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[email protected]

This is a place where you can chat with some people and make some friends. We also have the entire server in a cool Aesthetic Font! Plus we have many bots including Groovy! which you can use in your own time and we have weekly or daily event voice chats where everyone or almost everyone comes together to go into one voice chat... We also have a gold role, which if you boost the server you can become a gold member and get your own custom voice channel! So come and stay a while and enjoy THOUGHT. There is also a points system with cool things to buy at the shop! There is also a server posting channel to post your own servers. But if you leave the server after posting your server it will be deleted. I hope that you can come join and enjoy the lovely community we have here.
A fun server for those who seek enlightenment, knowledge, community, and a place to express their view. There is no discrimination here, all are welcome
A refugee camp for those in the fight for independence of body and spirit . . .

Open Thought Syndicate : Terms and Conditions
- First In - Last Out -

1. possession of the means or skill to do something.

+ The ability of existence.
The self awareness of existing and thus the will to exist. This is the foundation for all living beings in persuit of experience.

+ The ability of thought.
Which extends to both individual and shared choice.

+ The ability of defense.
Negation of Witch burnings.

+ The ability of communication.
Interconnection and speech.

+ The ability of solitude.
Privacy when needed.

+ The ability of movement.

+ The ability of assembly.
Collective allies of principles or choice to not assemble/associate.

+ The ability of enterprise.

Anyone who attacks the syndcaite and by proxy any of these values will get a snowflake role and be locked into the 7th circle of discord hell.

Other than that do as thy will but understand U.S. law requires me to remove some content even if I do not want to. Do not pull the censorship card if this happens. Picket your local office and change it. Discord is not the venue to solve that.

If someone is becoming overbearing towards you use your ability and BLOCK/MUTE THEM! We do NOT apologize for your feelings.