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Hi guys. So if you are reading this then I will be telling you about this server. Here at club Billionaire we focus on having a good time and just over all chilling out with each other. We host events such as talent shows and also have various prizes for them. Here you can talk about your interests wether they are about music , art or gaming. We are always open to any and all suggestions to out server in order to make it better. We have a good staff team and also have bots in our server which will allow you to listen to music and keep our server secure and safe for you to be in.

What's that? Your current server is booooooring ? Look no further as YEET CAFE was created TO NOT BE BORING!
/disclaimer : server is currently low on population which make it pretty boring/

A server where you can discuss games, anime, show off your natural talents!
Come and hang out in YEET CAFE!