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I only created this because I find it should exist but found it didn't exist yet. If people closer to Teal Swan than me want to adopt this server, I will let them do that. I think it was Blake though who told me I can basically just keep running it.
🖤Welcome to Cimmerian Shade 🖤We are a NSFW 18+ chthonic Hellenistic and occultist discord.
We feature Hekate, Dionysus, Hades and much more.
We have chats for:
🖤 Chthonic Gods
🖤 Demons
🖤 Left hand path magic
🖤 Challenges
🖤 NSFW chats for each deity
🖤 LGBTQ+ friendly
🖤 Beginner friendly

anyone is welcome to join! From beginner to advanced we welcome everyone.
For friendly and respectful discussion surrounding, but not limited to, the Bahá'í Faith. Everyone is welcome to join: if you have questions, or would just like to get to know some Bahá'ís—come on in!
🎉 Friendly, welcoming atmosphere & wide variety of social channels
🌎 International staff and membership from diverse backgrounds
📖 Interfaith study channels for several major religions
🤖 Bots for music, Q&A, scripture quotations from the Bahá’í Writings, Bible, Qu'ran, Bhagavad Gita, and more
⚖️ Wisely moderated to balance free and sincere inquiry with civil discourse
🙏 Devotional gatherings & study sessions (text & voice chat) open to all
I made this server only to show how to attain salvation.
I have 5 parts to it, and should be read in order.
Feel free after reading what I've wrote to discuss your opinions.
I also plan on adding historical background info as well.
Welcome to the Tree Sanctuary!
We are both a community and services server.

As services we offer Healing, the list of paid healing services is provided on the server, if you are in need of healing please feel free to reach out.

As a community we are interested in topics like
Energy Work
Health and Fitness

The server has recently been revamped and more will be added as the community grows. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Want to Understand the Hidden Meaning of All Numbers? We know Numerology better than any other source on the Internet, constantly expanding and reaching new discoveries in relation to both mathematics and numerology as a whole.
Unity is back and better than ever!
❤️-New roles.
🧡-Staff positions opened.
💚-And extra content in the library.

What this server has to offer 💚🖤💚
- Relax rules
-chill staff
- no walls or verification process.
-an open space for everyone.
-freedom of speech.
- Ban repeals.
- Friendly/chill community.
-Surprisingly very active for it size.

Unity is a civil server designed to escape the toxicities of the spiritual community. We are on the pursuit for knowledge and would like you to join us in that pursuit. We believe that disagreements are the way to enlightenment, and if you're willing to have your views challenged this is the perfect place for you. Lastly, we not only discuss spirituality but other subjects as well. for example, politics and astrology. So you are free to discuss whatever you want as long as it's not hate speech, or goes against discord terms of service. When you're ready to take on your spiritual journey to hit join.
✨Yumera is a Discord Server intended to bring together people with various esoteric interests in a place that promotes both friendly as well as serious discussion.
✨The topics we discuss fall under the broad scope of all things occult, paranormal, psychic abilities, energy work, and magick, as well as related subjects such as metaphysics and parapsychology. No topic is considered taboo or unreasonable for conversation, although those that clearly violate our Server Rules should be reserved for DM. We strongly encourage our members to respect Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
✨Our goal for this server is to be a safe space for discussion and learning about the more obscure aspects of our realities, and seeking assistance as we pursue our spiritual and academic paths. We also try to foster a strong sense of community in our server and actively support casual conversation and the forging of friendships between server members.

Our community...
✨is generally very friendly and welcome to all spiritual paths.
🐾is welcoming towards most Otherkin, but Fictionkin may be met with some skepticism.
🌈does not discriminate based on gender identity, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, culture, or fandom involvements.
🔪does not support the spread of cult propaganda and will throw you out if we find you are doing so.
🔞has a few NSFW channels. Access is restricted to those 18 or older.
🎲sometimes organizes activities for our members, including video game and board game sessions as well as the occasional One-Shot tabletop campaign.
🎮has a few game bots, including Pokecord!
Hi this is a firm invitation to The Place Of Forgotten, You’ll find yourself at home in our server with a wonderful staff and a carefully moderated but free roamed community of thought. Want to learn more ? Come on inside and explore the unknown and the known!!!!
If you want to live in a kinder and gentler world you have to start with yourself~

We are a server focused on being and becoming overall more loving, kind, accepting and helpful. While we are mainly a spiritual/new age server we do not really care about your beliefs, because we believe that what really in the end matters is your heart and not your knowledge, philosophy, your (super)natural abilities or understanding of the world.

