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In the years following the dismantlement of the Engineers and their “Blacklist” against America, the United States Governments realised the importance of Intelligence Agencies, small forces of people who were outfitted specifically to combat the enemy in the darkness on global scale. Fourth Echelon, although originally authorised by the Government, was officially sanctioned with the defence of the United States and it’s people, also giving them the right to instate the fifth right to those they deemed worthy, the right which designates it’s agents the ability to disregard any and all laws in the name of freedom. After the official sanction of Fourth Echelon, the C-147B Paladin, of which Agent Fisher and his team currently operates on remains active, a second C-147B Paladin was approved for service, identified as the Sentinel, of which a new team of agents are to be trained and assigned to, you are one of these agents.