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A transformers server made by collectors for collectors. Wanna show off your cool collectibles you may have? then this is the server for you.
The year is 3019. Earth hasnt advanced any more. On Cybertron, Optimus Prime,Megatron,and all transformers as you know them are dead. Their Sparks,wiped clean of memory. On cybertron,Only 1 Machine Still Functions. It makes transformers,and the sparks are embedded in these new bots. This Machine has laid Inactive for 1000 Years. Now,It Awakens,and begins a new Era of transformers. Will you be autobot,a decepticon,or a human? Find out now in Transformers:Rising Gladiators!
Transformers: Genesis is a Transformers roleplaying server set just before the outbreak of the Cybertronian civil war, in this server the war for Cybertron will be the primary focus at first, but later down the track Earth will be implemented.

When joining the server, you will be allowed the opportunity to create a maximum of 5 characters, they can be canon to the Transformers lore or original, you also have the opportunity to create one gestalt which is a lot of fun.

Why should you join? Well it's simple really, here in Transformers: Genesis the server will always be active, there will be weekly events which will not only benefit you, but to the entire server, relic hunts, invasions, space combat, the possibilities are endless.
Greetings, this is a server for all Transformers fans. You can talk, play server games, and more. All we ask is that you follow the rules.
Keeping it short and sweet. This is a brand new server with just myself at moment. If you wana join and help us grow I welcome you. I'm also seeking staff to assist me. You can pick a side or make another faction if your a staff. So come on and join and lets ROLL OUT!! I apologize for that couldn't resist.