In a world which is slowly becoming more and more unstable, with gradually growing tensions and alienation between governments and citizens, alienation of people from different ethnics, with possible economic crisis and civil unrest on the horizon we want to spread love. Where hate, spite, paranoia and fear are slowly surging upwards we would like to be calmness, peace and acceptance, because we believe that infinite love will eventually prevail!
If you have a need or want to become a more loving person in your life and to be in a warm and welcoming place then this is the group for you! Be the peace you seek and the friend you want~
We are a discord family friendly server for all intrigued by the personal development on the path of spirituality and soul awakening awareness in the name of genuine friendship and love, light, positivity. Our Reddit can be found here:- ~ Please come and join us so we can move forwards and reach out to many who are just starting their path and answering their call of working in the name of love to help other people on theirs. Be the light in someone else's reality.
Spirituality server focused on breaking free from the ego and releasing your soul.
Pretty much a place to share who you are with kind people. High vibe people only please.
For those of you seeking a great place to talk positivity and spirituality this is for you! Here there is nothing but welcoming vibes on a path to reach enlightenment and growth. Discuss LoA, Astrology, Astral Projection and many other wondrous topics about the soul’s capabilities. No one is discriminated against, all are welcome!

We are the best Spiritual Discord online!

- Roles
-Active Staff
-Friendly People
-Community based!
This server is designed to assist Lightworkers, Spiritualists and Pirates of Consciousness on their way to Realization and Embodied Mastery. It was was created, in hope of creating a deeper connection between individuals who enjoy the act of sharing wisdom.

Personal support on spiritual struggles is generally given in the channel #questions (sometimes you have to wait several hours before getting a response because of timezone differences).

It is relatively new, therefore please don't be confused (or run away) simply because there is not a wide memberlist~
We are a server dedicated to learning about occultist ideas. If you have a strong interest in magic , witch craft, and the occult this server is perfect for you. Just understand we follow the discord tos and will not tolerate any behaviors outside of it.
join if you are into spirituality, magick, etc.
this server is for discussing and learning more!
The Corner
is a server revolving around political and religious debates and discussions, open to anyone of all creeds and no creeds. Got something to say? This is the place to say it
This server is for those who feel left out and misunderstood and for people who are struggling with their own spirituality. Come one, come all, if you dare to step within the dragon's lair then we shall find out what you're mettle is made of! If you are otherkin, human, or just like dragons then this is the place for you to explore.
A friendly low populated server for people to make new friends, hangout and have some fun. Events are held every weekend. Anime bots are used in this server to promote gif chatting too~

-Lots of Bots (Requested bots may also be added)
-Spiritual Ascension
-Anime Chatting
-Game Chatting
-Friendly peeps
-Platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo)

My server is a Safe Place, populated by people into various metaphysical subjects like divination, spell casting, rituals, astrology, and the keeping of nonphysical companions. If you're a blogger you can have a blog channel, and shopkeepers can have their own shop channels. There's also fandom channels for gamers and other fandoms. There's NSFW channels for those inclined. Join us! We all float down here! ;)

<3 Fandom channels <3 marketplace channels <3 Ask an Oracle free public readings <3 Art, music, and humour channels <3 Options to earn "shop credit" <3 LGBT+ Safe <3 Neurodiversity safe
TheriAnarchy is a server based around Therianthropy, although we are inclusive of all forms of spirituality.

We have separate categories for Plurality, Witchcraft, General Spirituality, LGBT, and Pups 'n Furries.

We have music Rhythm, Gaybot, Witchcraft Bot (unofficial name), Furry Bot, mee6, Tupperbox, and Unbelievaboat.

You aren't REQUIRED to read our rules to be in our server, but even if you don't, you will be responsible if you break them. You should read them.

We are family friendly when it comes to sexual topics, porn, and such, but we don't condone supersensitivity. Cursing and talking about topics that aren't explicit are allowed.

You don't need to be anything listed above to be here, just don't bring hate to our group-

Enjoy your stay here!
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
💠💠💠Welcome to Christ Enthusiasts where you can experience Fellowship with Fellow Followers of Christ and engage with a Spiritually Healthy community. In our server, we stick to the Word of God and all its truths.💠💠💠

💠 This Server is Newly remade!
💠💠 SIMPLE Verification Process!!
💠💠💠 Lots of Spiritual channels and fun bots to play with!!
💠💠💠💠 Supportive and Chill Staff Team!
💠💠💠💠💠 We Welcome the LGBTQ Community if they desire to learn about Jesus Christ!!
💠💠💠💠💠💠 Lots of Scripture Usage and Bible References.
We are an active, close knit server, where we socialize over the politics and how it relates to the mother earth in text and voice chat. Server has been around for a few years and is looking to grow. Weekly VC chats where we discuss astrology and relate ways in which we charge our stones and remain connected to mother earth