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The Occult Server & Library is a library and community server of 4000~ members dedicated to practitioners of the occult and to the study of occult practices . We do not support any LARP or troll behaviors. We are a serious and academic server that creates a suitable cyberspace for study and communication.

Multiple subjects of discussions are at play: Alchemy, Hermeticism, Esotericism, Thelema, Chaos Magick, Metaphysics, Magick, Esoteric-science, Traditions, Ceremonial Magick, Western Esotericism, Tantrism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Typhonic current, etc. We aim to share knowledge and awareness in regards the multitude of esoteric and occult paths.
This is a new server, here you will be in contact with people like-minded and here to help you on your journey if needed.
If you are interested in spirituality, astrology, witchcraft, esoteric..., you should join us!
There's no judgment here, every spiritual path is accepted!

Hope to see you soon!

I, Victoria Ellaine Dalenna, have created this server on the intent of doing good, not only for myself, but for everyone who joins, throught knowledge gathering, learning throught debate, philosophy and dialectics. The focus of the server is, more than knowledge, on kemetism.

If you wish to join, you are more than welcome! :D

(NSFW is not allowed, and any NSFW post will be punished with ban)
A server for people of all religions, spiritualities, faiths, beliefs, sexes, genders, sexualities, etc to come together and talk and have a sense of community, learn, love, and grow together. Safe Space ♥
A discord community server hub which includes many different paths, philosophies, and systems of belief. It is secularly run which means that discord concerns are handled via discord and magical concerns are handled with magic.
Spiritual chat/server for my YouTube @selfツ. We’re here to vibe and make connections. Let’s evolve✨
The Cosmic Getaway is the perfect escape from the boring pains of the physical world!
This server is about magick and spiritual topics such as witchcraft, deities, mythology, astral projection, and much, much more!

We have protection on the server against energy vampires and other attacks, so we're way safer than all of the other occult servers out there!

Channels including but not limited to:
Witchcraft & Wicca
Dreams & Astral Projection
and even secret exclusive chats that you can gain access too as you become a larger part of the community.

Please come check out this beautiful vacation spot and swim with the dolphins!
Are you ready to travel to the furthest realms of experience? Reprogram your psyche. Answer your greatest questions. Become a RIPPED MANIAC. GET HUGE. MALE TO ALPHA MALE FULL TRANSITION PROGRAMMING.
Hey there,

This is Mahālaya 3ix, a server for people from all walks of life to discuss spirituality, magick, metaphysics, and any other tangential topics. Our goal is to make you feel at home, as well as providing a place to study and share resources.
We have a variety of channels to discuss different topics, such as: Astrology, Divination, Meditation, Tulpamancy, and many more.
We also offer personal "dormitory" channels for active members and can provide you a place to link your shop/YouTube channel/etc. if you have one. Please keep in mind that this is an LGBTQIA and plural-friendly environment before you consider joining.

We look forward to seeing you.
Lots of love,

Lilim Kaiko
Rule 1: No Discrimination
Rule 2: We All Have Our Own Opinions And Beliefs.
Rule 3. No Cursing Or Saying Hateful Words.
Rule 4. Feel Free To DM Me For Questions.
Rule 5. All Religions And Races Are Allowed.

Alliance is a spiritual server full of love, kindness, spiritual talks. Here me and my staff help you on your spiritual journey. This community does not discriminate we accept any race, gender, religion. In this server you can express your political beliefs, spiritual topics, and whether or not your subjected to a certain religion your, still accepted to join. Love you all 💚
A community for freely discussing anything/everything, new growing community with many rooms for archiving knowledge as well as bot games and social rooms
A server designed for the cultivation of piety, modesty and integrity in the character of the Muslim woman. Begin your journey with the ‘Callers Towards Goodness’ and discover a environment like never seen before of sisterhood and feminine virtue.
Welcome to the Multi Dimensional Energy Transference Matrix. Here you'll find others who share your desire for connection and your need to be complete. Whatever your life brings you along your chosen path you shall find it here. Feel free to join us and share in the mutual exchanges of information and energy as we grow stronger together. Together we are one. Together we are strong. United as a whole we will change the world.
Hello all,

This server is for those who have read or are interesting in reading about the 7 natural laws by which all minds in existence must obey. Its also using modern and esoteric psychology together to better our lives. Here we discuss thing such as ritual and magic.
Welcome to the Ravenbell Guild!

