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Welcome to Memeyork the best state in the United Memes!!!! We offer great stuff, delicious memes for the europeans and some meme towns you should visit. If you wanna get in the m o o d then don't worry, we got an NSFW channel!!!! Come by and experience the true memer experience 🎉🎉🎉invite link:
»»———- ❃✮▹welcome to... Spookaween~ ❃✮▹ ———-««
!-()-! A fun, spooky and active server! :ghost: :chains:
!-()-! Self-Assignable Roles :white_flower:
!-()-! A bot only for our server! :sun_with_face:
!-()-! Fast growing, loving and caring community :hearts:
!-()-! Polls daily :calendar:
!-()-! Game days! :video_game:
And much more so don't be shy, come join us @everyone!
Welcome to Luthor Mansion! A place of wonder and fantasy alike. I invite you here for a special offer. A chance to escape your old life? To prove yourself to others? Or to prove something to yourself. Join us at the Luthor family mansion where dreams come alive and your skills are put to the test. I'll be waiting.

John Luthor
This role play will be in MR3 but will switch to MR4 later.