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A general chillout server. We do what basically every other server does, but we're trying to stay small so that everyone can fit into conversations easier. Come hang out
In the beginning of time, existed two primordial beings who were deeply in love. Dimíoura and Kenós. Together, Dimíoura and Kenós birthed all of existence. The earth, the moon, the stars, and the beings that reside in them. Dimíoura, the goddess of creation, bestowed the gift of life to all beings and Kenós, the god of destruction, gifted them with death, as all things end to become at rest. Joyful and thankful for the gods, the beings that they created, worshiped them and set them on a pedestal, but as death began to take its toll on those whose time had come, the beings of the universe slowly stopped worshiping Kenós and instead worshiped Dimíoura with more love.
Slowly, Kenós began to build up jealously for the praise that his beloved Dimíoura was receiving. The beings that they created were unable to understand that all things must end and there is a balance that must be achieved, so they resented Kenós even though he allowed them to have eternal piece after passing. As if it wasn't bad enough, Dimíoura began to pay less and less attention to Kenós and more attention to their creations. Finally having enough, Kenós struck a deal with the mortals and decided to give them all what they wanted, removing the gift of death that he granted them.
At first, this was joyous news for those who lived in Yggdra, pure immortality forever. What they hadn't realized, was that Kenós's influence was not only causing the death of mortals, but the end of all things, including the end of the universe and time its self. The plants, the humanoids, the beast, the stars, the evil and the good, were all everlasting and never aged nor died. This became nothing but pure catastrophe, as Dimíoura's powers were becoming exhausted and there was no more balance with in the universe. Planets became over populated, beast roamed Yggdra, unable to be killed and unable to kill. Plants, everlasting and immortal, grew and grew until it became overbearing for all who inhabited the planet. Undying, the sun and the stars grew brighter and hotter, setting the planet ablaze and heating up the universe like a closed oven. Unable to die, all beings in Yggdra were suffering in an eternal hell, burning without dying, unable to breathe but never losing life.
The mortals begged Kenós to return and grant them back his gift of death, and so he did, causing them to lose the bet. He reset time back to the point that he struck the deal with them, and as punishment, plagued Yggdra with twisted and wicked entities that were formed from his own heart. These entities were a reminder that everything ends, and instead of enjoying a peaceful long lived life before dying, they would now suffer in the amount of time that they lived.

Displeased with the antics of her beloved Kenós, Dimíoura confronted him, creating a war between life and death. The battle was astonishing, but in the end, Kenós was the end to all things, even the concept of life its self. He, with great sorrow, killed Dimíoura in battle. Blaming the mortals for this sequence of events, Kenós unleashed his wickedness and twisted entities in to Yggdra, but not before Dimíoura scattered her essence across the universe in the form of various objects known as God Gears, these items becoming tools capable of defeating the forces of evil that diseased Yggdra. She then used her last bit of essence to seal away Kenós in an infinitely duplicating dimension so that no matter how many times he destroyed his imprisonment, a new one would always form.