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Gezellig EU Discord (hoofdzakelijk NL/BE) kanaal met veel FPS fans.
Kom hier om samen comp of voor de fun te spelen! :)
This Discord has around 200 English speaking PC members. We are looking for more people that play the Division 2 and Ghost Recon Break Point. We play in all time zones and we are a voice heavy Discord so if you are LFG then join voice.
Trash Brigade is a brand new Multi Gaming Community devoted to growing and creating an environment where you can meet players who are interested in the games you like. We promote our streamers and provide a community Youtube Channel where you can submit replays to be edited with a shoutout and links directed to you. Events/Tournaments are hosted regularly.
(SIN) XBOX division 2 community
- Currently #18 CXP worldwide

Public server consisting of some of most knowledgeable helpful gamers in the division community available to ALL

No pressure, no toxicity, no fakeness just be you

Sense of humour recommend 😂

Future community sherpa events and community challenges on the horizon

Feel free to join.
The Yohei Guild Clan discord. We are currently recruiting members feel free to join! If you join please message Trickz and he'll sort you out with anything you need etc
Bienvenido a Gaming Masters el discord echo para jugadores, de todo tipo de videjuegos, anímate a entrar y formar parte de la familia, pasa un buen rato y haz amigos nuevos, TE ESPERAMOS!
Hi all,

We are a small group of gaming friends that play all types of FPS, Sci-Fi and Free Roam MMO games together.

We range mostly from Europe with a few Americans and welcome all nationalites as long as you can speak passable english!

We don't pressure anyone to play at certain times or push for people to play with us, as long as you are chill and just want some funny and friendly people to play with we welcome you!

Otherwise have a bloody good day and I'll go a make a cup of tea ready for your arrival.

- Powershot
Come join a server built by gamers for gamers! the server is build for and around The Division 2 from general chat, build advise, LFG raids, raid builds, LFG DZ, DZ builds and more. As we grow with members we can add different content upon request, come and join the server and see what we have to offer! remember the more we grow the better are out reach will be to game with!
We are a Endgame Clan focused on taking down every challenge, in addition to progressing through content as a community. Challenging each other to be the best at what we do.
We do raids,pve,pvp,dark zone and more! If you join i wanted to let you know that I just started this server so you have to wait for more people.
Как клан "Адские Гончие" на данный момент мы представлены в играх: Destiny 2, Warframe,The Division 2, Blade and Soul.
Но на нашем сервере играют и в другие игры тоже! The Crew, WoW, Overwatch, Escape from Tarkov и многие другие! Заходи, найди компанию себе по душе и стань частью стаи!
deutschsprachige Discord Community - Gemeinsam durch WASHINGTON, D.C

Ihr sucht noch Mitspieler für The Division 2
dann schaut mal bei uns vorbei!


Wir bieten der deutschsprachigen Community eine Plattform, um⚠️

🔴 neue Mitspieler zu finden
🔴 eure/n Clan / Gruppe zu etablieren
🔴 euch mit neuen Informationen über The Division 2, zu versorgen
🔴 Tipps und Guides, die euch das Leben in The Division 2 erleichtern
🔴 eine Anlaufstelle zu bieten, über die ihr gemeinsam das Spiel genießen könnt
💎Gaming Nest💎
We are looking for serious and mature players! (18+ Not a must, but recommended)
🔥 Call Of Duty: MW
🔥 Borderlands 3
🔥 CS GO Faceit/MM
🔥 The Division 2 - over 100 active and experienced players

Come and join us! and and ask for the game role 🙂
This is the official server for nighttimee’s mixer channel. We are a friendly and welcoming group but when it comes down to games we can be very competitive and determined. Make sure you check out
Wir sind eine Community mit verschiedenen Spielen und auch jedem Alters.
Wenn Ihr uns auf unserem Discord Server besuchen möchtet oder mit Leuten spielen wollt - dann seit ihr Hier genau Richtig.
Wir das TLC Team wünschen viel Spass auf dem Server.
Приветствуем Вас в нашем игровом сообществе STAYA!
Набираем новых агентов в игру The Division 2

На данном сервере Discord вы можете найти себе друзей или просто душевную компанию, с
которой проведете этот вечер играя в разные или просто общаясь, а может и не один вечер.

Основной приоритет клана это Кооперативная игра, все игроки по большей части должны
играть не Соло а именно в Кооперативе с сокланами , так как от вас зависит развитие клана .

Возрастной критерий 20+

Ники на в сообществе должны быть как в Uplay+(Имя)

Если хотите пригласить свой друзей на данный сервере, то можете воспользоваться данной
Welcome to the Clan Discord For Tom Clancy's The Division BlackStock Team.
we are a group of pro's that love The Division 2. Any one can join but you will have to try-out/be interviewed by one of our higher ups to be able to join the BlackStock Clan! Please respect everyone and also listen to your higher up's.
We hope you have a great time

In Kind Regards,
-Brandon Douglass(Owner)
Brand new discord for the division 2. In need of staff and co-owners. Join quick if you think you would be good for one of the roles :)
Serveur basé sur la license THE DIVISION 2, de chez Ubisoft.
Rejoignez-nous pour des news, du fun et des jeux !
A server that offers channels for games such as Division 2, Apex Legends, CoD, and NHL 19 for finding groups and getting news on them as well. You will be prompted to how to self assign your own roles to gain access to your preferred channels.