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Welcome to Woomunity!
We're a friendly splatoon server focused around casual play and community.

We have:
» Music ♪
» Reaction roles 〄
» Game mode focused channels & VC’s ✰
» Fun bots ❀
» Friendly community ღ
» Show off your art! ✎
» RP’s ☽

We're still a small (but growing) server and we hope to see you here!
Join our server to meet both fellow casual and competitive players. We host private battles, league sessions, salmon run shifts, and turf raids daily. You can host some yourself with some fellow server members too.
We offer:
- Obtainable roles
- In-Server leaderboard
- Tournaments
- A friendly environment
- Highly skilled players who can give out tips and tricks
- And much more

So why not check us out? Its free
SR&Chill is a all age server for you to enjoy. With splatoon and chilling, it comes to RP! Play with diffrent characters, have fun! A shutdown is necessary so be here while your at it!
An epic server for some Splatoon Roleplay. The story takes place after the events of Octo Expansion, and the server does take a few creative liberties, such as having roleplay events and expanding more on Octarian Civilization and Calamari county. We allow for custom weaponry, gear (must be approved by a staff member) and we do not limit character options to just in-game content and inkling and octolings, no. Your character is allowed to be whoever they want to be, and be whatever species of the splatoon universe you please. From urchins to inktolings (cross-breeds) to even salmonlings (anthro salmonids) any species of the splatoon universe is welcome! Even if you are not a fan of roleplaying, we still offer a large and friendly community of people, along with several of those who love to share their creative works with others. If you are a fan of any of the Splatoon :tm: gameplay titles, we encourage you to join.
Mainly a splatoon, smash, and minecraft orientated server. We are all very active in chat and voice chat, hosting private battles, league sessions, and smash arenas almost every night. We also have a minecraft realm where we play survival. You can use this server for match searching or for just chatting, we try our best to be welcoming : )
Come join Splat On! Where inkling and octoling boys and girls talk Splatoon, make friends, and enjoy themselves! We accept any and all people.

What we do is we allow people to meet others who are interested in the same game (Splatoon, duh.) and give them an opportunity to make new friends! We also allow you to create games and teams easily.

This is an EXTREMELY new server, so we need all the people we can!
Whats up kids (Or whatever you are) this here is a server that would like you to join! It's a work in process, but I know that ya'll would love to join. It has tons of channels and gaming you and your friends would love. Post memes, Art, and share you friends code to splat, kart, and more! I have a youtube channel too so come on down and lets have some fun!
A chill server where you can talk to cool people and play videogames. Splatoon and Smash are the main games we play here
👾🤖Hey, Willkommen bei Splatterz!🤖👾

Splatterz ist ein neuer, kleiner Splatoon 2 Server, auf dem ihr neue Leute kennenlernen und mit ihnen Splatoon 2 zocken könnt. 😁

Falls es Probleme beim Beitreten gibt, hier nochmals der Link:

Wir sehn uns! 😉
~ AleLP 🇨🇭
Hello! Team Wavelength is looking for more players. We are a casual team hoping to become better at the game and have competitive players hoping to step into the field. Welcoming anyone 16+, valuing character and ability over your rank.
❤️Welcome to Lustful Inkopolis❤️

A Splatoon themed (nsfw) server mainly for Splatoon fans, including all the Inklings and Octos.

Inviting all woomys and veemos to join in for some lewd "Inky" fun.
Whether it's playing with other users, or just dumping your NSFW, it doesn't matter.

Even in this environment, we're friendly with each other! So let's keep the friendly environment too

💖✨While many Inklings and Octolings are inking turf... Others have... other plans✨💖

In this server, Inklings & Octos can have lewd inky fun with each other~!
This server is also for sharing and viewing NSFW with other fresh users.

So... do you like getting "ink" pumped inside you? Being covered in hot "ink"? Maybe something else?~
Well consider joining~!
Don't be shy to let out your deep desires❤️ We won't kink shame you!

Here are several things in the server that you can expect:

- A few bots that can help spice up the fun.
- Several nsfw channels for your needs (we won't judge your tastes)
- Spicy RP channels
- A small sfw section for Splatoon stuff
- Custom & obtainable roles
- Art sharing
- A bit more (we accept suggestions)
Voici le serveur dédié à splatoon venez jouer avec des joueurs de splatoon une bonne ambiance et de bon moment venez vite 😁
Welcome to The Looney-Octo squad! Here, we have roleplay, pingable roles, and much more! If you are willing to chat, make friends, or roleplay, then this server is for you!

Feel free to join to chat, share art, make friends, play against others & more! Especially if you miss splatfests! Custom splatfests are commenced here, Ink colour roles are available, as well as splatfest team roles. Ongoing splatfest: Ocean vs Space! Commencing today!
Bienvenue sur La Lumière de Moon !

Ici tu peux parler de tout ce que tu veux, que ce soit d'Animal Crossing, Smash, de Pokemon ou de Splatoon.

Passe d'une conversation à l'autre pour discuter avec tout le monde!

Fais-toi des amis avec qui jouer, visiter des villages, terrasser tes ennemis ou encore faire des échanges et des combats !
Here you can talk with friends and other! We speak italian but we can speak english too! I hope you'll enjoy! (You'll find the rules in my server, please, follow them)
just your average splatoon 2 server dedicated mainly to the waifus- i mean idols that host the news and make wonderful music in the games.
Welcome to my new server!We have happy and loving admins and we accept the Splatoon Manga Characters!A Splatoon Roleplay server where all we wanna do is have fun. Hopefully you feel welcomed here!
Hey welcome to Legally Blind! LB is a hang out server where we play games and VC. Come and hang out with us!
A (hopefully) well balanced server for both squids and kids - good or bad, casual or competitive, all are welcome here. Be a good noodle.