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Smug Pub is a relatively new server that has grown exponentially in the past week, and I would love anyone to join! We feature bots like Mudae, Tatsumaki, and Pokecord to more fully engage our members, even if they are most active to one specific channel!
🌸Welcome to Mew's Redemption!🌸
**Now with better and more fun things**
This server is still new. If you want bots or other features added come talk to us. We would love your opinion to help us grow.❤️
We've got:
-Pokemon bots
-Gyms(Corrent 9/18 so if you have what it needs join and ask for gym's)
-Champion (when we get full Gyms)
-Introduse the MEGA GYM!!!
-Active channels
And a very good staff team that will help you what every you need.

🍃 Leafy Land 🍃

🍀 Gyms 🍀
🍀 Mewbot 🍀
🍀 Pokecord 🍀
🍀 Pokeverse 🍀
🍀 Music Channels 🍀
🍀 Dueling Channels 🍀
🍀 Giveaway & Events 🍀
🍀 Friendly Community 🍀

» So, what're you waiting for? Join now! «
Interesting people, have wide variety of interests.
If you like anything about cars, this is surely the server for you! Join the server, and you'll be bombarded with creative ideas! Jump the ranks in the server by collecting guild score, done by staying active. As you grow your points, you can have the chance to start a car collection of your own with our new car collecting reward system!
《《《《《《Azoriah discord sever》》》》》》

We are a small group as of now consisting of friendly people and amazing staff. Funny, bright, active people

•Bots for assistance and for activities. such as Unbelievablaboat and pokécord

•Test your mind with trivia questions ☯️

•We always love your feedback and would like to incorporate your ideas, there is a voting section

•Post memes and brighten up everyones day

•Top of the line ranking system with special perk

•Play your favourite tunes and chill with friends

•Get updated on the latest news around the world and changes to the discord server LIVE!

We here do listen to feedback and sill satisfy every person joining to the max give us ideas, criticism and everything in between we are ready to face the problem and stop at nothing for you happiness. If anything offense is said assume it is a joke unless they confirm they are not joking.

Cheers from the Azorians
This is a server with a bunch of bots and a place where you can just hang out.
Shiai (Gamer) Crew has members that play just about everything. We’re looking for casual / competitive gamers & the weekend warriors! If you love to chat, check us out!
In need off staff members. Cheers!
Rhythm for music playlists
Pokecord channels for Spam/ Trading/ Battling/ Daycare.
Ranking system that gives you xp as you participate (Tatsumaki & Mee6).
A server to speak with friends, Join giveways and be able to play many different types of mini-games!
This is a server to have fun with our large variety of bots:
We have many Helpful Staff, willing to help!
Lots of Friendly Players!
And Much Much More!
Hey! I'm Kaden and this is my Mansion! This server was made to make friends, talk with others, and have fun! We currently have Pokecord, Mantaro, Tatsumaki, OwO Bot, Ozone, and many more. There are currently no Emojis with the server but we are actively taking suggestions for those. Come hang out!
Play games on this server, and see whenever certain subreddits or youtube channels post anime songs and more. The only thing we ask is that you rep our owner using tatsumaki every day so one day she can become god with over 10,000 rep points.
This is a My Colony Federation that is different from all the others out there. We have decided to stay away from the old rules and limitations of the old feds and have developed our own way of having a Federation. It is not a place where we will make fun of each other or attack each other but rather a place for you to be welcomed and feel welcomed. Somewhere for you to go and talk about the game and real life.
-Everything you post on all the channels levels you up on Pokecord, Coin master, and tatsumaki bots. Plus many more bot games to play
-Chat Games including: Change a letter, Change one word, Corrupted wish, Song titles, Name game, Last post wins, Wrong answers and many more.
-Community Missions such as: Counting, Counting with Pictures, A is for __, Roman numerals, always giving you somewhere to post.
-Great for shy people who are never quite sure what to say.
-Amazing for people who like word game and puzzles.
-Fantastic for people who like to browse the web looking for pictures.
-Welcoming community, active mods, LGBTQ2+ friendly, mature members from across the age spectrum

Please come join and play with us today!

Welcome To Pokemon: Lets Go Roleplay! Here you will find we have a few neat self-assignable roles and lots and we mean lots of RP channels based around the canon world of pokemon..and best of all? you can be a pokemon too!
Ya like jazz?
So do I, but thats not the point. I'm a lonely boi and I dunno how to make friends, so uh, join if you'd like. I guess.
Hewwo! Please Join The Furry Creek!
We Offer:
-NSFW Channels (18+ Only),
-Roleplaying Channels,
-A Self-promotion Channel,
-Gaming Channels,
And Much More! If You're Not A Furry, That's Okay, We Welcome Non-furs Too!
Founded on 24/2/2019 we are a small community relating to 4chan's r9k, and mental health.
Welcome to Ice Squad
We're a new server, and we need your help in building it up.
Not Role-play based, just a place to hang out and discuss random stuff.
Only server Abal-abal. Newbie join. Here is your place.
for fun aja. Mungkin nggak hanya pokecord.
hello, we are a great server with active staff, we offer;
mew bot
invite rewards
i hope you join and have a great time
A small server of a few people and some bots. Nothing too exciting. Feel free to join~