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Welcome to Sonic's Planet RP! Here, you can RP as different Sonic characters and even an OC with Tupperbox! RP anywhere. If you want, we can even add a house or base for your OC if you have any! There are many places to RP, from South Island to Space! Many things can happen here, so join today!
👑This server is dedicated to getting 『Udon Entertainment』 the Sonic The Hedgehog comics license, and bringing Sonic one step closer to being incredible once again!👑

➢【 - Join us at -】
➢【 - Follow us here: -】
➢【 - Watch us here: -】
Hello! This is a Sonic/SEGA Server! it is called Genesis Fandom!
We have memes, Bots to play with, and a friendly Staff! our community is growing, so join today!
(must be 13 or up to enter)
OFFICIAL Discord server buat Indonesian Sonic Fans Club!

Kita adalah satu-satunya komunitas Sonic di Indonesia sejak 2009! Disini kamu bisa ketemu fans Sonic lain, diskusi tentang game, posting seni dan OC, dan ada bagian untuk RP juga!
This is a new Sonic RP server. It is under construction but we should have enough for people to rp. We're also looking for partners. So please join if you're also looking for partners or like Sonic/roleplay!
Thanks for your time!
- 𝔸𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕎𝕚𝕝𝕕𝟛𝟜𝟞𝟘

a sonic roleplay server mainly based on the classic games! (When choosing a canon character, make it a classic version of that character)

So we allow OC's (just don't godmode) but when you make it, try to make it in the classic style! (No need to put classic in the name of your character, or in the upper box, just needs to look, and feel classic)

We offer:

LOADS of channels to RP in (still working on that)

Fun... I hope

Chill staff (and if I see a dude thinking he has all the power, ill kick him)

A roleplay where you don't need to be literate, you can just make sure you get the point across, then its all fine

An Interesting story that picks up after sonic mania plus.
Hello there! This is a server for Sonic.exe RP! Feel free to join! We do other stuff as well! I’d really appreciate if you joined us! We do all kinds of stuff here! So c’mon! We’re waiting for ya!
The server to go for some fun and talk about sonic game, whether they're bad or good. this is the place to talk about sonic games!
This is the second rendition of Hyper Alice's Official Server! It includes roleplay, memes, art, and more!
Come join our server to have some fun!
Its pretty dry for now but if you join we'll treat you with respect and more!
More than 100 members!
Active but not chatting till more people come so come on down!
Hello, this is a community server where you can come and chill, we have stuff for musicians, artists, gamers and more
This server Is just a basic community server. Talk with friends, make friends who like the same topics as you. And just generally enjoy life.
This server is a chill server and with two series I enjoy I wanted to bring it to others and have them be able to have fun talking about a series they enjoy. Mostly inspired by that sprite collab of kirby vs sonic. Don't even have to be a sonic or kirby fan, can just join for fun
LOST WORLD! Nice ring. Home to the Deadly Six, too! A place where Sonic fans of any and all kinds can come and hang out!

• We have many, many roles! And more to come!

• Channel for all important updates!

• We have general chat where you can chill if you'd like. Talk about anything and everything! It's the Ultimate Show, after all!

• A memes channel

• A media channel for you to show off your gaming skills in any game, or to show off videos / music from Youtube or anything generally mainstream (no politics, please)!

• And also self-advertisement channel for boosters!

• Dank Memer!

• Poketwo!

• IdleMiner!

• High-quality Rythm alternative Vexera!

• AmongUs Bot!

Although we have mostly Sonic / Mario related channels, we also talk about things other than them in general chat like:

• Minecraft!

• Pokémon!

• Super-Smash Bros!

• The Legend of Zelda!

• Metroid!

• Star Wars!

• Kirby!

• And so much more!

We're also open to any suggestions you may want to give to the owner! Feel free to stop on by anytime!

PS: If I sound annoyingly happy, I probably am! Also crazy. You can ignore that last one!

En quête d'imagination et d'un serveur pour te laisser libre recours a toute ton histoire ?

N'hésite plus, ce serveur est fait pour toi, nous discutons, écrivons des histoires, créons du contenu pour le rôle play ensemble.

Alors n'attend plus, tu aimes sonic ? Tu aimes le rp ? Cette communauté et faite pour toi <3

/!\ Ce serveur est nouveau du 20 novembre 2020
this is an alternate version of spankulot from KND except he is not in the KND universe. feel free to join the kingdom as a citizen, guard or maid.
 ~ [This story takes place after Sonic Forces. It also follows the canon of the games. Check out lore to see the rest!] ~

What this server offers:
1. You can make your own OC to role play with. If an OC isn’t your style, you can become a canon character!

2. Music! Trying to chill and listen to some tunes? Well, go ahead and enter a music channel and listen to whatever music you feel like.

3. Art! If you feel like showing some of your talents as an artist, just show off some art in the art channel! Can’t draw but want to show off a picture you really like, go ahead and show that too!

4. Chat. Feel free to just come in and chat with us!

5. An interesting server with ever-developing plot and friendly staff!

Our staff may be a bit low but don’t worry! They are friendly and willing to help you out with anything! So go ahead and join in on the fun!
This is a server where you can talk about Sonic and other stuff. Like, MHA, SAO, Blood Blockade Battlerfront, Konosuba, Code Geass, and more. You can also chill and chat with others about the same stuff and RP as any Sonic character and characters from other franchises. And you can talk to other people who like the same stuff and you can do rp’s.

**Things we strive for**
**🔴 A caring community
**🔴 Nice people
**🔴 a great time with fellow roleplayers
**🔴 Respect admins and members we want everyone to have a great time
If your reading be sure to join if you want and you will
have a fun time :) and if you join pls don’t leave
⚡Zap into the Sonichu Mania Plus Server!⚡
A server for a Sonichu Sonic Mania Plus mod, personally approved by CWC!
We have:
- Notification roles
- Fandom chats
- Many VCs
- CWC QnA chat
⚡Stop on by!⚡
A server for anyone who wants to talk about this series of games! Wether you are a seasoned veteran from ‘08 or a newcomer who just bought a switch, this is the server for you!
- Including 20 server emotes to show support for your favorite characters

- A competitive channel for matchmaking!