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"Want to come to our resort and be pampered by the most beautiful maids and most handsome butlers? Then come to Sakura Resort and Spa! We are here to cater to your desires from rest and relaxation to a nice stress reliever. The staff here from Maids and Butlers to the Management will help to make your stay as enjoyable as we can! We hope you enjoy your stay!" Server is 18+. To enter you must read and agree to our rules. If you have any questions please feel to DM our CEO or other Managers.
Sexual roleplay themed server with general chat rooms as well.
Verify yourself as male or female or browse as unverified.
Many rooms
Many topics
Come relax in our oasis
A quickly-growing SRP/ERP (Sexual roleplay, Erotic roleplay) server for all! We welcome all orientations and identities and take pride on our balanced gender ratios. Come check us out!
Les Voix Intrépides. What does that mean? Well, in French, it translates to "The Intrepid Voices." In this server, we aren't afraid to let our voices shine through our roleplaying. Never afraid to explore new depths in our ventures, we provide you with more of an experience than ever with:

-Continuous evolution of server wide roleplaying variety with genres ranging from cyberpunk to fantasy, even 1940s New York!
-Skilled roleplayers with years of experience pouring their heart into every response, promising a rich story with amazing detail
-Disciplined staff that aim to make the server a fun and safe place to be in.
-An owner that strives for improvement every single day with new ideas, improvements, and almost 24/7 access to suggestions.
-A role system that will individualize you so that you're easier to partner up with for private roleplaying.
-Media channels so that your references can be spotted easily.
-NSFW channels for those a little more...adventurous.

And more and more to add as the server continues to grow. Les Voix Intrépides aims to please your roleplaying experience, and hope that you have a magnificent time being here.
Welcome to luci’s playland! This is my little island where anything goes! So it’s the perfect place for all you kinky people to relax and really explore the dirtier, darker sides of your inner selves. Here you can choose to be either a slave, who is free use to anyone in the server. Or you can be a guest, the people who use all the slaves. Whatever you choose to be, I hope you have a wonderful, and very kinky time here.

Invite link:
Welcome to the Cream and Sugar Cafe! A lovely little spot where you can enjoy a variety of sweets, tea, coffee, and perhaps one of our lovely maids too! Our Maids are trained in all aspects of service and are ready to fulfill all those desires! Either enjoy your time as a customer or work as a Maid.
Dungeon Land is a new and growing community for people to explore their kinkier side.
Greetings, Students, and welcome to Thotwarts! At this fine school, we pride ourselves on teaching students from all backgrounds and species. These hallowed halls have long taught young scholars the basic skills needed to function in our world. We kindly ask that you pay attention in class, and study hard! As the golden standard of modern magic academia, our professors are among the best in the world, and surely, their experiences, and advice will aid you along your way to become another sterling example of magehood.

For aspiring artisans of energy and will, for spellcrafters, or those who wish to explore the depths of magic itself, our resources and knowledge at our fine school is second to none. Legends in the field of spell design have studied, graduated, and taught here for as long as the school has been open, and their notes still remain in this sacred place of knowledge.

For those less inclined to study the mystical arts, at Thotwarts, we are lucky to be surrounded by the legendary, and beautiful Thornwood Grove, a magical creature preserve that has existed for centuries. Breathtaking sights, and creatures that haven’t been seen in millenia elsewhere, are commonplace in this lush, gorgeous sanctuary for the unseen.

For those more interested in the arts of alchemy, of potioneering, finally, we present to you some of the finest equipment, and freshest potion supplies imaginable. Straight from our very own greenhouse, grown by students in herbology, we’re sure to have every supply you need to brew perfection and glory itself, so that perhaps one day, you can be studied in this great school.

We happily await you to join our classes and ranks.
This is the One stop server for all people. we are a mostly NSFW server but we do have stuff for fun and events feel free to join and say hi to us!
Cafe Gozadera - a Maid Cafe RP Server in which customers ask to be serviced by maids, individuals with special roles whose job it is to obey the customers.

