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This roleplay takes place in a fictional small town.
Imagine a world in which superhumans exist, and the government has set its sights on making sure they don't anymore. You could take either side if you wish.
Lax rules; just have common sense is all we ask for.
Have fun and be respectful towards other people.
We're also an art server. If you want to go ahead and show off your art that's cool too.
❖ ‡ ⊹〚 Cryogene Insane Asylum 〛⊹ ‡ ❖

Cryogene Insane Asylum. The name might deceive you, we do take care of the... Deranged humans of this world. But not quite the deranged you're looking for. The deranged here are actually.. The "gifted". The ones with superhuman powers, the ones that may sound like... Gods. The year as of now is 3015, and humanity has changed into a more.. Cyberpunk dystopian.. But for some reason, the Asylum remained modernly the same. Of course there are a few technological advances in the buildings, but time seems to.. Stop here. How fun

As you enter our little community, you can either choose to be the experimenter or the experimented, the doctor or the patient... The Scientist, or the subject.. Whichever one you choose, I'm sure you'll have lots, and lots of fun.

NOTICE : We're short in numbers so we're really looking for more people to join and help expand our little family~

In our roleplay server, we have

- Future events that will include all characters [saying future because we need to expand first]

- Calm and friendly staff [hopefully they're friendly, if not, t e l l t h e o w n e r]

- A ranking system that'll make you want to reach for the top

And wayyyy much more!


The Little Devil
City of Superhumans

City of Superhumans is a server where you can become whatever superhuman you would like, whether that be a superhero or a supervillain. This server offers a wide range of possibilities for people who love superpowers and magic. (We are new, so if you want to help the server grow that would be nice.) We offer:

-A wide range of powers
-A simple character creation process, as long as you follow the rules.
-A place to have fun and satisfy your supernatural needs
-A nice and helping community
-A place to let your imagination run wild

Will you be join the City of Superhumans?
Welcome to ::
super RP

What We Offer →
+ A smaller community than before
+ Creativity
+ Mass selection to the world [just ask]
+ Social fun and game nights [just ask]
+ Giveaways and battle events
+ Fun and interactive RP events
+ Writing together

You can be things like.. an alien.. a demon.. sure, be creative with it! You can be anything you set your mind to. Come make new friends, relax, listen to music together and enjoy your time RPing.

-=- We hope to see you there! -=-

Currently Under Construction! Looking for Moderators!

An abundance of teens alone on a planet, what could go wrong! A meteor crashes into a futuristic earth, worried, earth’s leaders send a group of exiles out into space to find a planet to inhabit. Something goes wrong, they lose connection to earth and crash on a beautiful planet, with a atmosphere like earth’s. With no way back they begin a settlement, growing into the realm of blue fields. The settlers weren’t exactly human though, although they did have some part human in them they had other characteristics, powers.
The year is 2047, Starlight City, and humans are starting to evolve. The powers we once thought of fantasy are coming true, and the futuristic tech we thought would come in decades have been developed.
In the midst of this technology and powers, there are villains, causing disruption, and heroes, trying to stop them, and bring peace to this small city.
But on the other side, there is Zaveri City, a city that does not rely on powers but relies on technology.