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This server is based around Valve games! (Especially Portal). We also have other games and we are a happy Euro-American server.
Closed Castle is a Discord server based on Gaming.
We'll make sure that you will:
1. Not be harrased
2. Not Be Scared
3. Have fun
4. Meet new friends
5. Not be horny
CLOSED CASTLE Join us! We have cool bots!
A server for Valve kins/fictives to hang out, RP, and have fun! We are Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress central, however other Valve sources may be added upon request!

✿ Doubles-Friendly
✿ HL:VR friendly!
✿ All kintypes and systems allowed
✿ Reasonable blacklist (including a personal trigger channel)
✿ No discourse channels

We have a verification system to stop trolls getting into the server.
Welcome to Team Fortress 3! We're a truly cursed server who welcomes really everyone, no matter what game you play. We're accepting, joke around all the time, and many of us made many new friends here. We've got a mansion that we sometimes do discord memes in, the mods will sometimes host discord games(discord sings), or we'll just play Kahoot and make it terrible.
Hope you join, we're looking forward to seeing you here ^^
There aren't many rules, though there still are some that you have to follow, but the mods are usually not that strict about them. Everyone here's pretty chill and friendly.
We are a small tf2 community server for new and old players to make friends with common interests! We offer competitive team making, trading channels and casual play. You can share your art/sfms and brag about your unusuals too.
I made this server because most TF2 Roleplay Servers were either too big or dead, so I made this server where you make your own roleplay! We have areas where you can share memes, media, or anything about TF2! There is a place or share original creations as well. It's generally laid back and generally hands off by the owner (me!), so nothing often changes, and there isn't many rules (don't try any funny business though.)
Here you can find information about my gameservers that I host and sometimes host gamesessions that you can join!
Chat with other people about tf2 and other games and game with other people on the server!
Fun times with fun people!
Looking for that good rowdy merc vibe? Come roleplay with us, in-battle, out in the world, during events, and even out of the RP for quick ship skits and a special group chat channel! These boys are stationed in Teufort. There is a minor amount of supplied lore that is expected to be followed.
Don't worry; we're not too strict, even if the channels look scary :p

Server started 4/22/2020; 14 Mercs and 17 total accepted characters . . .not including bots! Please come in :3
Server Entry Requirements
+ Small Introduction
+ Literary test run [to preview your grammatical abilities] NOT STRICT, but do your best!
+ Knowledge of TF2 and its Classes' personalities
+ A preview of your custom or canon mercenary

We expect you to be frequently active; you will be warned for absence.
We expect you to be cordial and civil; you will be warned or chastised for misdemeanor.
We expect you to follow the helpful advice and criticism of your Admins and server members.

Events include, but are not limited to--
Full-Server TF2 Matches
AU spinoffs [Cool monster events for Halloween, or even on a vote!]
Movie Night
Book Club
Art and gaming streams
Shipping server without permanence!

Please have fun, and do not be discouraged if you are not accepted.



BIDWELL -- Taken
Опишу коротко. Сервер посвящен весь и полностью игре Team Fortress 2. Администрация - отзывчивая. Тематические мемы, раздачи лута - присутствуют. Заходи и проверь!
You know the standards, hello, this is Australium's TF2 server, a hub for general conversation, trading and well, team fortress! If your reading this and you have not joined we highly suggest you do so you can communicate and trade with others.
What do you get out of coming here?:

Team fortress raffles and giveaways!

A hub to trade with others.

A place to chat.

Bots for moderation and fun.

A friendly environment.

Over all, we want to make you have a good day.
But don't make others have a bad one.
A casual TF2 Role-play server!

All tf2 characters welcome including OC's!
but we are looking for more cannon character >.>
Project Mercenary Fortress, It is team fortress RP with custom and pretty hard combat system, lore specialists are required, staff spots are free, you can choose anyone from the list if it is free, join faster before you get required to be Unverified Mercenary.
The Morioh Cho Cafe is a place to:
- Talk about almost anything
- Meet new people
- Find new and interesting shows
- Have a good time
**JOIN THE OFFICIAL SERVER FOR TF2 TODAY** Our server is based upon the masterpiece of a game named "Team Fortress 2" It was created by valve in 2007 and remains one of the biggest games today

Out staff work 24/7 to ensure you get the best experience possible!

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, feel free to DM me!
A growing Community to play, find buddies, and discuss gameplay for the game from Valve, Team Fortress 2!
Join if you want active tf2 players to talk to!
• custom roles
• music bot
• active admins
Welcome to the TF2 Discord server ! It's just a general server to make some friends, play some TF2 and just have a great time :)) The server is divided into the two teams - Blu and Red of course. Get ready - Mission begins in 30 seconds !
A community made TF2 server! This server is one of my firsts but I will try to improve it. The server is made with the help of so many bots.

Keep in mind that no-one in the server are not real personnel.