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This is a nsfw trap server! we could use all the help we can get with suggestions pertaining to the server's quality. Please join and help us become much greater! enjoy your stay!
(server is 18+)
Our goal was to create a safe place where people can freely express themselves and their interests, a place where no one would get bullied for their sexual orientation and interests. With 1000+ members it's safe to say that goal has been achieved! It's a place where everyone can feel welcome, don't be shy to say hi!

We are now doing giveaways more often! Prizes can range from free games to nitro memberships and more!
Just a bunch of people who like lookin at traps!~ Come check us out <3
A new trap/femboy community based server that allows jokes with bad words in them! Here you won't get banned for having an opiniaon or using a bad word.
We are Trap Waifu's we are a new community trying to grow.
We are in need of fun and nice members to help us, We want this server to grow into a great and fun community. you don't have to be a trap to join anyone is welcome
A growing community made specially for traps!
Join us if you want to talk to some people, and have fun!
Server is being run by a Trap aswell.
Scorp's Den, a place where like minded people from all backrounds gather to chill out, chat and have fun..
A brilliant place to share memes, music, pictures (non NSFW) and art sharing!
We host a 24/7 minecraft server and do various competitions as well as gaming evenings on occasion...
Feel free to join us and become part of our community!
Welcome to the Twink Division! Our server is used to look at cute guys (lewd and nude). If you're of-age, feel free to send pictures of yourself as well. If there's any suggestion made to the server that many seem to agree upon, it will be added to the server (categories, rules, etc). And as always, have fun, stay lewd!
The Trap House is a friendly Discord server dedicated to traps.
You like traps, are a trap, or just want to see what our community is all about?
Well come on in.
(nsfw DEFINITELY allowed)
A server built entirely in the name of communism
A chill server to talk, share memes, mess around and socialize.
- Hey you , want to try and cheack out our small iddle chatting hubs ?

- Hey Tsune Hubs is a new server created by
asian traps

-Our Hubs are friendly and just talk anything
until their heart desire

-Dont worry about anything and just do what
u want

- i hope u can make more friend
This server is for just about anyone that either loves boys with a feminine touch (traps, sissies, femboys, crossdressers, trans, yadda yadda) or is one.
We also host a meeting section to get people together for whichever reason they want to.
We're a small, tight-knit community with not a lot of activity till now, so come join us and liven up the place a little
Kitties is a server that welcomes just about anyone. Just memers and cute computer geeks.
| Cats ♡ Games ♡ Chill & Toxic ♡ Weebs ♡ Memes ♡ Yaoi/Yuri ♡ Traps |
Discuss watches and traps in a relaxed environment where you can find industry professionals that don't take themselves too seriously! Horology, banter, traps, and micro-engineering.

The biggest and best server for traps/fem-boys. Filled with cute traps and their admirers. come for the boypucci stay for the wholesome gay cuddles.
Welcome to femboy love! A place for femboys and traps to be themselves! I’m here no one will judge you! Just be yourself! Have fun and hang out with other people who share the same interest!
dont join if you're a pussy, we like it offensive nigga *finger guns*
We're a NSFW, 18+ community focused on body positivity, beauty, sexual wellness, and friendship! We have self-posting channels for all genders as well as many other NSFW channels to suit all your lewd needs. We also have traps, our own custom bot which can play Cards Against Humanity and more! Come check us out!
I don't have that much to say....
Welcome to Something Furry where you roleplay as your furry character and make friends ans such.
a gente eh um bando de retardado que faz rp e fala merda,se junte a nos