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🏝Custom Scrims
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Over 🔥9700+ Discord Members
Hey! Welcome to Team Suffix, Team Suffix is a new and upcoming Fortnite Clan. When you join Suffix we try to make you a better player and more experienced. We do Clan wars and weekly sqauds to make sure your ready for any events.

-Lookig for EU Pro-Team
-In need of Staff
-Good Pro-Team

We are in need of new and friendly members! So why not come down and join us!
The Fortnite Network is a discord server that provides the services that any Fortnite player, regardless of skill.

We host zone-wars, turtle wars, customs, and 1v1 tournaments (with cash prizes!).

There are special channels for each region, places to promote your social media and find groups to play with!

Our community is also heavily based around growth, for Fortnite and for your social medias! Everyday, one special person gets to feature their social medias/creations in a channel called the Spotlight. Anyone can be featured, even you!

Join now, get the practice you need!
fun fortnite server with alot of scrims. working there way up to the top.
adding prize money working there best to get the server up to your needs.
if you want to add bots tell me.
you can self advertise in the self advertising channels
Atlantic Turtles is an NAE server designed for Fortnite players to get together and have fun playing Turtle Wars!
We are a new clan called Strom! We do ROBLOX Arsenal, Minecraft PVP, Rocket League Matches, and ROBLOX Phantom Forces matches. If you'd like to join our team, applications are open! Staff applications are also open!
A great server for making new friends and practice turtle wars or play pubs with your new friends!
Hey, us over at the European Turtle League are growing rapidly on a daily basis and have nearly surpassed 800 members in just a couple of days, our community currently consists of a non-toxic environment and friendly staff and support team, as well as this we also host daily turtles with over 10+ players per game and are thinking of new ideas daily, eg ranked matches. We also have extra roles for players in practise discord servers and content creators with over 1000 followers on Twitch or Youtube.
A new server that features Zone Wars, Turtle wars and storm wars. So make sure to join!
Turtle Wars (NA West and NA East)
We have around 1.3k members, join up!
Turtle Wars is like a scrim practice game. Everyone fights
in a 16x16x5 box with an AR, Pump, and SMG!
With playing, it improves your edits, your aim, and your game sense!
- 15 Minutes Per Round
- Please read the rules and info before playing.
- We have a really cool Ranking System!
We host very often, come in and see for yourself! :)
In this kind and helpful server we sell and trade Fortnite accounts. Join and have fun. SCAMMERS ARE NOT WELCOME❌
~ Modz Scrim was Founded on the 03/17/19 by Modz. We are a professional team, with players playing at a professional level.
We are hoping to get recognised one day, and become a Registered Organisation.
Make sure to follow all our social media accounts:
Twitter: @ModzMnGYT
Instagram: @ModzMnGYT
This server is deticated for anyone looking to play Zone wars, Turtle wars, 1v1s, And map building. is a collective gaming group that hosts all sorts of matchmaking such as Tournaments, Scrims, Turtle Wars, etc.. We do a lot of these to maintain the fun of Fortnite. But if you don't like Fortnite we have other games too!!

[Still in BETA]
Trench Turtles is a Public, Friendly Discord server welcoming to everyone wanting to play Fortnite Turtle Wars. We host matches daily and need more hosts from all over the world.
We are a community that hosts daily minigames in fortnite like Hide and seek, Turtle wars, FFA and more!
A new turtle wars server with easy channels to navigate, add friends who enjoy fortnite and love turtle wars, we have a schedule 24/7 for all time zones!
Fortnite Ranked Turtle Wars server. Good at fortnite? Want to experience what endgame is like in scrims or skirmish matches and practice those experiences? Introducing the first Ranked Turtle Wars server. Fight your way to the top! Matches hosted daily.
Come in and play/practice your Fortnite zone-wars or storm-wars with us.
We also sometimes host turtle wars.
We are a North East American server.
We are a fortnite discord for anyone who would like to join! We offer lfg, account trading/selling as well as turtle/storm wars. Come and join the fun!