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Hi! Welcome to Demons Den! This is a server where you can do almost anything! I said Almost! This server consists of many people, and there is almost always a person online!
This server consists of..

-Roleplay Zones!
-Unique and RARe emojis
- Non-Roleplay Zones, for anyone who doesn't roleplay!
-Not many pings, but there will be some!
- Games for anyone who wants to be a part of it!
- Staff that's almost always active!
- Fun bots! and bot commands!
-All races and cultures acceptable!
-Lots of fun people in this server!
- Support, for almost everything.
-Pewdiepie Army
-Giveaways (coming soon)

You'll have to join to find out!! Hope you have fun in this server! Or maybe even Find your dream Person Here