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| 東京喰種 |

·˚✎ ﹏ Tokyo Ghoul / Role-Play is a role-playing community that seeks to bring you a comfortable and enjoyable experience whilst living a new role within the Tokyo Ghoul universe created by Sui Ishida.


⁺◟Even Grounds . . . ꜜ
Our community is focused around providing everybody with even grounds and a fair story creating system without holding any bias. From the roles that your character can have, to role-playing opportunities, and combat. We attempt to provide a safe and even space for everybody to enjoy.

⁺◟Literacy . . . ꜜ
Within our community we welcome and appreciate all forms of writing and description. Whether you may type out only few lines or a few essays doesn't matter to us, as we seek to appreciate the story within, and improve every members writing capabilities.

⁺◟Originality . . . ꜜ
In role-play we encourage our members to utilizing their freedom in making their own original characters [OCs] as we do not use canon characters. To further this, we will construct an even more original storyline to that of the base work of Sui Ishida. Hopefully providing you and our members with a unique story with unique characters such as your own.

Just another RP Tokyo ghoul re server. Join to be either ccg or ghoul! open quinx spots and more!♥
Welcome to the Tokyo ghoul re chat. Here you can talk about the game and about either the manga or anime (whichever you prefer) also you can talk about other gacha games in the future.