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Nyaa Welcome to Neko Maids! We're are an Anime & Gaming discord! You can chat, share SFW/NSFW content, Share music and memes! We have Tones of Roles, Levels and emotes! Hope you have a good day!
sloots is a server to befriend other weirdos and nerds! it has mudae, mee6, and other bots too. events will become frequent, currently a once a week thing. if you're interested in art, talking about weeb things, or just want to goof off, this is a server for you!
☆★ Welcome to The Yuugatou Club:re – Your Adult Resource for Femboy and Trap Culture. ★☆ ❤︎ NSFW ❤︎ 18+ ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Anime
The Trap House is a friendly Discord server dedicated to traps.
You like traps, are a trap, or just want to see what our community is all about?
Well come on in.
(nsfw DEFINITELY allowed)
We are Trap Waifu's we are a new community trying to grow.
We are in need of fun and nice members to help us, We want this server to grow into a great and fun community. you don't have to be a trap to join anyone is welcome
Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have an NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
Our goal was to create a safe place where people can freely express themselves and their interests, a place where no one would get bullied for their sexual orientation and interests. With 1000+ members it's safe to say that goal has been achieved! It's a place where everyone can feel welcome, don't be shy to say hi!
Do you like nyannyancosplay?

Well then this is probably the group for you!

We have...

:Nyanyan_think: Custom Emotes! :7421_HITORMISS:

One non asshole moderator

:headphones: Music! :headphones:

:robot: Fun bots and activities to do with other people! (Or by yourself):robot:

So come on down to NY army today!
If you're interested in cross-dressing boys. This place is meant for you. A heaven of traps. If you don't want to do that, we also provide fun bots and a friendly community of people to talk to, who knows, you may very well be talking to a trap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So come join the fun, meet new friends, and masturbate to traps!
We are a group of gays who enjoy being/looking at traps so if you are a trap come on in and say hi, and if not come enjoy the view!
An aesthetic edgy trap server ran by nice staff and is active.
We do events and its run by a youtuber.
Welcome to Surge!
Surge is a server where you can hang out and meet new friends and also look/post at some of that Hentai :)
So come down to our community and say hello, we'll be waiting.
☆Memes! And shit posting channel☆
★A Ranked Money system bot! And more bots to be added★
☆Small community, so join now and become an OG☆
★Hentai categories, come and post!★
☆Loving admins ( Yes, I'm totally not an asshole ;D )☆

P e r m l i n k
Just come here and chill. You can RP, and listen to music. This is a new chat! We welcome all! uwu Please don't leave and go, We'd love for you to stay!
A server for traps, normies, and everything my guy come talk
A chill server with transgender as it's background. Come all to a small discord server with loyal members and a nice comfy environment. 13+
Join this sever if you want to troll kids
Greetings, If you like anime, games, shitposting and would like to meet people from other countries, come and join us! :point_left:

Olá, se você gosta de animes, jogos, shitposting and gostaria de conhecer pessoas de outros paises, venha entrar no nosso servdor!
Come hang out, and play games with some chill people. LGBT TRAPS & FEMBOYS. NSFW 18+. This is NOT a safeplace btw!!
We are a friendly server that's all about traps, gaming, making friends and having a good time
Our servah is cracking and we baaarely have any rules, soh this is why its called comfy we dane't ban for daft reasons :). Don't you know?
You Like Yu-Gi-Oh?
Well You Would Sure Love This Server!
The (UN)Toxic Yugioh Server
Here You Can

- Chat With People

- Custom Level Ranks

-Help With Building Your Deck!

- And Tournaments (When This Server Hits 100 Members)
And More,
ONI Discord Server filled with memes, traps and cancer join our social hub if you have crippling depression.