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**✿❀ Welcome to TGC ❀✿**
🎀Please mind that this server is created for females only! In this server we’re all Supportive, a big family and all are females. We’re welcoming you to the Titty Gaming Community👛 Please become a part of a magical family and grow 💕

♥*♡∞:。.。 Expect: 。.。:∞♡*♥
✮ Females only please 🙏🏻
✮ Different things to chat about
✮ A whole gaming community
✮ Moods and Memes
✮ Support through tough times
✮ NSFW channel

*•.¸♡ Ⓗⓘⓡⓘⓝⓖ ♡¸.•*
This server is currently looking
For staff to hire to be able to keep this cute little community running. Continue to join and I will mention it as we go along verification ^.^
This is where I keep all my THOTS. You can come play with them, or even become one of my thots ;)
At Thot Patrol, we're just a bunch of new relaxed, friendly and laidback chill ass teenagers. 2.5k+ people within a month, join us and give us a chance to entertain you!
Hi! Here at THOTHUB, we supply our members with thots, tits, and friendship. We are a server that isn't dedicated to any one sole purpose, so you can come here for just about anything. We do take suggestions for the server, and might be adding new bots in the future.

We welcome you, you beautiful person <3
This is a chill community server for making friends and having fun. This server has many bots and only the most respective staff. You may even become staff yourself if you are deemed worthy. You can come here to talk about whatever you want, whether is be video games, or even anime. Come to this server for loads of fun and many great people!

PG-13 server we have cursing
growing with 700+ people <3
hella egirls join
reg community
we talk and stuff
nsfw is here but its mainly just an nsfw server
We are a group of anti-thot supporters, with raids on SPECIFICALLY thots on most platforms. Here, you can share your memes, and what not.
If you want to learn how to be a thot, join up and we will teach you
The overwatch thot club is a small community of people who appreciate their favourite hero's thottiness ;)

Come and chat, share memes, make friends and most importantly...