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Hi! This is a discord for any women and enbies who wants to see WLW (Women Loving Women) monsterfucking and teratophilia. This is a space by and for WLW for collecting and enjoying art from a fetish that can be hard to find relative to many others, drawn and written, plus some RPing for those so inclined. Woman and enbies only please!
Greetings and welcome to server for all Teratophiles and Furries alike .
NSFW channels
Art channels
RP and ERP channels
15+ Discord server for horror fans! SCP, Creepypasta, slasher fans, and monster lovers alike! But if you're into another horror community, we guarantee there's a few members just like you! Plus we've got Pokecord!!!!! Who doesn't love Pokecord!??!
Welcome to Monster Lover Central! A 16+ server for anyone's love of monsters/aliens/robots and anything that revolves around it!
Fun little server for all horny people !
We have many nsfw channels, nudes, Erp - all you could wish for
A server for sharing your monster related interests! Come on in and discuss which kaiju is the hottest or which cryptid would be the best partner in bed. LGBT+ and furry friendly!
A server by monster lovers, for monster lovers! We share art and writing; and talk about our favorite monsters. Every kind of monster is welcome, from vampires to eldritch horrors. Come join a community of hundreds of teratophiliacs in our friendly and welcoming server!
A fun little haven for those who are enthusiastic about all manner of beasts. We welcome all here! From artists, to writers, to rpers, to those who just wanna support/view content! Feel free to come on by!

(This is a 18+ server! By joining, you are agreeing that you are 18+ and by Discord's ToS, of the age in which you can be interacting with material that is NSFW. )
A place where some rather different minds can feel safe and make other friends with mutual monster loving hearts. Chatting about creature/character interests, sharing headcanons and maybe even participating in drabbles, etc. Yes, they can be from video games to books, simply anywhere. Even robotic characters can get in here! From thirsting after Prince Sidon to an eight-headed dragon, its all accepted in here. We all need to let out our thirsts from time to time. Creating and sharing stuff about ocs will also be accepted, MEMES can apart of this server! This is not particularly a shipping place but sharing your passion for such will be allowed! This isn't an RP place though, as you can see. Make sure to head over to the Rules channel if any extra clarity is needed.
A server for monster lovers, teratophiles, exophiles and xenophiles sharing their interests and own creations surrounding monsters. We're a new server but we're growing