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Life in the Underworld: An Undertale Roleplay server
This Roleplay takes place after Frisk leaves the Underworld. OCs are allowed as long as they are not a mirror images of characters like Sans (not as powerful)
More Humans are showing up in the Underground but decide to stay and live here. WE allow back stories not canon to the game(s)

~We allow OCs
~Friendly Staff
~fan made stories of charcoal (and back stories)
~bots and you can suggest more bots too^^
~custom made locations if requested
Howdy! Welcome to UnderTale Roleplayer's Unite! We're a growing community and would love for you to come join our family! Here offer the following~

What We Offer!

×Active and Very Friendly Moderators

×Full-Fledged 3-Tier role play system. Based on your style and length, we group you with a suitable role to find others among your level!

×Great Music Bot!

×Chat Rooms with Voice Chat!

×A place to meet others and play a game of Cards Against Humanity!

×Entire 18+ section dedicated to both your kinky fantasies and roleplays!

×In-Character General chat!

×Community activities like Fanart Friday, Polls, and more!

×Upcoming Wiki for all your creations!

×Group and Private Roleplays!

×EmpireVerse Clans! Join a side and fight the battle between light and dark!

×Art Channel for both your characters and creative needs!

×General Chat to meet buddies!

×Security System built to prevent raids!

×All LGBTQ members are welcome in our Bully-Free environment!

Plus many More to come!
Hundreds of years ago humans and monsters lived along the surface, this went on for years, but eventually war broke out.
After a great battle two human wizards managed to seal the monsters underground with a magical wall that they named 'The Barrier'.
This keeps the monsters sealed inside.
A lowkey Uundertale roleplay server, all we need are some active roleplayers. Take it from the owner, We need to make this server alive!
Hi! Im running a undetale/deltarune rp server!
This server has many fun things to do.
You can rp as a oc, or if your early you can grab a cannon character! Please stay in character! Or you will lose that official character!
If you are a official character, you cannot use ocs, or you'll lose your rights to that character!
When you join, go to the name chat and say the character you want to be, and tell me if its a oc or not. You will then get permission to everything the server has to offer.