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This server is about Zen, Nature, Environmental issues, Human(-cultures), Religion, Art, Mental-Health(-issues), Philosophy, and so on. Feel welcome.
This is a server for people of all religious backgrounds to come together and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome, including atheists and agnostics.

Our goal is to help each other prosper spiritually. Share your knowledge with others and ask them to share theirs with you. This isn't a place for close minded people, it is a place for everyone to unify.

We are small currently, but we would love to have you. If you have any server suggestions, feel free to let me know.

We have a debate channel, general chat, voice channel, and partner servers. Come on in, we're excited to meet you.

You must be 15 or older to join.
We are a Christian/New Age server. We are open to all but we ask no blasphemy or ridiculing the other members. Discussion topics include God, Jesus, Angel's and Archangels,Crystals, energy, Reiki Healing hands , number synchronicities, eft tapping, mirror work, and guided meditation. Friendly staff and community. Please feel free to join!!!
This server is dedicated to promote the work of wise realised master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and his Isha Foundation (if you dont know who that is please Google Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and with open mind listen one of his talks) But this discord is also sangha for people on spiritual path we focus mainly on Sadhgurus teachings but we are very open minded and reasonable and expect you to be as well. We welcome everyone religious/athetists/politicians/what not, as long as you remember that this is spiritual discord for spiritual purposes :] nothing else. When you join you MUST read ALL the rules that are gunna be dmed to you only then you can taste the sweetness of what a Sangha can offer you :]. We also teach people inside this discord if they wish to know firsthand about who Sadhguru is and his work, so come and join but dont expect anything just join with curious mind :]
This server is a place for eccentrics, free spirits, and other nonconformists to meet and mingle in a safe environment. If you're a wannabe hippie, goth, or punk, or just wanting to meet interesting people, this server is for you!

-Age 14+


-Channel for promoting your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else you want

Disclaimer: the following ideologies are not tolerated and people found spreading them will be banned: racial nationalism (including but not limited to Nazism, Nazbolism, Tarrantism, Zionism, and black nationalism), Stalinism, Christian Dominionism/Integralism, Theistic Satanism (Order of the Nine Angles and Temple of the Black Light members are PARTICULARLY unwelcome), and militant Jihadism.
Greetings, this is a server for people on the journey of life and any path, have chats and share experiences to help people grow and learn in spirituality occult and witchcraft. become a journeyman or woman today to help grow and learn throughout their experience and let others grow and lean too .lets all rise together!!!!
This server is all about the chakras! Come share your favorite chakra meditations, discuss the chakras, and maybe even heal some chakras!
A loving place for angels, lightworkers, otherkin, starseeds, and all seeking spiritual advancement. It is a place of learning and friendship as we help each other on or ascension journeys and work to awaken humanity.
This is a server for Left Hand Path practitioners to gather and be themselves around like minded individuals. We are accepting of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and orientations and we're even welcoming to those who are new or just curious.

We're small right now, but we have an active staff, who are happy to provide a safe place and be a friend.

Each of us is skilled in different things and always eager to both share what we know and learn new things.
🐍 Witches of the Black Serpent 🖤 is an open pantheon online coven and witchcraft community. The coven does not have a set pantheon, but rather, it is open for you to worship as you wish, we just invoke the gods and goddesses using general terminology and from there you can personally worship to your heart's content. If you’re just someone who practices witchcraft or curious of the craft you are more than welcome to come and join! We are 100% LGBT+ and PoC inclusive and include unique spaces for those communities within the server as well.

We are currently in BETA mode, so some of the features below are not available yet but WILL be integrated very soon! This message will be edited once they are all live.

🖤 Several free to access resources for genuine learning including books, weblinks, and more
🖤 A traditional ranking system to allow you to transition from first to third degree in Wicca
🖤 Traditional events, initiatory ceremonies, sabbats, esbats, etc.
🖤 Open access mentoring
🖤 Free divinatory readings and practice areas
🖤 Spaces to share your artistic, relevant content and advertise it
🖤 The largest selection of divinatory self-assignable roles across Discord, and more
🖤 Daily horoscope readings and more by our server bot familiars
🖤 Shared coven grimoire
🖤 Anti-troll verification system

🐍 Plus more! Check us out and join a hybrid community (and perhaps coven) of witchcraft and Wicca alike. We look forward to meeting you!
Welcome to the Sentinel Outpost! We welcome all paradigms, belief systems, and religions!

