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Star Wars: Squadrons LFG is a Server, where you can play Star Wars Squadrons with other players together in VCs. Join us, for an active Community, Events, Giveaways, a leveling System, and over 100 Voice Chats.
So da sich nun alle angesprochen fühlen Hey wie gehts!
Du fragst dich bestimmt welche mysteriöse Person dich grade so direkt nach deinem Wohlergehen fragt und ich frage mich wieso ich das hier überhaupt mache. Achja stimmt...
Ich wollte euch unseren Discord Server vorstellen!
Der Niko Army Community Discord!
Was euch dieser Discord bringt?
Tja ganz einfach!

✅Ein Fürsorgliches & aktives Team!
✅Coole Leute zum Reden & Zocken!
✅Ein Geldsystem mit einem verbundenem Shop!
✅Coole Spiele!
✅Lustige Memes!
✅GTA 5
✅Fall Guys und alle Spiele!
✅Star Wars!
✅Ticket Support!
✅Karriere Möglichkeiten!
✅Alles rund um Spiele!
✅Coole Events!
✅Zahlreiche hilfreiche Bots!
✅Ein einzigartiges Discord Design!
✅Star Wars Roleplay!
❎Eine Rolex!

Nun da ihr jetzt mit den Vorzügen unseres Discord’s vertraut seid, worauf wartet ihr noch!
Wir freuen uns auf dich und hoffen das du uns bald mal stalken kommst!
Mit freundlichen Füßen ;D
Das Niko Army Community Team!
Hello Brothers!

This is The Grand Army of the Republic Community Discord! We are one of the biggest multi-platform Star Wars Communities! We have much to offer for all walks of life! We have a total of 8 Clone Battalions for the MilSim in you or we have a Civilian path for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed experience in the Community! We have weekly server wide events but we also like to relax and enjoy a good co-op match! We are a fun loving group of people from all over the world, America to Australia and everywhere in-between! We are a community of Star Wars loving gamers who like a good game of Battlefront! We are prepping for the launch of Star Wars: Squadrons along with playing other games such as Empire at War, The Old Republic, Jedi Knight, the KOTOR series and many non-Star Wars games as well! We have game nights regularly including a Girls night and a Guys night! Our PC, Xbox, and Playstation players are always looking for a game! There is plenty of room for progression! We also do give aways bi-weekly which means you can win just by playing a game! Stop by The GAR Today and get involved in the greatest Star Wars community around!

Critical Information:
- 16+
- Be respectful
- Girls nights and Guys nights
- Supports all Platforms
- Weekly Game nights
- Bi-Weekly raffles/giveaways
- Be active in both Discord and Game
- English Speaking or good enough for Comms
- Have fun!

Stop on by! Join the Brotherhood and become one of the elite!
Bonjour à tous, le serveur Star Wars Gaming Universe vous propose un discord varié et basé sur l'Univers des jeux Vidéos Star Wars. Mais propose maintenant des channels pour pleins de jeux divers et variés

Le Discord a de nombreux rôles à sa disposition qui permet à chacun de jouer sur leurs jeux Star Wars sans être dérangés par les joueurs des autres jeux.
Bien que ce soit un discord multigaming, notre serveur repose sur notamment les jeux en ligne les plus joués.
- Battlefront 2
- Star Wars the Old Republic
- Une catégorie dédiée à Squadrons.

Il y a également une catégorie dédiée aux autres jeux où vous pourrez vous retrouver dans la nostalgie des anciens jeux multi Star Wars.
Nous proposons également un rôle fan star wars qui vous donne accès à la catégorie reliée qui permet de débattre ou tout simplement parler de tout l'Univers Star Wars.

Pour finir, des évènements seront organisés tout les mois pour permettre à chacun d'avoir une chance de récupérer des récompenses variées.

Que vous soyez joueurs pro, joueurs actifs, joueurs occasionnels ou simple fan de Star Wars, vous êtes les bienvenus dans Star Wars Gaming Universe
Hello guys, gals and pals. Today we're offering you an invite to Cross Play Gaming Community, a server dedicated to gathering you buds to game with! Many platforms, many games, all these possibilities, it can be very hard to find people on the same level and same mission as you to play with. So come on in today, and experience a whole new world with new people and experiences.
What you can expect from us:
:> A nonjudgmental, nontoxic community.
:> Complete safety, be it in games with newly found allies, be it in the server itself.
:> A dedicated team of moderators and admins, always happy to help with any concerns.

