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All about forming a tribe of like minded individuals in these times of tribulation who will be there for each other, and strive for unity;
Despite differing opinions and beliefs, we're here for each other no matter what.
If you, like me are looking for knowledgeable people who all stand together to form a tribe of power, this is YOUR server.
At last, a community and psychic shop for the wild hearts!

Join a catalyst group of positive meta people (psions, witches/wizards, psychics, mages, energy workers and more) who are sharpening their psychic skills to reach their full potential.

In this server, I apply a combination of Transmutation, Divine Energy, and Energy Manipulation to help grow people's abilities.

I tend to work with Dragons, so you will see a few dragon themed services and luck dragons floating around as well.

Main Shop here:
This channel exclusively features interviews and monologues (as well as occasional archival videos). Guests include leading figures in philosophy, psychology, health, science, and spirituality -- with a healthy and respectful emphasis on parapsychology.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD.
Welcome to the FLOW^^
We have a lot of channels on chakras and how they can be used in various ways whether you're healing or for manifestation we got you.

Since the server is very community oriented we have grown on votes for other interests such as
Astral Projection
Energy Work
Psychic Abilities
Law of Attraction
Health and Nutrition.

We have many more roles and they can be mentioned in the general chat to discuss with other members having those roles.
Our server is participation based and unlocks some gifts for you at certain levels.

We try to maintain a cordial atmosphere with our members and we hope you will enjoy your time with us. Whether you're curious or just want a place to chill come flow with us.
We're an occult server. We're set up like an occult server. That's about it. By the way, Akikan means empty can. Feel free to kick it.

This server is new and is looking for suggestions for Topic channels and content. The intent is to keep the rules simple and minimal to allow others more freedom of expression, but we ask that you please exercise common sense. We have a separate category for content of a mature nature.
Welcome to Wolffang's School of Magick and Etheric Work. Here you will learn how to become more proficient in your skills or pick up new ones. I encourage you to learn everything you can and broaden your horizons. If you are proficient enough in your path to where you can teach it then apply for the professor role. If you don't find what you're looking for then be patient. Someone with that particular knowledge may arrive.

Welcome to the school and may your journey of knowledge bring you great things.
(18+ only please)

At the crossroads between light and shadow, between Paradise and the Pit, stands Limbus. The in-between space, meeting place of sorcerers & spirits, the liminal space where all paths join and those called to it commune with the Unseen.

A friendly community devoted to discussion of occultism, magic, spirituality and related topics (as well as general chit-chat) in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
We are proud to offer:

- Weekly discussion topics (we're currently going through the Tarot cards one by one!)
- Social channels for sharing art, food, photos, and writing
- Knowledgeable regular members from a wide range of traditions
- Engaged and active moderation team

Limbus is open to people of all beliefs and levels of experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community
🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿 is a witchcraft based server! We serve as a chill study group for witchcraft. Our server is almost always active!

🐌 30+ Self-roles! From Identity, to Religion/belief, to what types of witch you are, we got you covered!

🐌 We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and we also accept anyone into our cottage regardless of experience with witchcraft. All we require you to have is a genuine interest in witchcraft, and the will to learn!

🐌 The age recommendation for our server is 16+. We do not allow any NSFW content, as we wish to keep a safe space for our youngsters! If you have any questions upon joining our server, anyone on our staff will be able to help you!

✨ We hope to see you soon~! ✨
we are a server that teaches about many different things from spiritual satanism, to the arts of magic, to spiritual accension through godhead and so much more! we are a very serious server and we are a kemetic order that holds the values of the kyballion.
∼The Mitlands is a peaceful cult leaded by Mit.∼

~ We believe life in a very laid back perspective.~

~We support all people!!!~

~We do not mean any harm.~

Please feel at home, as you are warmly welcome! Thank you!
(If you are offended in any way, I am dearly sorry and you may ignore us if you wish)
18+ Platform dedicated to the UK Psychedelic scene

Discussions, meet ups, advice, trip reports, trip sitting, new developments, spirituality, meditation etc