At the time of writing this description, we are looking for members and staff.
"Hello, and welcome to Goldenwood Medical Center!

Here at GMC, we take pride in our patients and staff. We make sure everyone goes home with a smile, with all of their needs satiated!

Did you come in for just a check-up? That's fine. Here at GMC, our licensed doctors and nurses are trained in general diagnosis and can make sure your body is in tip-top shape with complete and thorough examinations.

Is your problem more mental than physical? Here, all of our doctors and nurses are trained in psychiatry and are ready to help with every problem possible!

Oh no! You have an emergency? Don't worry! Our doctors and nurses can work with the upmost efficiency while still living up to that Goldenwood standard.

Does your problem require an overnight stay? You're safe with us! Our ward is fit with the top most quality mattresses and essentials, with no extra cost to you!

Here at Goldenwood Medical Center, we hope to make you feel good, while making sure you're feeling good.

We hope you have a good time!"
Welcome to Yiff Delight server!

I want to make experience on this server enjoyable for everyone, so everyone should follow these simple rules.

Main rules:

1. Use common sense, act mature and respect everyone no matter what.
2. No racism, sexism, toxicity, hate speech, abuse or any kind of discrimination allowed.
3. Do not discuss politics, religion, drugs, or have sexually explicit conversations.
4. Do not link any malicious, offensive or pornographic material.
5. Do not self promote without permission.
6. Do not start or persist any type of drama.
7. Do not spam text in text channels, nor spam mic in voice channels.
8. Do not needlessly ping people unless it's very important.
9. Do not discourage others from participating in conversations.
10. Do not claim others work as your own.
11. Do not impersonate content creators or any other person.
12. Keep all topics within the designated channel.
13. If this violates Discord's Guidelines, then it's not allowed here.
Greetings and fondest welcome to you traveler. Should you venture further you will be entering a world of Magic, Monsters, and Miscreants. There are as many delights and wonders in the lands as there are dangers. In the Town of Oakhurst you can meet many a friendly face in the Neighbor’s Place Inn or set up adventures at the Guild Hall. Overlooking the town is the mysterious and haunted Ravenholdt Castle, where you can explore the garden or join the dance in the ballroom. For a bit of fun on the high seas, venture down to Crimson Bay where many privateers, sailors, and merfolk call their home. And for those who wish to explore the lands and experience its beauty, the Mistmount Forest is the place to go. So come and join us in this wonderful world.
Come one! Come all! Come and see the Magic Circus and enjoy the carnival!

Come for the show? Enjoy various shows including many (risque) side shows, stables, and a bar and grill! Or wait for the right time and enjoy the main show! Filled with the magical performance by our many performers, animals, and our very own ringmistress, Miss Gwendolyn Farbrook!

Come for the carnival? That's fun! Test your skill at ring toss games, take a ride on the Ferris Wheel or Tunnel of Love! Venture into the scary Haunted House, or enjoy the opposite and journey into the Funhouse!

I hope you enjoy your time here at the Farbrook Traveling Circus!

-Ringleader Gwendolyn Farbrook

(( This server is both a SFW and NSFW roleplay server ))
In the RP, most people find the hotel by accident on the road of the California desert, and end up staying for eternity. Nobody knows why it exists, or if even real. No one has made it out to tell the tale. The people inside live to serve your every whim, but with every morning you slowly start to forget your family, your friends, and your loved ones, until eventually you become one of us >:)
Hope you enjoy your stay here ^u^
Hello, and welcome to Lord Phoebe's Yuri Church! This is a yuri-dedicated SRP server, where you can come to RP or just hang out. At the time of writing this, the server is brand-spanking new, so any new members are greatly appreciated!
We're a small, newly-made SRP/ERPing server, set on a lovely tropical beach resort. 18+ and Literate only.
A club where rules are lax, you can bring on an oc or a character if you want, and just hang with the bois :)
Have a fun time on this server, read the rules and be a little naughty