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This is a server that we have worked hard on making that takes place in a version of Tokyo Ghoul without the canon characters. However; we have a thorough amount of traits and stats that will surely interest you as we strive to be hopefully one of your best server experiences. We are friendly and will answer any questions you have.

Sorrowfilled Love is an OC based roleplay server that takes place in the future after the events of the original series. With new factions, adventures and opportunities here in Sorrowfilled Love!

Multiple Roleplay Channels
CCG squads and partners
The ability to report news!
Literate and Descriptive roleplayers
And more for you to explore!
Tokyo Ghoul: Renaissance is fun action packed and lore driven roleplaying group! Fans of the Tokyo Ghoul anime or manga are welcome, but there may be some spoilers. If you have no problem with that, then you will be welcomed with open arms to take part in our stat based progression system. Original characters only; and we hope you enjoy your stay!
This is the year of 2077, and its a matter of domination factors. The CCG have been nabbing every ghoul in sight, and throwing them into Cochlea for research and other things. Meanwhile, over 100 ghouls are trapped inside Cochlea, believing themselves to be doomed to a life of nothing more than helping the enemy. Any Ghouls that attempt to escape and fail, or refuse capture, will be terminated. The main tactics are using strong injections containing powerful RC suppressors, making Ghouls easy as hell to abduct and transport. However, some Investigators think this practice is wrong, forcing things, even monsters, to do things against their complete will for research. Most don't care, thinking Ghouls are just abominations that they must exterminate, like any other type of pest. Will you be along with the 'right' team, the CCG? Or perhaps you will choose to be a ghoul, to escape or defeat the oppressing Investigators. You could even be a Vigilante, to do it all at once. It's down to what you choose, in Tokyo Ghoul: The Harsh Reality!
Tokyo Ghoul:NEW is exactly what it sounds like; new!
We are a small but dedicated group of individuals who, first and foremost, all enjoy role playing, and secondly enjoy friendly communities.
Although this RP is based on the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul extensive knowledge is not required, there will be many friendly faces to help you along!

We hope you come join us!

In the year 2030, the CCG has begun their Rapid Expansion Initiative, and has seized control of nearly 60% of Tokyo, making them unsafe for even harmless Ghouls. Now, the Ghouls grow restless and have begun to plot their revenge. New organizations and gangs have made their presence known in most of the neutral wards. How will the CCG respond to this? Will the Ghouls be able to summon the strength to take back the wards?
Join to help write the narrative and find out!
Welcome to the World Ghoul server! A roleplay server where it’s not one person’s story it’s everyone’s story! Join and live in a world of Ghouls and Humans! A world that is constantly evolving and filled with power Ghouls and CCG Investigators!Join now! Anyone is welcome!
Tokyo Ghoul Fantasy Role Play, Create your own characters and Fight to Gain XP to reach high Ranks, Fight for your spot for One Eyed King
Hello Newcomer! Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul: Endless Feud! We are glad that you've came to our server but before you even start making your character yet, please check out all of our information so you can get a better understanding of how our roleplay operates.

Here is some recommended channels that you should take a look at; #lore for a better understanding of the world, then check out our systems tab and basic lore information. Once completed then you will be able to create your character!
Please join us! We welcome you and we are still developing the server. We welcome all your ideas and suggestions. There are stats system to allow promotions and we allow cannon characters even if we don't follow the original anime plot. We hope to see you there!
In a beachside city on the east coast of the USA, the CCG has decided to plant a new major headquarters. The beautiful city, Port Sheffield, is known for it's countless ghoul attacks. This means that it will be hard work for the new investigators looking to take back control of the city. But the ghouls aren't exactly going down without a fight... {{We may be small, but we're a welcoming community looking for more rp-ers! Pay us a visit!}}
Ghouls and Humans, an aevertinal battle for survival, no- the planet of the Earth. Upon this universe we descend into Tokyo and it's wards. Where Ghouls live a life of Subsistence and Humans a care-free suspense-less life. Ghouls seen to have the quiddity of a beast and murderous killers and Humans the unimpeachable aura life and care. However, what will you do? How will you shape your species destiny? Will you help bring the two species to peace, destruction, or will you simply do nothing? It is your option - course of action in Tokyo Ghoul: Exalted Truculent Battle of Man.
This a New and up coming rp discord based around Tokyo Ghoul re. We need memebers
This Rp server is based on the events taken placed after Re. This is a new generation of Ghouls and CCG. All old character such as kaneki are deceased but there kakuhou are still kept in a underwater lab somewhere. The way you rp can alter the entire rp and can also put the rp through twists and turns with new events and such. There is a new King now and Its your job is to find him, kill him or team up with him to rule over Tokyo. ||The main story||. Have fun with rping and remember kill or be killed
A casual, 16+ roleplay server. Tokyo Ghoul based, and centered around original characters. Must apply to be accepted. Please visit