Notice: The main focus of the server will be on HALO, Titanfall, Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow 6 Siege and Star Wars: Squadrons. You can still find people to play other games with, of course!

Give us a chance to impress you, and we, pinky promise, will do so. Welcome to Cross Play Gaming Community!
Welcome to the most immersive Star Wars: Squadrons experience!

We are a MilSim Server focused on Star Wars: Squadrons that provides an in-universe setting for you to become the ultimate Pilot, featuring roleplay aspects, a heavy emphasis on immersion, tactics, maneuvers, vocabulary, standard operating procedures, ranks and much more.
We offer events, lfg-channels for spontaneous games or even to create and join your own squadron, a friendly environment and a place to share your love for the amazing Star Wars universe.

We would love to have you! Join the fight and let us share the new galaxy!
Members needed! We are not an active server that is searching for active members. If you like Battlefront II, you'll like this server! But we don't just have Battlefront II as a game: we also play Among Us, Star Wars Squadrons and many more games! Rank up and earn respect as you go!
A simulation/strategy server that revolves around the video game Star Wars: Squadrons. This server has adopted the Imperial Remnant (Galactic Empire) faction. We serve as a friendly community that are eager for new members and fun experiences! so why don't you come one down? we are for all platforms and offer opportunities to grow in skills for piloting as well as a social hub of Star Wars fanatics!

Join now to become part of the Imperial squadron and restore the Empire!
This is a server all about the new game Star Wars Squadrons , on this server you can squadron up with new people and your friends. We have channels to discuss and play the game. We have many vc channels to chat and chill. We also do weekly giveaways for discord nitro:)
The Imperial Navy is an Imperial Navy Milsim created for Star Wars Squadrons. We are a rapidly growing Milsim with more than 400 members.

What we offer:
-Realistic ranks and roles within the Imperial Navy -An active group of Star Wars enthusiasts just like you. -A group of advisors who keep our leaders in check. -A squadron of 5 that will become your closest friends and teammates in the unit. -Choice to fly any starfighter you like. -Custom pilot helmets for each fighter wing.
-Continent based fighter wings so anyone from around the world can join and play quickly. -Dedicated competitive team that will participate in tournaments.

We have a great community and we accept all platforms and anyone from around the world.
Security in Strength, Order in Obedience! Fight for the Empire, Fight for glory!
Somos una comunidad en español enfocada al mundo de los videojuegos de Star Wars aquí encontras gente activa jugando distintos juegos de esta franquicia como el juego más reciente SW Squadrons, además de otros juegos como el tan conocido battlefront 2 y por que no también mas personas para charlar de futuros lanzamientos y vivir el hype entre la comunidad como el esperado LEGO the skywalker saga, si tú compartes el mismo gusto por los vídeo juegos de esta franquicia únete y encuentra más gente para jugar.
We are a server dedicated to Star Wars Squadrons, however, until release we will be focusing on Battlefront 2. We have an in depth role/ranking system for different colored squadrons canon to the Star Wars Rebel Fleet.
Wenn ihr Star wars mögt und auch evtl welche spielt dann seit ihr hier bei uns genau richtig, denn unser Server bietet genau das an. Was macht unseren Server besonders?
- über 150 Leute zum zocken
- Star Wars News
- regelmäßige Server Updates
- gifeaways

Ich freue mich schon einige von euch auf unserem Server zu sehen und ansonsten einen schönen Tag euch noch und BB 👋
Mfg Jedor 🙂🙃
The United Legions of Star Wars is a server dedicated to helping community members find a legion to their liking! With 10+ legions already associated you have a lot of choices to represent your favorite era, clone legion, etc. Most legions support Battlefront 2 but there are many other games you can play with the community in ULoSW. We hold cross legion events and trainings as well as 20v20s. Join today to find your brethren!
We are the main Star Wars: Squadrons Discord, with EA community team involvement, content creators, LFG, competitions, and more! Come join the largest Squadrons server on Discord!
Do you play Star Wars Squadrons and are tired of the randoms on your team being complete idiots?
The 181st is recruiting, we have a nice staff, good players, 8 squadrons, bots, memes and a ranking system, the cantina gets a little messy though. no matter what race, gender, sexuality or age (we are made up of mostly teens and early adults) we will be happy to make you a part of our community.

