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Welcome to the Lighthouse Cafe!
i’m asu owner!!
Here we offer live music and a place to meet new people!
We have Self Assignable Roles!
anddd we have an active Nsfw-irl channel with girls and boys!
Active Members!!
see you there!!
In this server we allow any and every one to join. No matter if you’re gay trans bi WHATEVER you’re welcome here. We offer a lot of stuff in this server such as events, milestone giveaways, cool channels, dating and more


⭐️ have a good day 😂
Hello, People are you seeking for a new community? Well, Search no more we have the right server for you
Why should you join? Well, Here is some reasons!

1# We're a new community in development, So your gonna be one of them OG bois.
2# We have friendly staff and are always open to get new members on the team.
3# The server is simple to be set up just follow these two steps: 1: Join, 2: Agree to the rules, 3: Chose gender. Yes it's that easy
4# The server is filled with fun bots.
5# We have a nitro giveaway at 100 members for the person that have invited the most people!
So what are you waiting for Join today!
come here if you wanna chill & date you can get a staff application and all men and woman are welcome
Here at the East Side we have so much we can offer, we have loads of amazing bots, roleplay features, events and voice calls. We accept all ages here. We even have a NSFW section for verified 18+ aged people.

We are active all the time and have 300+ fantastic members we grow about 50+ new members every day.
This is basically just a sever full of people to have fun and get to meet new people✨
Its really new so- Yea but its just chill✨
╰──➢ ✧;── What you can find ──; ✧
╭ ⁞ ❏. Friends to hang out with
┊ ⁞ ❏. Amazing and helpful staff members
┊ ⁞ ❏. An active server to relax in
┊ ⁞ ❏. Games
┊ ⁞ ❏. Movie nights
┊ ⁞ ❏. Lots of custom roles!
Welcome to Kermit's treehouse! Here we have everything, It's also a safe space for everyone in any community. We have people to chat and hang out with and if you want you might meet a special someone. Hope to see you!
Hello there welcome to the introduction of my server!

I hope you will join and have fun,
We have many things such as:
Friends (Maybe More)
NSFW (Adults Only)
Voice Channels
Color Roles
And More!
Hi, welcome to my newly made server:) maybe you can join and make some new friends and who knows maybe even meet your special one. we offer gaming channels, to bots we can use, and multiple other things. we have a nice staff and we are trustworthy:)
i hope you join and i hope you enjoy your stay. thank you and we already love you<3
“Welcome to the Weeb Hut! A new server for weebs and gamers to chill and talk about their interests! We hope u enjoy the server! Right now it’s kinda small but I plan to try my hardest in recruiting staff and making the server bigger and better!”
Hello! Welcome to moon rabbits!
(Need active members lmao)
We are a server that’s trying to grow. This is a server to make friends and maybe even a special someone! I personally will try to make this community grow and just have fun with it!
Looking for some friends (on any level), fun, and an awesome wholesome community, and you are 13 - 17 years old? Join us today!

We have:
- Friends
- Fun
- Events (karaoke and movies and stuff)
- Chill staff
- Wholesomeness
- Awesome people
- Special perks for the special people (that could be you!)
Hello there traveler, I see you have stumbled upon this server. Well I must say, your in luck! In this server for people we got....
-Organized Chats!

And much more to come. Come on down and join The Teen Hangout!
Welcome to the newest teen dating server 😊 we aren't very big at the moment but we have react roles and lots of channels so join today we even have a nsfw chat for older people
This is a place where you can just chill and make new friends, date, and just be yourself. Join this HATE FREE server and you'll have loads of fun.
Welcome to [WAT]
friendly and trying to maintain toxic-free
plenty of color roles and a leveling system
pretty new server with low amount of activity
possible future events and giveaways
talk about games and anime all day

+ looking for active partnership managers & staff
A place for people of all genders, sexualities, and races to hangout together in a place that won't judge you for what you are. This server isn't religious, it's just based around heaven. Here you can go on a date in the date channels, tell stories, vibe in the voice chat, confess things you need to get off your chest, give and take advice, roleplay, and most importantly, make friends!
A new furry dating server for teens!
Multiple roles, no useless introductions, just hop into the matchmaking and begin!
We have roleplay channels, nsfw channels and a easier way to find a soulmate 😍
Ages 13-17 reccomended, but 18-21 can also join!
Any pedophiles or creeps will be insta banned! 🙈
New server, looking for staff and suggestions!
This is a community for YouTubers to grow in and whatnot. If you’re gonna be Toxic, please don’t join you will be kicked.
This is a server for making friends and love, the concept may seem weird as it's all for teens dating online, though it's fun! There are lots of cool channels such as
-main chats

If you would like to partner with us your welcome too! Just read the rules in how too