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3000 Members Black Clover and Promised Neverland Server
MyHeroAcademia, Radiant and ThePromisedNeverland Channels
Hello! This is a discord server The Promised Neverland Fans!
[ Here is what we provide ]
• Tons of roles ( Including Special Roles )
• Spoiler/No Spoiler Channels
• A Channel where we worship Ray
• Theorist Role with Channels
• Discussions about the Anime/Manga
• Shitposts
• Role-play
• Fanart/Oc’s/Etc Channel
And More!
[ Started - 3/15/2019 ]
A RP Server based on the Manga/ Anime: Yakusoku No Neverland or The Promised Neverland. Create you character and live an amazing story with other orphans in the mysterious Grace Field House.
This is a roleplay (duh) but instead of getting eaten by demons you get to play as your favorite character such as emma, norman, ray , phil etc. They all go to this very prestigious school named Grace Field Academy for the smartest orphans.

Join us and rp with us! Don't forget to invite your friends as well ;)

This is a server for fictionkin from the series The Promised Neverland/Yakusoku No Neverland. All ages are welcome, and we try to be as friendly and inclusive as we can! There is a spoiler channel so people can discuss the manga without spoiling plot twists!