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The world changed drastically one day some twenty seven years ago. The day was August 23, 2043 it was much like every other day until a explosion in the middle of this city, no one knows what caused the explosion or who was responsible. Following the explosion was a strange after effect different colored shock waves pulsed out across the town and beyond.

The very next day is when things began to change. A baby was born but was much different then all the previously birthed children,something had happened to his genetic code before he was born changed and gave him abilities beyond, This particular boy had telekinesis, and strong telekinetic at that.

Now he wasn’t the only one after him, there were four others. They would soon become the first Hero’s and Villians. Now as they were on their way to greatness, others were being born. By November 17, 2043 a total of thirty-four gifted alive in this city.

Twenty seven later, supers consist of 13% of the worlds population their powers vary from each other’s. To help combat the rise of supers, strict laws were put into place. Such laws included:

Do not use your powers in public.
All supers must are identified at birth and put into a system
Skyline city may seem as a normal city at a glance, if you watch carefully there is magic and danger! The Underground Magic Police(UMP) is here to help those with magical problems. .. but of course the mastermind behind all the worst in this world Dr. Cloven wants to claim the city for their own.