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Tales of the Shinobi, a Story that follows the last known Village in the Shinobi world; one that follows the Tales and Paths of Many Shinobi seeking to bring about a long Lasting Peace having been stripped by an Organization seeking to cultivate the World.

Read the Rules and Ban List upon joining. Come and Join a Developing Story starting from the Flash Back and rising up towards the Present Events!
A hub for roleplayers to socialise! This is intended for people to come in and have a good time, discuss roleplaying ideas and other sciency things needed to make a successful character, or even play games and sing together. We can offer roleplayers advice on how to improve their writing, or even give ideas on how to improve their characters without physically changing anything and becoming too OP!

We intend to specialise in T-1 roleplay, but we also have T-2 and Story Roleplay categories! Naturally, we also have many arenas available for you guys to fight in, so hop on in!

This place is meant to be friendly to all ages and all users. As long as you have an interest in roleplay (mainly T-1), then you are welcome in the Arena!

Looking for an expansive fantasy roleplay server with many possibilities? Look no further! In the land of Varovelle, there are many kingdoms that control the land and they work in harmony despite all of their cultural differences. Each kingdom is unique and play important roles for all the kingdoms to thrive in Varovelle. Despite the development of each kingdom, there are many places to explore - be it in the slums or out in the untamed wild.
What we have to offer:
>many areas to rp with lore for each place. Open for suggestion
>t-1 rp style, focusing on story, not combat
>a system to keep your character well balanced
>Friendly staffs and owner.
>We welcome all level of rp.

It’s a very new server and we hope that you took interest and join us.
This is a para role playing group that mainly role-plays on IMVU. We will be adding, role play on here it just has not been added just yet. If you are IMVU we would love to have you apart of our group :)
Mike and Darren's RP Nexus is a hangout community for text based role players with members from Yahoo, IMVU, Valucre, and Gaia. It also serves as the primary form of OOC communication for the Phoenicia role play setting.