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"oh trop chiant on peut jamais troll sur les serveurs, on se fait toujours ban en 2 2"
T'es prêt a venir sur le meilleur Zoo que t'as jamais connu ? On a déjà des sacrés specimen mais je suis sur que toi aussi tu dois être un sacré cas, la preuve tu es désèsperement a la recherche d'un serveur pour t'amuser un peu ;)

On se revoit tout de suite

Bring all your friends for a blastin' shitpostin' experience. Join the server for a BOOM BANGIN' time! Usually VC has faggots in it. Also, big tiddie e-gf's.
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
Anything goes, you can say whatever. Anything.
You can be racist, homophobic-whatever, do what you like, send what you want.
One rule: invite your friends to spread the word of black Buddha.
Raid Bosses is a server for trolls,fuck T:omegalul:S!!!!!!!
do whatever you want in the server

I really don't mind promote your YouTube twitch whatever We do door giveaways for every 5 members we get in the server yeah no joke for every 5 new members I will send you in real life a brand new door Kitchen bathroom front door Whatever you need :)

Les cotorep sont une commuanuter qui deteste tour çe qui est non cotorep
et fdp ou enculé mais on n'est surtout une famille car jusqua la les cotorep etais perdue,séparé ,dispérsé mais grace a çe serveur on va pouvoir çe reunire pour en faire une forçe et punire les non-cotorep car c'est bien connue tou ce ki n'est pa cotorep est un gro fdp
This is a server where we hop on Roblox and raid shitty roblox games as Sprite People like Bloxton Hotels, Dunkin' Donuts, Bakiez, Soros, Pretty much any game.
We have chat bypasses to copy and paste and t-shirt bypasses.
If you want to raid somewhere since they have done something to you or pissed you off, tell us where you want to raid in #raid-suggestions and we can fuck them up!
This is a server where we wage war against a single discord user. We will do anything necessary to win.
*TrollCord* the new experience.
Join this awesome server!
- NSFW Channel
- pokecord (catch pokemons)
- chat
- userphone (text people from other servers) -Trolling Allowed-
- akinator
- at 100 Members we will renovate the server
- Awesome bots
- Have fun with friends
ce serveur est déstiné à regrouper des membres m'accompagnant dans mon projet celui de faire un web comics sous forme de manga
la modération est très ouverte et ban très rarement
et les personnes regrouper sur ce serveur sont très amusant
j'espère que vous passerez un bon moment dessus
We are an open and friendly community of trolls. We mainly play RB6, black squad, Apex legends, csgo, and others.
Do not join close minded, do not take people's words personally, and most of all... enjoy!

QC (French) welcome as well.
We are a fun little group of growing people. We always have a laugh, fun bots, many chennals, still in working process, but join and inivte your funs. Little rules, not many staff. Not hard on the rukes.
Come to the EGIRL GAMING!
join our server friendly users, we have:
A very new server with meme channels and r/ channels mostly a furry server and with normie channels art hub and others!
Hello there, and thanks for considering joining “They see me trolling”. We are a chill, active server that trolls any server you wish. Someone bein’ mean to you? We’ll help you get your revenge. Unlike most server like us, we troll. We basically say stuff that makes the server hate us. We will use @everyone tags, however. Join for a fun time!
Server çocukluğumuzun filmi Elmır`ın sunucusudur.Küfür kesinlikle yasak ve troll vardır.İyi Günler By Tarçın...
Very cool server, very cool. Join now and earn nothing
We are a bunch of friends that like to hang out together.. No judging here... you can discuss your problems, meet new people... We don't allow sharing of personal info.
What's the worst that can happen?
Where All Jeffs Go On Discord To Say My Nem Jeff. Come Here, And Enjoy Your Stay. We've Got Channels For Lots Of Things. So Join In. Become A Jeff Today!
Bring all your friends for a blastin' shitpostin' experience. Join the server for a BOOM BANGIN' time! Usually VC has faggots in it. Also, big tiddie e-gf's.