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A server dedicated to pokemon home. We have giveaways, multiple verification systems and stupidly active moderation team.
Calling all trainers!
Welcome to Zeraora's Emporium. We are a social Pokemon gaming community with nearly 10K members. We host shiny raids in SWSH, 0spd mons, giveaways,battle tournaments, and much, much more! You can also find several free to use sysbots for Pokemon creation, cloning, and seed checking. We pride ourselves in our friendly, knowledgeable staff, and made it our goal to create a very fun, active, and helpful atmosphere. Come join us and let us show you how we play!

Our server offers the following:
- 3 Free to use sysbots for cloning, genning and seed checking
- 24/7 Shiny raids
- Giveaways
- Competitive tournaments
- PK8 help and requests
- Mudae, poketwo, who is that pokemon bots.
- Social channels

The ultima league is like any other league with gym leaders batteling and more!
Collect pokemons with the new bot poketwo and become the best
You can become a leader if you want to out of our selection and if you get bored there is sword and shield things
Come check us out and give poketwo a chance cause pokecord isn't coming back..

*Let your journey begin*
Welcome to the only Pokémon server you'll ever need. We have channels for all of your favourite Pokémon Games (main series). As well, this is a great place to find other competitive/casual Pokémon battlers to test your skill against. Lavender Town also has plans to set up its own Pokémon League within the Pokémon Sword and Shield games with 8 unique Gym Leaders and Elite Four and even a Champion.
𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊 𝕲𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌
Welcome to a Level 2 boosted server dedicated to gaming!
Here’s what we have to offer you:

 Poketwo  Pokemeow  Battle System  Trading
 PoGo  Giveaways  Duping Center  Egg Center & Much More

 Vanilla Server  Pixelmon Server  Giveaways

Super Smash Brothers:
 Character Advice  Battles  Gym Challenge

Come join and help us be the best like no server ever was!

Instagram -

Sponsors -
Welcome to PokePals, a friendly and active pokemon community based around Sword and Shield, as well as other games! We have plenty of shiny pokemon raids, giveaways, and an entire battling community with gym battling and monthly tournaments! We look forward to seeing you in our community!

(We strongly suggest you read the instructions sent to you when you join our server. We have an anti spammer wall. You just have to read the instructions in order to properly open the server.)
PokeMafia is your one stop shop for all things Pokemon. We offer many Pokemon related services including the ability to cater to your wants/needs for Sword/Shield with the help of our genners! We host frequent Sword and Shield Pokemon giveaways, as well have an Elite Four system where you can challenge the best trainers the server has to offer!

This server isn’t only perfect for Pokemon fans however, we also have a very strong anime community, featuring weekly anime reviews and recommendations that lack spoilers! Currently in development, we are creating our very own, sassy, yet fun-packed bot! She's still in very early stages, so look forward to her progression!

Join today!

⭐ Active community
⭐ Pokemon Sword and Shield
⭐ Custom bot
⭐ Friendly staff
⭐ Shop
⭐ Custom Emojis (Coming soon!)
⭐ Server artist and artwork
⭐ Anime
A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
╰─➤ Sura’s Pokéshrine is a discord server with a friendly and appreciative environment.

If you're looking for a server to relax and enjoy Pokémon, then join us and be apart of our growing community. We support causal play, competitive play, and Pokémon Showdown with roles.

⁺˳✧༚・Rewarding Leveling system

⁺˳✧༚・Boosters get perks

⁺˳✧༚・Variety of Pokémon themed emotes

⁺˳✧༚・Pokémon themed streams

˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ Rare pings
˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ Hard working staff and Gym Leaders
˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ Many gamer roles to pick from
˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ Open Gym Applications
˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ A place for you to play Pokémon
˚꒰ ꒱༉¨ Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft support

**See you in Sura’s Pokéverse!**
• We're made up of a great, welcoming community of adults who love Pokemon and gaming in general. We started as a server for shiny raids hosted by adults, for adults. And even though we still host some of the best shiny raids and giveaways around, we also come together to play discord games (e.g. anigame, pokecord, mudamaid, etc.) and other games such a PoGo and Mario Kart. Feel free to join a drama/toxic free community where you don't have to worry about kids!

• We're a community of people who love Pokémon, gaming, and anime!

• Naruto-themed ranking system with some sweet perks!

• Awesome bots like Anigame, Myuu, Pokécord, Mudamaid (Waifu), counting game, zero two, and more!

• We have an entire category dedicated to AniGame with spawns exclusive to the clan and high ranking members. Ask to join the clan when you join so you can get dibs on private spawns in a larger Anigame supported server :D We have multiple channels for battles, updates, a HUGE guide, and raids!!!
"Welcome to "The Family Of Eggcellence!!

1)A brand new server focused on Shiny Eggs!! Especially EVO Eggs!!
2)Live Egg Giveaways that include all different types eggs!!
3)A Kind Staff that cares about helping the community!!
4)Shiny Raids and Ultra Shiny 6IV Raids
5)We have a Shiny Breeding Zone! For people that want to get into breeding the best eggs!
6)We have a great music section for those who are very passionate about music,like myself!