Our primary focus here is to share our experiences with one another. We are not exclusive to one paradigm but we mainly focus on "energy work" and the topics that fall under that term. We accept all other names for this practice and welcome other belief systems.
We are a brand new lucid dreaming server! Come along and share your lucid dreams, aswell as normal dreams! You can also come and learn how to lucid dream with our resource library.

Happy dreaming :)
This is a Disclosure Server specifically for talking about the kinds of topics you wouldn't normally get to like extraterrestials, Anunnaki, deepstate, et cetera and so forth! We're an anti-harassment Discord server as well!
!! íntєrstєllαr cσnvєrgєncє !!

no normal humans allowed

hi there! this is a starseed comm-
-unity welcoming everyone rega-
-rdless of age, gender, and race.
if you are not a starseed we kin-
-dly ask you to not join. we have
many subjects for our fellow star-
-seeds. our subjects include: spi-
-rituality, occult, philosophy, ast-
-rology, numerology, and more!!

this is currently a small fast
growing server, we are lo-
-oking for staff, if you are
interested, please dm:
The Spiritual Haven is a Discord server aimed to be a little place for everyone from all different types of spiritualities can hang out!

- Lots and lots of self-roles for every religion and belief :)
- Recommended 16+
- Events for various spiritual holidays!
- LGBTQA+ friendly!
- Astrology, divination, and tarot readers!
A place for conservative/classical liberal/libertarian/moderate/apolitical pagans to hang out and just talk. SFW with channels for games, spirituality, politics, memes, and general discussions.
"Initiation is a preservative against the false lights of mysticism; it equips human reason with its relative value and proportional infallibility, connecting it with supreme reason by the chain of analogies. Hence the initiate knows no doubtful hopes, no absurd fears, because he has no irrational beliefs; he is acquainted with the extent of his power, and he can be bold without danger."
This brand new server is dedicated to discussing and promoting Gnostic theology in all of its forms. Gnosticism is an ancient religious movement that overlaps with several mainstream religions. There are Christian Gnostics, Manicheans, ancient Jewish Gnostics, even modern Pagans who consider themselves Gnostics. If you're familiar with Dharmic religion you may find many familiar concepts within Gnosticism, and if you're a follower of a religion that emphasizes the Divine Feminine you may also hear things that are familiar to you. Whatever our differences, we come together on the basis that spiritual growth comes from inner contemplation and knowledge of God through direct experience (Gnosis), and that the end goal is Theosis (unity with God, or the realization of our own divine nature). Esotericism is welcome but the theology and texts of Gnosticism are the main focus. We are open to all, even non-Gnostics, as long as your mind is open and you don't troll.
A friendly conspiracy theory and spirituality / religion server based on the principles of
1. Equality
2. Friendly discussion and debate
3. No server politics
4. No drama
5. No toxicity
6. Active and friendly VC

Please come join us!
Welcome to temple of the gods, a place where you can hopefully find the others as tim leary would say. A place where you can find people to talk to who won't give you a crazy look or judge you but will challenge you to grow instead. The times are a changing, rapidly, technology is exploding, the world is becoming more interconnected everyday. Find your tribe. Temple of the gods is here to help!
-not overly politically correct, freedom of speech tolerated to the maximum as long as its not incredibly toxic/trolling of individuals or spamming server.
-16+ Only as many mature topics are covered in here
-a positive friendly community of all different types of people
-discussions about consciousness, awakening, psychonautics, spirituality, meditation, breathwork, etc etc

Note: LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY but we will not ban people for being politically incorrect or having differing beliefs.

**Discourse** is a new **civil debate** server, focusing on __philosophy, politics, religion, spirituality, and more__!


Looking for a debate server to end all debate servers? Want to have fulfilling, serious (and light-hearted), rigorous discussions and debates? Look no further than **Discourse!**

Check out these awesome features!


:question: Daily **thought-provoking questions**, polls, and more!
:speech_balloon: **Moderated debates!** Don't like moderated debates? No problem, there's open debate channels as well!
:writing_hand: An actually useful **suggestions channel**!
:tools: Awesome and super helpful tools, provided by **Dyno**, **UB3R-B0T**, **YAGPBD**, and other feature-filled bots!
:no_entry: Notice someone **breaking the rules** or being a **nuisance**? Report them yourself! Mods will be able to see the report and a log of the last 100 messages in that channel!


What else could you possibly be waiting for? Join today, and earn yourself a limited edition, permanent role to show off!

The Akashic Records is a repository for information about metaphysics, religion, and spirituality. There are a few fun bot commands to play around with as well to help fill the time when you feel less serious. Come share, chat, learn, teach, and hang out.