-Grand Admiral Ewok TK-0181
Hello there!

We are the Phoenix Squadron, an elite squadron of pilots sworn to destroy the Empire and bring about galactic peace.

This is a roleplay server, a milsim, for the game Star Wars Squadrons. We have a ton of ranks you can earn within the server. I think once we get more members we will start doing weekly events and practice formations and tactics. If you want, you can join this server just to LFG for Squadrons. If you’re going to join and then leave when you see the member count, don’t even join in the first place. If you stick around and show enthusiasm, however, you will rank up pretty quick. Let’s go blast some imps!

This server is being merged with the 181st Milsim Wing. We will be making a squadron there. This server will still be around, and you can still join this one, but if you do and you want to take part in the squadron, you’ll have to join that server too.

Happy flying, RainySquash
¡Hola! Somos una comunidad de StarWars: Squadrons española que busca gente nueva cada día para jugar, crear clanes o jugar el competitivo de este juego. ÚNETE HOY MISMO:
This is a server to find and train with other Squadrons players. Rise the ranks and become the best pilot in Squadrons
Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf unseren Star Wars Squadrons Community Server! Zuerst ein paar Worte zu mir den Ersteller des Discord-Servers. Ich bin Lukas 20. Jahre Jung und bin ein eingefleischter Star Wars Nerd. Mein Ziel ist es einen Schönen und Gemütlichen Community Discord Server zu Star Wars Squadrons aufzubauen in dem jeder willkommen ist. Grundsätzlich möchte ich eher eine entspannte Stimmung auf diesem Server halten, das heißt ich möchte keine großartig besondere Ränge und oder Monetarisierungsmittel einfügen, der Fokus soll ganz klar auf Star Wars Squadrons, oder andere Star Wars Spiele liegen. Ich möchte dennoch auch noch ein paar Textchannels für allgemeine Star Wars Nerd Gespräche bieten.
Hello we are the New Empire we are an group of friends that play swbf2 and soon squadrons. We all like Star Wars but we enjoy many more film genres aswell. We have a lot of squads, squadrons , ranks etc for you to try out and get.

If you want to check out server out feel free to join we will happily have you here. We usually play together on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm uk on ps4.
(We are mostly Europeans)

Hope to see y’all soon
Gray Squadron is the only 21+ Star Wars: Squadrons group. We're focused on keeping the team small, friendly, and organized. We like to win but have a no-rage policy for when we don't. Our veteran pilots enjoy a generous matching 401Kessel, dental bacta plan, and galactic stock options. Inquire about a position in Gray Squadron today by visiting holonet

- Activity & Merit based light RP/Milsim Ranks so the most active members can promote others
- Ace Pilot role for players with .65+ win rate so you can play competitively with the best
- US & EU players so flights are going most of the day
- Self assign roles for time zone, platform, preferred class, and LFG status so you're only pinged when you want to be
- Home to the famed Millennial Falcon and feared Boomer Maneuver
Hallo 🖖
Du hast langeweile und suchst nach Servern❓
dann bist du hier genau richtig❗️
Hier ein kleiner Einblick in des Servers:
🔸Gaming (Minecraft, Fortnite, Valorant, und alles andere
🔸Anime Memes, Hentai, Diskussion.....(Avatar TLA,Naruto......)
🔸verschiedene Communities
Wir bieten an:
🔹aktive Diskussionen und Voicechat
🔹viele verschiedene Community Games (z.B. Minecraft Server)
🔹NSFW channel 🔞
🔹50+ custom emotes (hauptsächlich anime und memes)
🔹Partnerschaften (ab 40 member)
🔹eigene privaterooms (vc)
🔹selbstverständlich anime- und Gamingsprach und -text channels
und mehr, schau einfach mal rein🥰