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Looking for a occult community filled with active practioners and frequent practice? Look no further, Sanctuary is a open minded occult community dedicated to the mutual sharing of esoteric knowledge, progress and generally being spiritually productive.

On this server we discuss multiple topics such as Magick, Psychic abilities, the concepts behind otherkin and many more.
Group for people struggling with working with spirits, supernatural experiences, spiritual topics, etc.

101 Beginner friendly AND for advanced practitioners!
Abaddon Paradise is a server where a lot of people talk, we mostly talk casually, but there are channels for astrology, typology, spirituality, tarot, and anything! Come join our chat, we are a friendly server, this is an astrology free learning area!
We are a friendly and caring community of people hailing from all corners of the globe. We welcome both Hindus and people who are interested to learn more about Hinduism to our server.

The array of conversations discussed ranges from sacred Hindu texts, meditation, bhajans/mantras and ways to explore Hinduism more. We strongly believe in the art of sharing and exchanging knowledge from one another because that is how we learn. If you're interested in Hinduism and are looking for a friendly and respectful community to be a part of, please join us. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
A small server(hoping for it to grow) for faekin/incarnated fae/changelings! We are a friendly and want to offer a sense of belonging for those who feel out of place in this life. Magic, spirituality, and folklore are of large focus in this server.

Keep in mind that elemental beings like mermaids, elves, trolls count as fae and are very welcome!
I only created this because I find it should exist but found it didn't exist yet. If people closer to Teal Swan than me want to adopt this server, I will let them do that. I think it was Blake though who told me I can basically just keep running it.
If you want to live in a kinder and gentler world you have to start with yourself~

We are a server focused on being and becoming overall more loving, kind, accepting and helpful. While we are mainly a spiritual/new age server we do not really care about your beliefs, because we believe that what really in the end matters is your heart and not your knowledge, philosophy, your (super)natural abilities or understanding of the world.

In a world which is slowly becoming more and more unstable, with gradually growing tensions and alienation between governments and citizens, alienation of people from different ethnics, with possible economic crisis and civil unrest on the horizon we want to spread love. Where hate, spite, paranoia and fear are slowly surging upwards we would like to be calmness, peace and acceptance, because we believe that infinite love will eventually prevail!
If you have a need or want to become a more loving person in your life and to be in a warm and welcoming place then this is the group for you! Be the peace you seek and the friend you want~
We’re a chill server with no dictating attitudes that started out on kik and is now trying to build our numbers on discord. Please join and meet us! 💕
Welcome to Spiritual Mania!

We are a spiritual server that specializes in every belief and practice out there, including:

~Remote View
~Astro Travel
~Energy Work
~Crystal Healing
~Debate Rooms
~Chakra Healing
~Necromancy/Entity Communication
~Sigil Work
And so much more!
We have tons of channels to talk in, and very wise members.
We respect everyone's beliefs and would love to learn about yours!
Welcome to Divinity Chat. This is a mature (SFW but adult) discussion server for all things divinitykin (angelkin, fallen angel, demonkin, incarnated angels, incarnated divinity, however you identify). You are welcome if you do not have a divine identity that you are aware of or if you are questioning and exploring but be prepared for discussion!

There are quite a few angelkin servers out there that are more on the aesthetic/RP or young teen side of things and less on the discussion/discernment/exploration of identity side. This is a place for really exploring this subject in depth. If you are someone who wants to understand what it means for you to be divinitykin, you're in the right place!

This server focuses more on the spiritual side of things, such as the cosmological implications of divine beings incarnating/experiencing humanity. Also we emphasize analysis and discussion so if that makes you uncomfortable in your identity, there are other places to go.

So, in sum:

-This is a spiritual discussion and identity exploration focused server.
-You are welcome if you identify as any kind of divinitykin and also if you do not identify as such but want to explore the topic.
-All respectful beliefs/opinions are welcome.
-This is a safe for work server, but is an adult discussion space (maturity-wise, not subject-wise). Please keep that in mind.
This is server to unite spiritual people.
We want to learn and grow together. Spirituality is a wide subject, but everyone believing some aspects of it are welcomed.
We want to have a nice, supporting atmosphere here. If you want to gain more spiritual knowledge, meet others believing same things or help less experienced, please, join us.
🌞The Arcane's Reign 🌚

A community of spiritual and magickal proportions.
We manage a server around a wholesome community that wants to grow and we cultivate your dreams into reality.
Don't let your passions be squandered, we provide:

- A monthly Podcast on Anchor
- A Twitch Stream for hobby gaming
- Magick Gift Shop
- Server Events held Seasonally!
- Blogging full of encyclopedia knowledge on the Metaphysical.
Improving the World; one Destiny at a time! Welcome to a server welcoming all souls of any background! The goal here is to help you reach your full potential in manifesting all you seek and desire while simultaneously helping the world around you! Take a leap of faith and be the best “you” imaginable!
***NOTICE: We do not consent to having our invite link and description lifted from disboard. If you wish to be affiliated or partnered with our server, join the server and ASK us and discuss with us properly.***

Join us under the moon and stars at Chalet De Lune!

We are a FEMALE ONLY witchcraft server, here to give a safe, comfortable space for all female witches to discuss their practice and make friends in.

We are not against men in witchcraft, and we never will be. Witchcraft is for everyone - this is simply a getaway and a comfortable environment for female practitioners.

***This is a 16+ server, if you are not 16 years old or older, please do not join.***

(NOTE: If you are not female or do not identify primarily as female, please do not join.)

