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✨This is a chill Save the World server with a bunch of friendly players of all power levels!
* SSD Help
* Mission Help
* Hero Loadout Tips & Discussion
* Weapon & Trap Perk Tips & Discussion
* Helpful Members
* Giveaways
* Save The World Guides
* Mission Rotations
* Trading
We’d love to have you, feel free to join any time! ✨
Thi server is a fortnite save the world server that helps people with ssd and missions. The server also has a trading system with middle men and trusted people.


⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

-ꦼ———▸ " Bask in the m y s t e r y "

Jorvik Mystery is an elite dressage club based
on the NA server, Poppy Moon. We have
practices on a daily basis, aside from
Saturday and Sunday, and fun themed events


┈ Daily parrot photos
┈ A chance to get to know the Operators
┈ Access to Jorvik Mystery information
┈ A self promotion channel
┈ A fun, loving and compassionate community

• • • ✎ • • •

TO JOIN: - Applications are currently closed.

- Applicant is at least level 19.
- Applicant is at least 15 years of age.
- Applicant is mature, reasonable, and respectful.
- Applicant is in our Open Server.
- Applicant can get an Andalusian, and, if interested
in the Competitive team, a black Andalusian.
- Applicant understands that they will be in a strict,
elite environment when practicing.
Here on this server, if you invite 5 people, we give you 50 Sunbeam or Sturdy Mechanical Parts depending on what you want.
On this server, expect giveaways to occur everyday or they can appear out of no-where!
This server supports trading and scamming is not accepted/tolerated.
There will be ssd/mission assistance if necessary.
⦓-request-a-design🎨 ⦓-casino🎰 ⦓-building🚧 ⦓-mission-help✋ ⦓-taxi🚕
⦓-battle-royale 🎯 ⦓-Music🎵 ⦓-giveaways🎉 ⦓-events🎭⦓-trades🤝 ⦓-pokemon 🦄
**NOTE: This is just some of our main roles, the ones listed below are positions you can apply for**
👥Middle Man
🤝 Trusted Trader
🚕 Taxi
🚧 Builder
📦 Box Seller
We are a friendly, positive, open community and our staff are always online! Feel free to talk about anything to us, we are all ears. Try our server out, who knows you might make everlasting friendships.