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We are a literate to semi literate group who love to roleplay. We are welcoming and accepting OCs and you can use any character from the games, and IDW comics (and a few others too). Or if you just wanna hang out you can do that too. Im sure we'll have a fun time here :D
Sonic Spotlight is an online text based Roleplay set in the Sonic Universe. The setting is a Sonic Remix drawing from games, comics and cartoons; whatever Sonic stuff you are familiar with you can RP it here.

We're all about literate RP, creativity and player freedom.
Jump in and RP without all the hassle.
♢ The Tupperbot system will allow you to post as multiple characters using their name and picture without having to alter your Discord name or avatar.

♢ No matter what Sonic media you are into you can incorporate it here.

♢ You'll be joining passionate writers and roleplayers with years of experience.

♢ OC's Welcome!

♢ The RP primarily takes place on Planet Mobius.

♢ Our total player freedom means any canon characters played can be different versions.

♢ Heavy Satam, Archie and IDW Influenced setting.

Are you a big fan of sonic? Then this is the right server for you. We have cool members, fun bots and some cool content for you :)
PS: There's also NSWF sections
NOTE: This server is very new. There are still alot of changes that may happen. Just saying. The actual description is below this message btw.

Hey! This is my Gaming server! We accept members all the time and you can fill out staff applications and maybe get mod! We are mainly a Sonic server, but we allow talk of other games and even anime. A few other games that have channels are: Splatoon 2, Smash Ultimate, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and others! Join to learn more! I hope to see ya there!
This is a server for sonic fans which you have to be 13-18 to join. We would like you to come and hangout, talk about your favourite sonic character and about how good the game is, you could get to know new people and make new friends, we have friendly staff.
This is a kid friendly server which means there is no pornography and you have to follow are rules
We would like to have you on are server
The Sequel to the critically aclaimed server, Tails Gang! A server for everybody, just have fun and chill. just a cool and fun place to hangout!
Русскоязычный дискорд сервер по ежу Сонику. На нём есть всё необходимое для обсуждения тематик ежа и обычное свободное общение.
Hey Guys This is the Sonic and Friends Discord We play any sonic games and talk in the server have a good time with nice people. We host tournaments and have funny videos we upload on our YouTube channel Come join the fun😁
(Searching for Partners)
Welcome to Sonic's Planet RP! Here, you can RP as different Sonic characters and even an OC with Tupperbox! RP anywhere. If you want, we can even add a house or base for your OC if you have any! There are many places to RP, from South Island to Space! Many things can happen here, so join today!

It's been Six years since Eggmans defeat, and Infinite was Presumed dead. Though Darkness lurks in the Shadows and little do they know the Jackal is back with a vengeance, to finish what he started.


Update 3 August 5th 2020:

The Restoration has been unearthed with a bit of IDW inspiration, and Commander Rose is looking for Members to join the ranks and rebuild what was lost in the war. Join Us!


We are a Literate Role-play Server Dedicated to the World of Sonic and Anything that Erupted from it: Archie comics, Satam, Underground, and more. anything you can think of that Sonic has inspired from his creation is allowed here. We are an incredibly Inclusive community, that aims to support everyone's likes and interest's within the server. Everything is super detailed, and any questions you might have regarding our Universe, can be answered by reading our Welcome Guide. Speaking of Inclusiveness, We are very Open to the LGBT community. We've given our members access to pick up their own roles that apply to them. Need pronoun Or gender Roles? No problem! It's all available to you.

With over 70 members and still growing there is still so many available options for canon characters, that need to auditions for. We allow three canon characters max with still may open choices. We can't wait to see some fresh eyes!

It's been 10 years and no one has heard from Eggman. The evil genius seemingly has gone for good. The only thing that was off, was that most everyone has had an encounter with more than just a single wandering bot, since Eggman's disappearance... Something was up, and it is now up to the new protectors of Mobius, paired with their parent's guidance, to try and take it down, whatever it was. Welcome, to Sonic The Hedgehog: New Beginnings.

As you can tell this server takes place in Next Generations the A.U, and you can join us to RP... Of course, there are things to be said first, about the server.
We are actually a small community with a positive attitude to newcomers with a friendly attitude, and LGBTQ+ friendly. There are actually a few channels dedicated to a fandub of the IDW Comic series, so if you've been looking for something to try and join in on a bit of voice acting, there's that! If you're looking for RP, we have a prelude that's constantly active so you can have your favorite ships or new ones be achieved, without being forced into the future instantly and doing it that way. (Disclaimer, we do have some forced ships on canons)

If you have questions on any of this before joining, feel free to DM Squid Shadow#3418, as he's open to answering any questions you may have on the server.

