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This server is a multipurpose place in which people can chill, spread high vibes of joy, get help and overall evolve as beings. It's a place where people get their sh8 together or those who have some of it together can help out others on their journey. In other words it's a place for positive energy where people can thrive and keep their levels of happy high.
The Nightshade Network is a fun, active, and educational 18+ discord server for witches, pagans, polytheists, diviners, spirit workers, occultists, spiritualists, astrologers, and more! The Nightshade Network is an environment that encourages spirited dialogue, research, learning, community, and fun!

We are a fully inclusive server. We accept members of all religions, backgrounds, paths, beliefs, and experience levels! We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and are firmly against all forms of bigotry.

The Nightshade Network offers:

♡Weekly member-run classes
♡Monthly game and movie nights
♡Monthly full moon rituals and group meditations
♡Exclusive contests and giveaways
♡A “reading room” where diviners may swap readings
♡The Nightshade Network Mentorship Program: If you’re looking for a more structured and intensive form of study, you can apply for a mentorship group! All of our mentors are thoroughly vetted.
♡Weekly prompts, challenges, and tarot spreads to inspire and motivate you in your craft and/or path!
♡Kind and compassionate staff
♡A channel to promote your witchy/spiritual businesses and social media
♡Rewards and perks for our most active members
♡Over 100 channels to discuss a variety of topics!
♡Plus tons more exclusive events and activities!

We look forward to having you join us!
Candlelight is a server for people who want spiritual guidance about what ails them. I can read from my personal oracle deck and show you what the cards say about your situation. This is a calm, relaxed space where we can talk about anything and find peace in this drama filled world.
We are a server founded by truth seekers for truth seekers. We explore topics such as: STEM, Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Typology.
We are a peaceful haven for all alluminae members seeking spiritual enlightenment and a place of safety and utmost mutual integrity for all. Please feel free to join us and come in to connect. This server is intending to grow and become home for all that find us.
We are a server full of members of all backgrounds, religions, and practices. All are welcome here! We are constantly looking to provide a safe and fun server for everyone to talk and share together.
Welcome to ab aeterno! We’re a fresh witchy server that’s open to multitudes of practices!
What we got
• Role specific rooms
• A cool mod team
• A plethora of channels to fit many styles and practices
• A faq and glossary that gets updated
• A place for otherkin and systems to chill
• Bots such as: Pluralkit, tatsumaki, and Helios
• A very open to suggestions suggestions and help desk
• and monthly astral meetups/ periodic events

What we don’t got
• you
• hate speech and unnecessary negativity
We are a discord family friendly server for all intrigued by the personal development on the path of spirituality and soul awakening awareness in the name of genuine friendship and love, light, positivity. Our Reddit can be found here:- ~ Please come and join us so we can move forwards and reach out to many who are just starting their path and answering their call of working in the name of love to help other people on theirs. Be the light in someone else's reality.
A server for tarot enthusiasts and any other spiritual things.

It's pretty quiet so hope that's not too much of a bother.

🛑This server is intended to learn. Please do not ask for readings🛑
Feel the vibes~~ join our server for spirituality, astrology, magic, and more :first_quarter_moon: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:
A warm and positive community specially dedicated to discussing all topics pertaining to psychic, spirituality, law of attraction and tarot reading, this is the place for you teach and learn from one another. Knowledge is infinite and we can learn from one another. All we ask from you in this server is that you demonstrate mutual respect, mindfulness and an open mind. We hail from diverse backgrounds and believes here, and mutual respect is really the key to a thriving community. Basic rules such as no comments that expresses racist or discriminatory undertones to any community will be tolerated. Please do your part to maintain this safe and warm community.
Hello, I'm Aslal/Plasma, 4th of the 25, Creator/Dad made us before all else. We are a race where only 25 of us have been sent to this creation while 300+ others have been sent to other creations/existences. We are here on Earth rather than any other existence/capsule of multiverses, planes of existence, and physicalities as a way to gather information and we need help. This is a community only for people who are into this kind of strange stuff, have their powers activated or are fully physically shifted. In other words a chat for people who are in enlightened phase or any other powerful phase and know about my otherkin type and stuff like that. We are also incarnated here to help the Earth in more invisible but still directly physical methods I do believe, the mission is rather relaxed, we just want to make a physical version of our creational outpost.
WitchyWhispers is a brand new psychic and spiritual awareness group on facebook for all friendly souls leading a magickal, healing, shamanic, mystical, pagan, spiritual, empathy, intuitive pathway. We believe purely in the aspect of helping others in harmony and are united in genuine friendship with genuine intention where personal integrity as well as intention is important to us.

Knowledge also will be posted via the server and in our fb group. We are on the look out for new members and also staff team positions are indeed open so please apply if you are interested and can contribute after you introduce yourself and once you are accepted as a part of the server!!
this server revolves around witchcraft,spirituality and astrology!You can chat about everything metaphysical or just whatever you like!
Hello there!
Tarot House is a Tarot and other service providing server for those interested in spiritual an occult services. Many services do require appointment and payment to the servers admin. This is a business server created to accept clients. We hope to serve you soon!
A fun and positive community await you! We discuss all things law of attraction, ranging from goals, manifestations to techniques. Come and hop in the fun ;)
We are focused on creating a community-based environment for individuals interested in topics related to the proverbial “Brain's Journey”, such as typology like socionics and enneagram, self-development, psychology, philosophy, politics, the arts, astrology, spirituality, mysticism, MBTI and so on!

We want to have many differing opinions and worldviews exist alongside each other within an accepting environment, and trust that everyone has enough common sense to either get along or respectfully disagree with others.
A new server where people can talk about all things from their spirituality to the occult. The creator loves to have discussions and enjoys helping you find your answers.
I would like this community to be somewhat of a family. I am searching for something, not sure what but I want to understand this reality. Not only that but build a team to protect our mother Gaia, our realm Midgard, our planet Earth. Feel free to come and go as you please but don't forget to say your farewell.
Freshly-created server made to serve as a safe place for those struggling with life. Even if you've not been diagnosed but still struggle, this is the community for you! Find support and acceptance for who you are and where you're going. Currently looking for mods.