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A surprise final arc for Archie Sonic happens, with Knuckles moving back to Angel Island, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Shadow move from Knothole to South Island, and the whole shebang is over... For now. That's what the roleplay is gonna do, explore Sonic but in a world where the modern games and the classic games both happened. It will be resuming one month after Sonic Forces is over!

Resuming the continuation for some more juicy roleplays! Drama probably! This would not be included in real life chats! Take all of that in private chat. Please and thank you! Rules should be compline, this also include Discord TOS rules. Our server wouldn’t allow anything that’ll break the community’s orders. NSFW, is only allowed for a certain age group. It’s quite obvious. We would NOT allow the channel to be free for minors to view or spectate. Not to mention this also prevents in the characters age group! Fighting this issue and you’ll be kicked, nor banned. It’s disgusting to see minors in some sort of erp/drp. Besides that, read all the lore and rules before entering the server! We’ll greatly appreciate it! This would show how YOUR character can maintain the server plots its self! OC’s are accepted. Just ask one of the admins or owners about the rules of submitting your ‘own character’!

—Hope you enjoy!
``Chronika's Virtue takes place in a universe where Sonic aren't the main heroes. Instead of Mobians the creatures here are called Chronians. We allow you to roleplay as a human or alien. It doesn't really matter, as long as you're not a FRPer/Autohitter/Powerplayer. YOUR character controls the story to a degree. This is a new and starting server. We host roleplays that affect the story and we do nitro giveaways! We also do cool events for people to get engaged in the story. We're also extremely friendly and accepting. Will you surpass the gods themselves or will you be on the bottom?``
- You can roleplay as Sonic and the gang if you want to, but this is a OC main roleplay. If you do roleplay as Sonic it'll be a Sonic from a different universe.
- Admin needed.
- Daily MRPs (Main/Movie roleplay or a roleplay that moves the story forward.)
- Chill community.
Note: Everyone in the server will help you if you ever need help.
Hiya! I'm Gadget, and welcome to my new Sonic The Hedgehog server! Here you'll find a loving and fun community of SEGA and Sonic fans! We offer: sonic themed emojis, fun bots, and a really chill community.
Hello, and welcome to Sonic Roleplay: A New Adventure. This server is relatively new, and we as a community are always welcome to new members. If you're good at roleplaying, looking at a server to have a fun experience, or being subpar at it and wanting to improve, then look no further!

Upon joining, you will have to verify yourself by answering a couple of quick questions and simple things about yourself, such as how much you love Sonic, your comprehension of the server rules, and your Discord name. Once you fill out the verification template and it is accepted by one of the admins, you are now within the main community of the server!

By the time you are verified, you can now choose from the vast catalog of characters, starting with Sonic's world, as well as Classic Characters and Sol Dimension Dwellers like Blaze and Marine. However, instead of picking an existing character, how about making your original character?

Making sure to follow the template in the server, but also keeping in mind character balancing, you can become your oc in no time! Make a character that we all love, or just a new threat for the gang to deal with? That doesn't matter, because anything can happen in Project Sonic Roleplay! There are still many things I haven't spoken about in this brief summary, so what are you guys waiting for? Join, and let's get this show on the road!

(NOTE: The server is very new, so there are not many members or staff members on the server yet. Either way, enjoy your stay.)
Enjoy Sonic X? Well here is a server for you. Set after episode three of Sonic X. The two worlds come close after three years from Sonic's victory. Only people who have a special connection to this world is able to travel there! The seven chaos emeralds are scattered everywhere again possibly some on earth again. Now the emeralds need to be found in order to restore what was once right and fox this. COme on in and create your character and join in on the fun!
Sonic related oc characters are welcome
We are also new so please do give us a chance :)
This Is a server for Sonic Robo Blast 2. This Is basically a server for people to share their mods talk about making some, Leak some of their mods and stages. and many more! We also allow other fan games and canon Sonic Games!
a cool server where you can chilll hang out listen and make freinds.and lets not forget roleplay. with bots MEE6 , tupperbot, notsobot, grovvy,rythem and dyno
This is a server for Sonic porn, mlp porn, posting your nudes, ehookups, and etc. Join, post, and have fun in this server.
This is a server for sonic fans, to chat, roleplay, show off their art, jam out to music, and stream gaming
There was an idea, called the Foxvenger initative. The Idea was to bring together a group of remarkable animals to see if they could become somthing more. See if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battle's we never could. And with that, I Welcome you, to the Foxvengers Roleplay Server. Come Here To Roleplay in our au universe, similar to that of the marvel universe.(except half our cast didnt get killed off in a "recent" movie) Or Mabye Even Sign up, prove you worth, and become a foxvenger. Join Us. And fight for whats right!

-Miles Tails Prower, The Iron Fox.
A sonic server that has a friendly community with chill staff and epic members! We have levels, self assignable roles, and much more!
Want to rp with any character from any franchise? Well Sonic Roleplay is the right server for you, so jump right in and start roleplaying!
Welcome to the ChaosFreak Official: Sonic RP Server! In here we have cool events, plenty of characters, and a ton of interactive things! There's even a channel that updates new members on the ongoing story! So all Sonic fans who seem interested in a roleplay, come along and join the fun!
Welcome to the official Sonic J & H server!
This is a server for the fangame Sonic J: and its upcoming sequel!
Welcome to Velocity's Roleplay Server.A server for sonic fans and more.This server has fun bots,games,roleplay channels and many more.Not only for sonic fans but is for everyone.Join now!!!
Fan of Sega Games?

Sonic, Miku, Yakuza, All the Classics?

Are you also an RPer or ERPer?

Then Join Sega Unleashed!
> A new server based around Sega Games and Video Games really!
> Meet people who have similar interests to you!
> Be an OC (Preferably an OC based on a Sega Game) or your favorite character!
> RP or ERP with your favorite characters and pair up your dream ships or duke it out, have a dream fight against 2 characters!
> Laid back and chill chats and different RP/ERP Zones

What are you waiting for? Come and Join!

> Considering characters from other companies, Nintendo can be accepted as Nintendo and Sega work closely with each other.
Welcome to the official server for the supersonic fan youtube channel weve got everything you could want out of a server and you dont even need to like sonic to be a part of this community. we have great emotes roleplay lots of great bots great mods and a great community.
A sfw discord server! We have multiple categories an channels for you lovelys to explore! This is also the server ran by the amazing youtuber, Slumber. You can find her on YouTube and help support her!
•Please no raiding!
•This is a sfw server!
•Art, writing, and more!
•We have contests you can join, win Art, Sonic Adoptables, (Amino coins, up to 1,000!), shouto
uts, small well-written stories! AND MORE!
Just read our lovely rules and enjoy the fun! Help develop our server into something bigger!

(This server is still a wip, but you can meet many lovely people here~!)

Creme_Mochii signing out~