We hope to see you soon. Or at least taking your time to read this.

It’s been a solid amount of months since Eggman’s last attack on Spiral Hill Village. The place has been rebuilt, along with the other villages that were impacted by the Zombot Virus. Since then, everyone else went back to their normal lives. Knuckles has been guarding the Master Emerald, Blaze has been running her kingdom, and as usual, Sonic has been riding the wind.

Unfortunately, someone else who went back to their normal life is Eggman. He’s been plotting, scheming, and sending his Badniks out to do some damage. Fortunately, new heroes rise to aid Sonic and Friends in facing the Eggman Empire! However, a hefty amount of villains have been adding on to his empire, and even causing mayhem on their own accord…

Will the heroes come out on top, in spite of the threats challenging them? Or will evil prevail, and wreak havoc wherever they please? It’s up to you to decide!
★🎊🎉Welcome to Little Planet!🎊🎉★

🔹️- •Greetings! And welcome to Little Planet! We are a Sonic roleplay server with our own lore! We have a very chill and wholesome atmosphere, we are all friends here! If you want to discuss Sonic or just chill around, feel free to do so! For roleplayers: Here you can claim all canon characters on the Sonic Universe, and submit your fantastic oc characters! We are loose on restrictions for your original characters but strict on RP aspects but don't be afraid to submit yours! Little Planet is the perfect server for any Sonic fan to enjoy!•

💠- •However, we are not only restricted to Sonic characters here! We allow characters from other Sonic Team or SEGA franchises like NiGHTS, Billy Hatcher, Jet Set Radio! In addition to that, we also allow OCs from these franchises here!•

★✨Our server offers:✨★

🎁- •Fun RP events! Have you ever wanted to be captured into a game show or have a fight on a café?•

🎈- •Various and diverse of roleplay channels! Diverse locations to RP in! Including locations from other allowed franchises and exclusive new ones!•

🍿- •Easy and simple but detailled original character templates!•

★🔘What we also offer:🔘★

✅- •Verification system. To protect our server from any threats, inside or outside!•

💎 - •Colour Roles. Over 48 to choose from! Along with other roles!•

☂️ - •Active moderators! Ready to help!•

🔊 - •Voice channels. Talk with our fellow friends!•

🌺 - •Art channels. Share your beautiful art!•

★❗What is not allowed:❗★

❌- •NSFW/Vore/Fetishes/ERP/Sexual topics/Gore/Lewd things.•

❌- •Excessive/Unnecessary Swearing •It's the same thing as NSFW. Anything not appropriate shall be deleted.•

❌- •Not having respect for our fellow members. We will not and never tolerate bullying.•

•❓For more information, please head to the rules and read them carefully.❓•

★🔸️We would like you to join us today!🔸️★

Szukasz serwera przyjaznego dla Fanów Sonic'a? To dla ciebie miejsce! :D
- Miłą i aktywną społeczność
- Pomocną i aktywną administrację
- Przeróżne boty na serwerze
- Możliwość na nowe propozycje serwera
- Ciekawe zabawy oraz konkursy
- Wiele kanałów tekstowych i głosowych
- Dużo roli
Looking for server for Sonic Fans? That's place is perfect for you! :D
We got:
- Nice and active community
- Helpful and active administration
- Various bots on the server
- Possibility for new server suggestions
- Interesting events and competitions
- Many text and voice channels
- A lot of Rules
hi there! this is a small server that was originally created for some friends to play splatoon together however we have recently evolved into a more general gaming server! all kinds of games are welcome, but most people in the server focus on nintendo games!

our focus is on having a smaller close group of friends to game with so everyone is super welcoming!

also very lgbtq+ friendly!:)
This is Sonic's Planet: NEXT G3N, made by the same person who made Sonic's Planet: RedTHedge! This RP takes place 25 years after the current events of the main Sonic Franchise, and instead of using canon characters, uses mostly fanchildren, though OCs are allowed too.
Dear friend,

We are a pop culture hub centered around Marvel (MCU), Sonic, and all Disney owned franchises. ALL gaming and pop culture is welcome <3

We are Groot, that is we are a tight-knit community, fun and warm, and we accept each other and our quirks. Forming lasting friendships has always been the main goal of our server.

We provide chats for different franchises, art & fanfic, gaming & media, weekly voice chat, a hidden nsfw section, and a bunch of other channels to keep us all active and and become better friends!


------- We love our heroes ---------
Sonic the Hedgehog
Iron Man
Black Widow
The Wasp
Dr. Strange
Rocket Raccoon
Bucky Barnes
GotG <3
This server is fun and you should join in on it! We have fun RPS and good members and mods so please do come join us!