking for citizens to move on in.

Up and coming Vore RP server...
Please be respectful and courteous...

Bots installed:

Poll Bot
Welcome to Club White Fang

Club White Fang is an 18+ server for people interested in Macrophillia/Vorarephilia.

What we offer
- Community focused and active staff
- SFW and NSFW VRChat Events
- Organized categories and channels
- LGBT+ and Kink Friendly
- Roleplay Channels
- Self Assigned Roles
- NSFW 18+
- And More

(Related things)
Macrophillia/ Vorarephilia/ Giantess / Vore / Tinys/ Giants/ Furry/ RP/ ERP/ Roleplay/ Pred/ Prey/ NSFW/ 18+ only/ VRChat
Extremely organized semi-literate to literate RP server with an emphasis on vore, digestion, and disposal. We have a battle system, sexy dice, and gambling! One-Liners need not apply! 18+ ONLY
Welcome to the Lewd Kingdom~. Here you will find a lot of bellies and alot of wholesome roleplayers. We are a new server, but we hope we can get your attention and have a good time together! Especially to build a beautiful community together. Only users over 18 however. We don't accept minors, and we respect Discord's TOS rules.
Welcome to a world... after the storm.

Dozens of years ago an experiment went wrong, resulting in a horrible zombie outbreak, while most of humanity was whipped out, some had survived... survived to see a world like it was 65 Million years ago. The air was clean, damages done to Earth by humanity had already managed to heal itself aswell!
But not everything is sunny and wonderful in this paradise... The Human was no longer the Apex Predator on Earth. Dinosaurs have taken over the planet, originally they were supposed to aid in wars for the highest bidders, now they feed on the last humans!

Please note that this is semi-realistic and we will not accept:
- sexual Dinosaur-Human interactions
- Furry Characters (Yes I am serious, be a human.)
- Magic
- And any kind of FRP.

!!We do not hate furries!!
13+, so anyone under 16 and 18 can join!
"This is our sanctuary, where you can find shelter and peace"
- Sanctuary by Welshy Arms
Welcome to Vore Sanctuary, a new, SFW Vore server for those 13+. We are a very friendly little server who are accepting of all, furry or human. However, we aren't allowing any kind of Pornography or alternative vore into the server, which is further discussed in the rules. Heck, even if you don't like vore, we may accept you if you accept us! However, we won't change the fact this is a vore server. We also have roleplay and some fun bots- epic
Anyone who raids or Trolls will be banned on the spot. We want this to be a safe and friendly community. Please let us be ourselves within the server.
here we are a big family where we can hangout meet new friends do events and have fun so come hangout with us if you're up to meeting great people

our age limit is 16 and up
we contain an nsfw section
we have rp channels
we hold plenty of events like movie nights and jackbox party nights
we have a great mod team
now with 100 MEMBERS AND GROWING!!!