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Join this roleplay and explore the world of Ooo!

Meet your favorite characters such as Finn and Jake or explore with OCs.

The official Discord server for fans of the American pop-punk band, All Time Low! Run by a moderator to the ATL subreddit, this server is the primary Discord location for any and all fans of the band!

- Currently in Beta/Early Release
- Staff positions open! (Please don't join if its only for staff)
- Leveling system
- Advanced music bot, capable of playing directly from Spotify!
- Variety of text and voice channels, and still making more!
Hello! This is the official page for Sharlanity. Please join our religion, and pray to Carl. Other information will be added soon as we discuss this being more public, better in the meetings. :D thx
~Head Priest
Do you want gift cards with no risk? No "Credit cards" requested, just your attention required! You may back out at any time, we just ask for you to visit once.
Welcome to Killing Time: Bleeding Timelines! This is a server based off of a backstory completely thought of and created by me, and a lot of hard work has gone into it!
The Story goes as follows:
The plot of our Story starts around 100 years, prior to the current year of the roleplay; it being 2018 now. A man named Dr Tanoshin was born into a family known for it's supernatural power, passed down through generations. This power was being a complete Controller and God of Time. Powers such as Stopping Time and even completely Rewriting Time. However, there was also a clan that had not yet reached the potential to completely control their power. It happened to be the exact same power as the Family of Dr Tanoshin's powers. That Race was know as the "Time Bleeders". Their true goal was to gain full potential of their power and completely rewrite humans out of Time, allowing them to rule all of the known Universe. They aimed to kill Dr Tanoshin to prevent the power from being passed down yet again. However, he knew of their plans. He sealed the full power inside a Scythe constructed of Metal never seen before, impossible to break. He hid it in his lab before being murdered by the "Time Bleeders". They to this day still think they've won. But they've not. When a Teenage boy named Unique discovers the Scythe and gains it's powers, although not it's true potential due to him not being a descendant of Dr Tanoshin, the lives of every Time Bleeders flips upside down. And their current goal changes to stopping Unique. A War outbreak is coming. One like no other. And there's only a short amount of time for Unique to unlock the full powers of the Scythe to fight against them. His friends could help, but only if the power of the Scythe could be duplicated...
Time Break is an original rp created by Reilious because he was bored one night and had nothing to do, but let's get to the story so I don't break the fourth wall any more.

It all started on the fateful night of July 30, 2018. Two explorers by the names of Hank Talin and Kyle Merrs had been wandering the Forests of Azdulek, when they stumbled upon an ancient temple.
The two looked at each other and grinned, they had found the temple they had been looking for all of their career. They high fived and took out their flashlights, walking into the front doors.
Upon entrance, the temple was dark, the stone cracked and somewhat covered in moss. Old, broken windows let some sunlight in, casting shadows on the stone floor.
The two explorers continued walking down a long hallway. It looked just about the same as the entrance, except it was a lot darker because of the lack of light.
Towards the end of the hallway however, was a small light. It was the artifact they were here for.
Hank, a little impatient, ran up to the artifact and grabbed it.
The artifact exploded, shooting a beam of light in all directions. The light incinerated Hank and Kyle, and left a large crater in the ground where the temple once stood. The beam of light imploded on itself, sending a shock of a strange radiation around the entire world, invisible to the naked eye and current technology.
This, my friend, was the beginning of the Time Break.
If you live in the Land Of Ooo, come join our non-Official discord! People of all kingdoms welcome! Double friendly!
Join us In the Doodle Sphere!
-Looking for Admins and members so we can expand this project-