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[-----------------------------¡Hey tu! ¡Si tu! ¡¿Te gusta Sonic?!---------------------------]

¿Porque no le echas un vistazo a nuestro servidor? ¿Que que ofrecemos? Pues...

Niveles de Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, y Sonic Mania (Por ahora).

Variedad de Bots.

Diversidad de canales Rol y Off-Rol.

Sistema de entrenamiento fácil y sencillo.

[--------------¡Y muchas cosas mas, unetenos para derrotar juntos a todo el mal!--------------------] Por cierto tambien tenemos unas erizos muy sexis digo digo eventos personalizados con sucesos jamaz ocurridos en el canon que no afecta a la historia principal.

Editado por el Staff y SubLider mas activo, Shiro

A fun server to meet nice people and chat. Many bots + slotbot. NSFW too
Welcome to Sonic Cosmic! A Sonic RP AU. Set in space, after Doctor Eggman's defeat against Sonic causes him to go intergalactic! Sonic now has to take down Eggman after he finds out the doctor's plan to go after a great artifact that can, after reassembled, take over not just Mobius but the entire galaxy or the universe! We promise you if you join an experience containing the following:
A well designed story that is still ongoing
The ability to create Original Sonic-based Characters
Great administration and owners
And far more than we can list here.
So come on down and have some fun in space with Sonic!
Welcome to my interstellar Amusement Discord, also known as Tropical Paradise! We have Bots here for moderation, Memes, Or if you would like to start a family! We have many planets for you to join! We have also:
The best staff:
The best resort:
nsfw for you~
And more! So why don't you click that Join button? we'll be waiting!
Welcome! To the world of classic! I am classic sonic and I would like to welcome you to a server where you can roleplay have fun and chat. This server is both for RP and For my youtube channel I hope you have fun here we accept a lot of people here just please promise to follow our guidelines.
As you join you must read the questions channel and then answer in the entrance gate. That is all

I hope you enjoy your stay!
-Classic sonic
This is a server for all classic video games i’m talking sonic,mario,pac-man,zelda,atari games,and many more I hope you like it here
We just want to have fun here with this unique server! For RP, we have sonic 1, 2, and 3 locations, Sonic X locations, and sonic.exe locations. Outside RP, we have fun with art, memes, talking, and more!
Somos una comunidad para compartir entre fans de Sonic the Hedgehog.
Podras hablar tanto de los juegos, de los personajes, asi como de los comics, las series o peliculas en torno al erizo azul. Espero que te guste el servidor!
The Right to Arm 'Hogs is a server dedicated to a particular niche, Armed Mobians! We here are interested in everything that has to do with Sonic characters and OCs mixed with military stuff, weapons, guns, swords, and history. If you find that you're interested in those things, come on over to our server!
Welcome To Velocity!

This is a Sonic Riders Roleplaying Server with lore and plot behind it all... There is a new tournament that anyone can take part in Heroes, Villains, Villagers, etc. For as of right now we can start the roleplaying but only in the first city! And to join the roleplaying experience either audition for a Canon Character or you can submit your own OC! In the server we are very welcoming so if you think you wouldn’t fit in think again!
𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧 :
Very Kind and Welcoming Admins, Moderators, and Owners.
Streaming Channels!
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Arenas and Tournaments.
A Great Chatting Experience!
Several Roleplaying Channels on the way...!
ERP (If you’re into that kinda thing)
Lore/Plot Driven Roleplay..!
Sonic Riders Tournaments!
Streams of Speedruns.
Many canon characters still open for lore rp even some extras!
So please come and join us I’m sure you’ll have a blast with your new extreme gear..!
this is a server for !
we allow self-promo, and we're looking for mods and other twitch streamers to connect with! mostly a place to chill though
We do roleplay and we play games. Not too heavy on the rules either-we are chill people.
Welcome to DIDES X4K4, citizen. Dr. Robotnik has created a machine that erased our planet and brought us to a new one. Sonic has finally fallen in combat to save the new world and kill Robotnik. His death has caused to world to reappear millions of years later. The Robotnik family was avenged by the Uzivis Bang, which caused the next war. It's up to you to join Team Dides to protect our world. Choose your path.
A server made for the 1992 classic, Sonic 2. This server currently doesn't have many members so if you like sonic 2, why not join to create a happy little community
(Not affiliated with sega)
Silver Team Official. The Official Silver Team Discord. Now hiring staff! By the creator of Chaos City.
This is planet Orion.... Orion is where are home is at our place where we thrive with friends and family including you until the war broke out....

This is sonic overdrive! A sonic roleplay server that is made by a owner with a original story if you want to save the universe and the planet against the cerion army! Then you will definitely like this
Welcome to Sonic World War 3! This is a server dedicated to Armed Mobians of the Sonic Universe and also Super Mario characters from the Super Mario Universe, that is to say, Sonic and Mario characters, Sonic and Mario OCs and otherwise anthropomorphic characters wielding weaponry or with a military theme. It is also a map, flag, and alternate history server, so any fellow alternate history lovers are welcome here too!
The Mobian X Human outreach progam is a roleplay server for those who enjoy normal, romantic, and erotic interactions between the 2 species involved. all 18+ sonic fans that love to play as an o.c. are welcome to join and interact with others :)
Join the server to stay up to date with the best game on roblox but also if you just want to chill and chat with others.
This server is fun and you should join in on it! We have fun RPS and good members and mods so please do come join us!