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🌟 18+ PLAYERS ONLY. tired of getting invites from 10 year olds to play Splatoon 2? Same. this server was created for the intention of older Splatoon 2 players finding each other to play the game with. All ranks are welcome.

In this server, you'll find:
-Friendly staff
-Active members
-Photo, music, meme, and artwork channels
-Matchmaking for other Nintendo games (MK8, SSBU, SDV)
-NSFW channels
A server dedicated to helping players become better at smash while growing the community. (We are brand new)
Do you play smash well if you do and want to join a community of smash players join this server to talk about the game, host tournaments, 1v1 other players and anything you want just please keep it family friendly

Thank You

Welcome to Smash-vania!!!
A Discord sever dedicated to the Castlevania Fans and Belmont Mains of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!

You do not have to be a fan of Castlevania nor main one of the two Belmonts to be a part of this server!

This server contains NSFW content!