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Here, we come together to bring up our own world of warriors. Not just Thunderclan, but even Riverclan,Windlcan,Shadowclan, AND Skyclan get prophecies and stories to build! Chose your life, Become a leader, heal your clan, become the best warrior, or even have the clans fear you! Its all your choice!
Welcome to the stars are falling!

We are so happy to have you here in this time of peril! Something is approaching, something that no one could expect.. Do you have what it takes to help protect the clans from destruction? Or will you listen to the ones you thought you could trust, and lead the clans to their dooms.

Join either:

🌾wheatclan 🌾
The confident and unpredictable


The distrustful and serious


Here in the stars are falling we offer:

➵ Unique setting and territory
➵ Open high ranks and an inclusive plot
➵ Two original clans, with a new rank
➵ ongoing plot with room for suggestions
➵ Unique dice system
➵ An LGBTQ+ and all round friendly server
➵ Active admins and members
Welcome young warrior to the future. Once the clans ruled these lands with nothing but tooth claw to protect them. Over time this wasn’t enough to protect them from the advancements of the future so they adapted, evolved to create improvements to their traditional systems they started off small but some minds created complicated things. The cave to the edge of the world they knew shows the history of who they were if they were ever to forget the true meaning of clan life.
This server is brand new. help us build this server from the ground up and bring it alive
Years have passed since the era of tail of the clans, and the clans have scattered far and wide, some forgetting the legends of Starclan and the Dark forest. Some left to become rogues, others as wanderers, and a pawful turned to the soft kittypet life. The land has changed drastically as two legs have moved in, building rows upon rows of their nests in the once loved clan territories. The few cats that remain hope to journey to a new land that they can call home, and establish the clans once more.
Please note this server is a sequel to another server and is very new. Feel free to join and help build this small server :)
We are a new warriors discord server looking for members. If you have any questions, direct them towards Redh31#6660
Moons ago, the Clans were made. Now, several moons later, the peace of our Clans are at stake with ShadowClan being the most dangerous of them all...

Please join! We have some leader/deputy/medicine cat role open!
In this server you can become a warrior cat in starclan. As a Starclan cat you can have "powers" which is basically one of the lives you can give a leader. You can also become a living cat and be the one to receive 9 lives.