We Hope to bring you an amazing and safe environment for everyone to enjoy!! We are all a family and are here to help one another!!
We do provide hacked eggs (EVO Eggs, G-Max Eggs, and BR Eggs are Hacked)
We do provide Regular Shiny Eggs aswell, for those that dont collect hacked egg!!
We wanted to create a place with a great and safe environment for the people that collect hacked eggs aswell!
If you dont want to be around hacked eggs this server is not for you. We still appreciate you and wish you the best!

At the end of the day we are all one big family!! "The Family Of Eggcellence"
Hi! Welcome to Pikachu Crossing!!!

We are a Pokemon/Animal crossing server, with interest in a variety of other games too (PS4, PC)

Feel free to join us!!!
//upon entering, please read the rules if you are intrested in ordering//
This server is a genning server! I can gen any mon up to and including Gen 7, however, cannot gen anything from Galar, meaning that items are also not an option for SwSh.
(I do not use pc to gen, I gen by 3ds)
We charge a minimal price[$1], and are very quick to get back to you with your order. Don't be shy, give us a try!

This server is very small, so service will happen in a very reasonable time.
This server is a very friendly and fun community full of Pokemon lovers 💕.
We have Shiny giveaways often and we have a few Shiny Raid hosts as well!!
We have a bunch of Booster Incentives for people who choose to boost our server 💖.
We do trading, battles and we have a server-wide league!
Server is super organized, with all different categories and channels 💗
We have very helpful and fun bots to play with!
Tons of roles that open up channels based on your interests 💓
Welcome to The Lanturn Hub!! The Lanturn Hub is a community-driven server that has several raid hosts, seed/genning bots, and a large community of people willing to help with raid hosting. Here's a list of things we have on our server:

- 4 Seed/Trade/Clone bots (and they're free to use!!)
- 1 Lan bot
- Discord plays Pokémon
- A friendly community of people who are willing to help with hosting raids or trading
- Hacked Raids
- Tournaments
- A ton of (cute) Pokemon emojis
- Other features that are surely yet to come as we expand our server further

We hope you consider joining our server! We're always looking for new people to help out. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Mew Palace is a discord for all pokémon trainers to chat, trade and battle together! We aim to have a fun and positive community for all ages to enjoy :) Our main focus here is on Pokémon Sword and Shield, but trading from any pokémon game is welcome. We have shiny giveaways everyday, as well as host raids. We are a very new server, so any new joins are greatly appreciated! We are in the process of setting up a Gym Challenge, so if you're interested in becoming a gym leader or even the champion, please join! Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Galar Elite, this is a chill, fun amazing server full of surprises awaits for you to find out! we welcome all games, we help others, we are chill! and we have FOUR amazing SYSBOTS that runs 24/7 non stop for those poke fans out there! We also have development helps, if u are having problem building bots/making servers... you come to the right place!
A community first and foremost that's more aimed at building a place for everyone to enjoy all things videogames, anime etc. Oh and we've got two scheduled sysbots so there's that. Hop in and have a good time.
Hey, Pokémon Fans!

Lilligant Valley is a new Pokémon-Based community server for people to meet new fans, battle Pokémon together, and make friends! Like other Pokémon servers, we sponsor giveaways constantly, inspire new hosts to show off their shiny dens, and have plenty of new friends to battle with! We're a toxic-free community that wishes to make friends and have fun. Unlike other Pokémon servers, our community is much smaller, which just allows more people to be seen, and participate in our events with no worry of being left out! Some of our server's features include:

🌸 - Player Hosted Shiny-Raids, Giveaways, and other fun Pokémon events!

:cherry_blossom: - Customized Ping roles, so you're only pinged if you want.

🌸 - A warm-hearted and welcoming community for all!

🌸 - Fun discord bots for all essentials.

🌸 - Active Ownership, get in touch with him at any time!

🌸 - Plenty of fun, well organized channels for all your Pokémon needs!

If all of this sounds interesting, join us now!
This server has a friendly community and friendly staff. Although mostly Pokémon sword and shield, also supports other games
A discord server dedicated to ART! Feel free to show off all types of art here, including graphics, photography and writing!
Includes monthly challenges, writing challenges, weekly Pokémon challenges and free Pokémon giveaways!
Dedicated sections to Pokémon Sword and Shield, Home, Go and more!
Anyone and everyone is welcome to Art Brigade! You don’t even have to play Pokémon or be an artist to join!
🏆Welcome to the PGL!

We're a Showdown and Sword/Shield WiFi league with 4 league systems: the Trainer Tower (National Dex), Colosseums (OU), the Region Challenge (Gmax Ubers) and a 16 team draft league. New league participants can sign up for the first 3 systems at any time, and battle at their own pace.

In our server you will find:

⚔️ Regularly hosted themed tournaments and Team Events with cash and Nitro rewards (highlights of these are uploaded onto our YouTube channel)
🏫 A Trainer Academy for teambuilding, competitive guides and sample teams
🎁 Pokemon Genning Service
🎉 Giveaways

📜Read our League Guide below for more details on signing up for our League systems