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A new server where people can talk about all things from their spirituality to the occult. The creator loves to have discussions and enjoys helping you find your answers.
I would like this community to be somewhat of a family. I am searching for something, not sure what but I want to understand this reality. Not only that but build a team to protect our mother Gaia, our realm Midgard, our planet Earth. Feel free to come and go as you please but don't forget to say your farewell.
Freshly-created server made to serve as a safe place for those struggling with life. Even if you've not been diagnosed but still struggle, this is the community for you! Find support and acceptance for who you are and where you're going. Currently looking for mods.
This server is made for the purpose of people to make friends, exploring topics based on their spiritual beliefs mainly. We also discuss things among the occult, astrology, history, music and fitness! If you are looking for a calm inviting place to relax this is it :). Please do not enter with any bad intentions, youll be kicked immediately.
Hey! We're looking for the few enlightened people who aren't clouded by the paradgm of today's society... (religious / following dogmas) We're looking for those have theories on mysticism, nonduality (the theory of oneness), and magick, and not only have the theories but dare to put them into practice. Thanks so much for joining! :)
Meta Help Cafe is a server for getting help with metaphysical issues. We defeat astral threats, exorcise demons, heal people, and even just can answer questions. Stop by for a cup of coffee and protection cx
Hello and welcome!

Apologetics Digital is a small, Christian server that is devoted rationally justifying the faith. Both Christians and non-Christians are welcome to join the discussion. Because we strive for a cordial atmosphere, we don't have rules; just follow your common sense and you will probably be alright.

Before you will be able to engage with the server, you have to disclose your religious affiliation in #sign-up. This is not because we want to judge you, but a necessary measure to filter out trolls. Feel free to ping an administrator (someone with a yellow name) to speed up the process; you can check out #list-of-beliefs to get an idea of what is on offer.