We are a social, more closed circle of practitioners of the occult. These can include otherkin, energy work, ritual work, crystals. You name it, the server is generally meant for coming together in the practice of the occult.

There are also off-topic channels for hanging out, please be respectful and enjoy your stay.
Discord server for spirituality, new age esoteric discussions. If you are on a spiritual awakening journey or anything of the like, come join us. :) Meditation, witchcraft, astrology, energy work, etc.

We welcome the following but not limited to:
- witches/pagans
- starseeds
- artists of all kinds
- psychonauts
- overall conscious individuals <3
Welcome to Kinchains, the newest and ready to welcome y'all otherkin server, made for those who are, those who are questioning and those who are simply curious about.
For those currently in their journey to reach their highest potential/self we welcome you to join our server!
ESA (Enneagram, Spirituality, and Astrology) Is a community of people who have banded together on a search for a mix of self growth, knowledgeable people to learn from, and a welcoming atmosphere complete with all the sources you need to reach your ideal self. This server includes all of the systems in the tags, and is open to anyone willing to learn. We hope to see you soon : )
Hello! Are you looking to join a friendly server to learn more about witchcraft? Or maybe to work on and improve your craft with like minded individuals?
Consider joining The Witches Sanctum! A safe place for Witches of all backgrounds and beliefs.
The only thing we ask is that you be respectful to the admins and other witches.
**To prevent spam we have input a verification system. Please put in an introduction so that we can verify you as soon as possible.**
Here in Atlantis, you're welcome to do just about everything. Hang out in our cafes, sit down at the bar,and even find yourself a home,. Or perhaps music's your thing. We have arcades for streamers, and theater's for movie goers. There are even debate halls, and schools for the more academically and intellectually oriented. Or perhaps you're in the business of profit. We have venues for that too. Market stalls and market places galore! Whatever your desire is, whatever the fix, Atlantis has it. Because no matter what you're looking for, you're not just in Atlantis. You're Home.
Peace be upon you travelling spirit! Welcome to the Zāwiya! A place where anyone is welcome provided that they follow abide by the #rules laid out.

This is a server that is geared towards knowledge and alignment of the nafs (self) rūḥ (spirit), and 'aqal (intellect), in an age and an era which has done all it could to petrify the hearts of many men and many women through an unending cycle of submitting to impulsive thoughts, or, through thought-patterns that induce despair, arrogance, and immorality.

Our taṣawwuf is guided by an adherence to the Qur'an and the Prophetic Sunnah, we do not adhere to a perennialistic view on Islam, nor do we believe in the delusions of orientalist authors who appropriated the paraphernalia of Ṣufi shaykhs, stripping them of their beliefs
As Sahl al Tustari (203-283 A.H) the great gnostic said; the path is monitored by the two witnesses, namely the Qur'an & the Sunnah.

Non-Muslims are welcome to join, and ask questions, enjoy your stay
a place for witches, run by witches! baby witches are more than welcome, as the server itself is run by baby witches. We want to build a community where people can talk, joke, and learn about paganism, wicca, and witchcraft.
The Universal Dialectic, a process of getting humanity's shit together. A division of the Anti Secret Society (ASS).
We are a new server looking to build a community around resolution of humanity's unresolved tensions. We have a diverse crowd with a wide variety of interests and we work to host discussions in a way that ideas can be explored through conversation without bias or prejudice. hope to see you there!