We look forward to meeting you!
A chill spiritual community where you can commune and share your knowledge. We are an OPEN minded community, holding many TOMES of great KNOWLEDGE. From the ancient times to NOW, we gather together in unity to share the most prized sacred information one has ever seen.
🦊Welcome witches to the Foxfire server!🦊

Foxfire Witches is a server for pagans and witches that wish to share their path and knowledge with others. All races, sexualities, genders, and religions are welcome we just ask that you are accepting and open-minded.

We are a very new server and are open to suggestions to help us improve. So far we offer...
✨Self-assignable roles
✨A small close-knit community (plans are to keep it to 30 members)
✨Chatrooms to practice different forms of divination
✨A study group to help encourage others to share information
✨Different Fortune telling and Witchy based bots

🔥We hope you will join us and help us grow our community!🔥

Hello, hello! 🌼
It's great to have you here! Well, what are we intended to be now?
We're a server for therianthropes. Nothing more and nothing less. Please only join when you're a therian. We don't want to seem like exclusionists or elitists etc. We simply want a place that's filled with like-minded ones only. With a small range of differences to focus more on the journey and the bonds between the members. We're just here to form friendships that are a little bit more alike.
So, what do we offer you as a therian?

ღ. Self-assignable roles with a simple reaction system.
• Roleplay sections for those who like to sink into their small fantasy worlds by times.
ღ. Monthly held events, run by staff and members.
• MBTI, Hogwarts House, hobby roles and therianthropy roles.
ღ. Education, love, a close-knit community and a whole lot of fun.
• A rather calm chat, not overly active. Something comfy.
ღ. An organized server with experienced staff.
• Much, much more!

So, if you should like to join, don't hesitate to do so! We're awaiting you. :D
The Arcanum is a growing spiritual server where members are free to discuss a plethora of topics and share their experiences. We seek to provide a safe platform to grow spiritually.
Welcome to The Internet Safehaven.
As the name suggests, this a place for peace, love, and conversation. As long as it is kept civil and positive, all debate is wanted and encouraged.

I dont feel like I need to make a list of rules. I believe that the people who join this discord server will understand how to be civil and kind to those around them. If I am wrong you will be removed, this is a safe place. Just try and keep conversation in the appropriate channels and be kind to those around you.

We have various roles to describe different type of people. This is not to discriminate or divide the groups of people that subside on this server. This us purely so when conversating or debating it is easier to understand where people are coming from. You can self assign yourself a rank in the #self-asaign-roles channel.
Welcome home all multidimensional beings. It is here that you will find companionship and be alone no more. Starseed community is a spiritual scientific network dedicated to guiding the identity of your true soul and awakening your soul memories consciously in the physical plain. this is to help others seed through life in terms of creation, instead of destruction. Our empowerment shall bring about the golden age of enlightenment as foreseen through cosmic history.
The starseed community is a place for non human incarnate to call home. Starseeds are a member of the other kin family of people who are spiritually aware of their past lives. Starseeds are one side of a two sided coin, the other being lightworkers. together working as a team to balance the soul, and manifest soul memories through psychic wisdom and practical knowledge while genetically with each generation, releasing the veil of astral amnesia so we may become conscious together on Earth.
for many beings, this is not the first world where life has been seeded from a creation standpoint. However, there are many beings who misunderstand their purpose and feel entrapment at the hands of misguided and uneducated humans who attempt to raise us in their image. Such confusion shall be replaced with new knowledge, which is actually quite ancient as history develops a new cycle as has been happening steadily over the past two centuries on earth. It is recognized that the reincarnation community in general, is home to the birth place of paranormal and psychic knowledge experienced from the inner worlds as dreamers of our society. As a result, is partially our doing, to make efforts to create a cosmic new Earth for a universal terran race to evolve and come into being.
this may be uniquely different and promote an esoteric relationship to how you may currently view the world. Yet the ascension of Earth and her inhabitants to reach the stars and awaken consciously has begun. The time is now to shift into 5d and beyond. The celestial akashic records are open, and all beings connecting with the birth place of their cosmic origins will emerge to become conscious spiritual beings on earth. with an advanced scientific core at the source of all of our understanding creating the way for future inventions in peace, love and harmony.
Love, in fact, is the answer. One which has been the birth right of all souls who choose to shield themselves in physical vessels. The design behind which, is to experience form, as a solid object of continuous growth. One theory is to allow the universe to know itself by experiencing living matter as individual and self aware parts to the same being. this through the epicenter of universal intelligence would allow all manner of possible aspects of creation to know itself, while maintaining a quantum core of ever knowing limitless potential. Where every decision can happen, and be reshaped to never happen as environmental free will would be the ultimate solution to all beings as a result of sovereign equality.
Unfortunately, fear is the result of this change being prevented. and this is what we are here to correct. Fear stagnants growth and prevents any kind of change from circulating. It is not a tool of descension, but rather, one of absolute stillness which creates the seed for descension, and the possibility for destruction to occur. In worlds which have a lot of reshaping to have happen, and who also have a history or misshapen events taking place, the only solution is to return to love while keeping and restoring the flame of soul identity intact. This is why we are here, and why you are always welcome in our lives, regardless of what happens. All things eventually resurface and come around full circle, which is exactly why history will repeat itself if it is left unchanged to maintain spacial temporal order and synchronicity throughout the universe, our cosmic home.
Together we are openly united to remember who we truly are, souls of love.