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🌨Greetings Crossers and Trainers!
🌨We are a Ghost Cafe and Operate directly via Delivery🌨

Our server offers:
❄️FREE Items daily for ACNH Server Members

❄️DAILY Giveaways
🌬️millions of bells
🌬️crafting materials
and many more

❄️FREE Treasure Island
🌬️ nmt island
🌬️ catalog island
🌬️ winter island

❄️FREE Sysbot for Animal Crossing
❄️FREE Pokemon Sword and Shield Genning Bot.

🌟 ROLE Exclusive perks
🌟 ROLE Exclusive giveaways
🌟 ROLE Exclusive Rewards REDEMPTION

⭐ Server Booster Rewards
🌠 nmts, millions of bells, villager of choice, diy set, stacks of materials, treasure island access, bot vip acces,
We're a friendly community that loves playing pokemon + Animal crossing and share the experience with others. We giveaways 24/7 and even have our pokemon league with rewards as well animal crossing giveawys + shop. A 24/7 Double shiny raid stream and much more. Now among us too !
Welcome to Galar Elite, this is a chill, fun amazing server full of surprises awaits for you to find out! we welcome all games, we help others, we are chill! and we have amazing SYSBOTS that runs 24/7 non stop and really small wait time, for those poke fans out there! We also have free pgsharp keys posted everyday!
hope to see you there :)
【**__Pokemon Kingdom__**】

Our Server is dedicated to providing free services for the Pokémon and anime community!

Our main free services are:
-6 FREE Public Sysbots



**Zorua Bot**


**Arnold-Bot & Shiny Raids**

-Shiny RAID Hosts
-Cloning and genning services
-Elite Four challenge
-Super Smash Battles
-Animal Crossing Section

So come join our growing community!
We do not tolerate trolls,
~~instant ban~~See you there!