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Welcome to a place for the role-playing fans of the Sonic fandom! Here we have a darker take on a Sonic The Hedgehog storyline that we hope you enjoy! Someone or something has altered the flow of space by entering Mobius from a different dimension, something that's not supposed to be there. This has caused rifts in their world that can act as a portal to and from Mobius, and could bring danger to Mobius the way they know it. How will our Heros deal with this new threat, what beings will come through these rifts, will they even notice I before it's too late? Find out, on where the Sonic fandom gets weirder.
- [ Hello There! ] -

< The 6th Zone of Sonic CD has made its way to discord! Fans old and young come and visit our amazing server! In this server we love to have fun and talk to other members! You can hangout, roleplay, whatever long as you can have fun! So why not join us? Make New Friends! Share you’re love of the Sonic Series with us! Stardust Speedway is the zone of fun!

We have the following:
✅ Fun Bots!
✅ Oc’s welcome
✅ LGBTQ Welcome too!
✅ Active & Friendly Staff
✅ Friendly members
✅ Any games & characters are allowed!
✅ Music, Art, Memes!
✅ Roleplay channels, And Much more!>

~Your best friend: Metal Sonic
In an alternative universe where our hero's never existed,the planet mobius lived in peace-however recently chaos energy has been running rampent and a few evil individuals have been attempting to harness this energy for their own personal goals,attempting to destroy the world-the chaos emeralds have been scattered across the world,chaos energy infecting the areas little by little causing unnatural things to start happening,the chaos emeralds eventually blackened from the negative energy that was being forced onto them,even the master emerald has blackened-now its up to someone,ANYONE to purify them and save the world..or maybe something more is going on behind the scenes..maybe there is something else that's happening. Uncover the truth,purify the emeralds and master emerald,defeat the villains and save the world.
and..something is wrong..VERY WRONG..a red..ruby..or gemstone has appeared,it's went over to the master emerald as it was blackening,creating a whole new set of chaos emeralds..Pink,Gold,Crimson,Azure,Neon green,Grey,and a rainbow..
Welcome to the Sonic Fan Server! This server is in need of new members to make it more active. If you are a Sonic fan, this server is for you!
Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog RP! A server all about Sonic roleplays! We have a variety of locations from a bunch of different Sonic games and comics. Come roleplay with us! This is a Semi-Literate to Literate roleplay server.

We run new events every month, so there will be new roleplay channels every month to mess around with!

We are currently taking admin applications!
The Sonic 1 Beta Research Station is a server dedicated to the research and development of the elusive prototypes of the Sonic 1 game. We talk about recreations, evidence, and theories!
come here to fuck on my pickle ranch Pl0x -Server Owner: Eon/Sour/Pickle#6969
A PG13 Sonic the Hedgehog Server by the fans for the fans. If you want to discuss the series with some fellow fans, and generally hang out, you are welcome to join!
Welcome to Sonic Eternal!
Come join our lovely community, we have:
- a dedicated staff team
- easy to follow rules
- lots of rp destinations
- easy flowing lore
- a selection of canons to choose from
And much, much more!
So come on in people! Welcome, to Sonic Eternal!

It has been a few years since the Great War. Doctor Ivo Robotnik had made a deal with the self-proclaimed King of Moebius, Mobius from an alternate dimension, to help defeat the Freedom Fighters in exchange for the throne of Mobius. Kng Scourge and his Suppression Squad began a small guerrilla conflict with Sonic's Freedom Fighters, which slowly escalated into a full out warfare between the two sides as more and more citizens began to join sides.Those who fought for the liberation fought with the freedom fighters, while those who sought power joined the Suppression Squad.
What Robotnik didn't tell either side was his plan to merge the two dimensions using the power of the chaos emeralds and wipe out both sides in the process. Using the Great War as a cover, Robotnik could work without interruption. By the time both sides realized what happened, Robotnik's machine had been finished. In a last ditch effort, both sides launched an invasion on Robotnik's base of operations. The battle was long and hard, causing casualties on both sides. Ultimately, Robotnik's plan worked, and both dimensions were merged together. However, this new creatin was unstable, and a massive output of raw chaos energy was realized, turning the land into a wasteland. Robotnik disappeared shortly after this.
The alliance between the two sides began to break up as well. Scourge saw the wasteland as an opportunity to seize power, and established Suppression City as a hub for lost souls, crowning himself King once again. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters established their own encampment across the Wasteland. Which side are you on?
The Needlemouse Hub is a high-RP driven project to create the best interpretation of the Sonic the Hedgehog story, pulling from the extensive resources spanning throughout the entire series. This community holds very high standards for writers, and story driven content. Members are expected to be knowledgeable on the series, mature, and creatively driven in many aspects.
Welcome to Green Hill Zone! We're a server for Sonic RP and discussion. Anyone is welcome to join. We're happy to have you here!

**Lore 1: The Curse of Evil Awakens**
*After the demise of Zavok and his gang the people of Mobius have lived in peace and harmony with no threats to stop and no more attacks from Dr.Robotnik. But Robotnik has other plans. Plans that indeed contain the lost villainous deeds someone could do. Eggman decided not to attack but create something greater....Better.....And stronger than anything he ever made. He decided to make an entire army of villains to attack on Mobius and finally take it over and create their own Utopia! In their own way!! But the bad news is Sonic and his friends are too busy with relaxing a enjoying the peacefulness to even realize what might Eggman's fiendish plans be to eradicate the world. And soon it might just be too late for them to save it, and this might be the end of everyone. But Sonic never gives up! And always finds a way to stop Robotnik once and for all. And now the fate of the world lies into the Freedom Fighters hands they must do everything they can to stop Eggman and his Sinister Army of villains. And maybe just maybe, they'll find a way to surpass this battle. This is the story of **The Curse of Evil** in Sonic The Hedgehog, Freedom Falls!!!*
A safe place for all Sonic fans to come and express their love for the famous blue blur! You can talk about the games, show off your art, and even chat to some of the other fans in the server!
This is a server where we talk about Sonic games/the sonic movie HAVE FUN and we Role play with sonic characters
Welcome to Sonic Crossover Community,
We are a Crossover roleplaying server that accepts a wide variety of users, this includes roleplayers and non roleplayers who simply wish to engage with the community.
We offer various resources to designers and writers alike and encourage user creativity, if you are not any of does then we have specific channels for just goofing around.

This server offers:
• Roleplaying, including the usage of your own characters and multiple iconic locations!
• Various channels for multiple purposes such as art, writing, images, videos and many more.
• A proper friendly moderation team designed to assist you in anything you may struggle with.
• A rule system.
• And many various opportunities!
A safe and friendly server where people can come together to talk about the cult classic Sega Saturn game, NiGHTS: into dreams and it's sequel, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, among other things! We're a large, lowkey and slowly growing server that would love to have more people here, for when that fated day another NiGHTS game comes out in the hopefully near future. So come on in, say hello, and lose yourself in the dream.