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* Town Of Salem dünyasının en aktif sunucusudur.
* Çeşitli oyunlar toplanıp oynanmaktadır. Örn: Lol, L4D2, Risk, dont starve together, Minecraft, Gmod, Zula, Cs, Secret Hitler.
* Ses yarışmaları, Bilgi yarışmaları, Efkar gecesi gibi etkinlikler yapılmaktadır.
Come Join Our Growing Town Of Salem Community! Weekly Events are hosted for players to join and play together, Find people to party with and play! We also host monthly Town Of Salem Tournaments! to sign up skill is not required.
Join our growing community based around the game Town of Salem! Gamenights are frequently hosted for server members to join and play together. Find people to make parties with and play! Need help? Multiple Town of Salem Global Moderators and Trial System Judges are here to help!
TownTraitorFriends features opt-in lobby pings to fill your Town of Salem games faster. We are a social community, focused on the BETA release of the Town Traitor game mode (classic and coven.)
A fun, non roleplay Town Of Salem server! We host our own matches, with special custom roles. Try some special roles out, or suggest your own!
I am a streamer on Twitch looking to meet and play with new people

We have friendly staff and members that have a lot of questionable conversations

This is The Universe~ We offer many game-specific channels, and fond over cute cat pictures daily! We also have a friendly community to play games with, and a nsfw channel if you'd like to dapple in the dark side of the server.
Welcome to Town of Salem Squad. This is a server for people who play Tos "Town of Salem." We welcome everybody and when joined please read the rules. This server is kinda new but growing day by day.