Lets make this a go to resource for connecting psychedelic communities and users from around the UK.
This is a new server primarily designed for Muslims who want to discuss and learn about traditional Sunni Islam. In addition, there are some channels dedicated to more earthly disciplines and sciences. Everyone (including non-Muslims) is welcome to contribute, and we hope you find this server beneficial.
A server dedicated to the circulating of experiments and live demonstrations of various occult teachings.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Welcome to the One and Only Sikh Server. We allow other faiths to come to join us and all of us to talk together civically and respectfully.
This server is a school and this server is a service platform. People that want to enchant their psychic abilities can come here and exchange reading with each other. Or if someone wants to buy your service, it can be done here. This server is designed to connect psychic to psychic or psychic to customer.
Mindful perceptions of Reality is an all-welcoming spiritual and intellectual server. Share and discuss your views without judgment. Agree, respectfully disagree, or add to the subject(s) <3
A community looking to learn and discuss spiritual paths. The Oak Grove is an inclusive server, all are welcome to talk and make friends and learn from one another. The only exception is that trolls and bullies are not allowed. Doesn't matter if you're Christian, atheist, pagan, shinto, and everything in between. We're here to spread wisdom and build fellowship. Bridging the gaps between all faiths and beliefs. We're also here for a good time. Plenty of channels to hang out and talk movies and games and a special NSFW section for those over 18.
A server for those who are plural in any way shape or form who have Cuphead related members in their circle/system.

We have a spiritual and metaphysical perspective towards the phenomena of plurality and all forms of it, including DID/OSDD, Tulpamancy, Endogenic Systems, Spirit Guides and more of the like.

We believe tulpai, alters, spirits, and dimensional beings are all under the same umbrella. The only differences between these terms are their specific function in the circle/system and/or how they present themselves.

All circles and system types are welcomed, please respectful to different circles and systems, for their experiences and the way they function is not the same as yours and there is literally no way of telling if a circle/system is fake or not because it's not your place to assume so.

The phenomena of Plurality is subjective. Ex: You can be Plural without Trauma, but you can't have DID/OSDD without Trauma.

Rules in this server are very loose and flexible. Know that trigger warnings are NOT mentioned here.

Have fun and talk of Cuphead and Spirituality :)
This is an 18+ server dedicated to the exploration of reincarnation. For anyone who wants to explore the topic, learn past life recall techniques, discuss past life memories, deconstruct the cosmos, or understand their soul journey better, welcome! We're also here for future lives, simultaneous/concurrent/parallel lives, walk-ins, higher density lives, animal/nonhuman/divine/ET lives, and anything in between!

This is a spiritual and discussion focused space for those who have spent some time developing their sense of self. We want to cater towards mature, dedicated explorers of reincarnation. If you have a passing interest you don't actually want to develop or think exploring past lives is just for fun or amusement, perhaps this isn't the place for you.

If you are serious about exploring the journey of the soul, we hope you'll join us!
Dreadful Lotus

We're an 18+ server that's open to people of any spiritual path experience level. It's a laid back environment with an emphasis on experimentation and teaching practical skills. We offer classes on certain subjects based on recommendations and our staff are up for doing live rituals and distance training when available.
Hello! We are a server that is meant to be a casual place for people to conversate, primarily those who do stuff in metaphysical, occult, astral, cryptozoology, mythology, energy, and much much more. This place is meant to be inclusive for anyone who participates in those fields, anyone interested in them, or would like to talk to ones who participate in them. This server is inclusive to everyone who is able to be a decent person, we are welcoming of all, including but not limited to LGBTQIA+ and people who are not human (including otherkin, therian, etc).

What we offer:
- A safe space for people to casually interact with each other and get assistance or discuss on the server's focus subjects
- Channels dedicated to various topics ex. energy, astral projection, etc
- Suggestions - we can add or remove channels in a flash
- Bots
- and much much more!


#spirituality #nonduality #magick #enlightenment #empowerment #technology #ai #education #mathematics #science #linguistics #language #veganism #environment #evolution

A chill spiritual community where you can commune and share your knowledge. We are an OPEN minded community, holding many TOMES of great KNOWLEDGE. From the ancient times to NOW, we gather together in unity to share the most prized sacred information one has ever seen.