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Welcome to the Street Fighter RP (All Characters)! We welcome you to a fun and open place with much to offer.

What we Offer: Talk about your favorite games, animes, music genres, books etcetera. Friendly roleplayers. A community to talk to. And best of all, a environment to roleplay in! Whether you'd like to play as a canon, original character or even spectate!

We thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy your stay!
If you are into the FGC, The arena is the place to be. We house plenty of fighting games and with plenty of variety in the mix. There are people willing to teach you and help you in the server. There will be tournaments with prizes later on down the line.
Welcome to the Fight Club!

Here you can...

-Look for people to play with.
-Chat with others.
-Talk about SFV, SSBU, DBFZ , or any other fighting game.
-Join leagues and other servers.
-Promote your twitch or Youtube channel.
-Join server hosted tournaments.

If you're a fan of fighting games games this is the place for you.