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Welcome to “Long Time No See!” - A Sonic RP Server!!! We here provide Fun Channels, a Group of Staff who are Ready to help you with anything, and Many More!! We are OC Friendly as Well!! We hope to see You here!!!


After the Events of the Metal Virus, the World is barely starting to recover and get back to its Normal Roots. Sonic and his Friends can finally relax.... or can they?

Eggman has gone missing once more but more and More enemies are appearing and trying to destroy Sonic and Friends!

Can Sonic and Friends save the Day? Or get Destroyed by Eggman? Find out.

We Hope to See You Here!! Gotta Go Fast!!
Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog RP!

Claim your favorite characters! Dont see your favorite? Suggest them using the suggestions channel!

Make new people and make friends! Any Sonic lover is welcome!
Are you looking for a different type of Sonic roleplay? Need something with a little more room for interpretation?

Look no further!

Sonic Adventure: Zombie Expedition is a roleplay server that takes place in an AU where various zombie outbreaks terrorize the city of Station Square and expand into further territory!

In this server, you will have..

- A hardworking team composed of different mods and admins working around the clock to provide the best roleplay experience possible.
- Room for headcanons and different interpretation of canon characters.
- NSFW channels for the more hot and heavy roleplay.
- A friendly, accepting community with open minds and open hearts!

15+ users may join. Hope to see you soon!
Hi! This is Sonitech, where talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, and we talk about technology. We're a fairly new and relaxed server. We're kind and friendly, everyone is welcome! I, the host, would love to see you join! :)
Hedgee's Discord Server. Everyone is welcome, feel free to chat here or do pretty much anything. Keep it appropriate and be respectful. That's all, we hope you enjoy your time here!
Sonic Comics RP, a server for RPing in all three of the main American Sonic comic continuities: We've got Pre-SGW, Post-SGW, and IDW. We don't have very many people, and, the server itself is at least months old, but, don't let that discourage you! If you're a fan of the American Sonic comics, feel free to stop on by~
We wanted to do something a little different from the hundreds of other beautifully crafted Sonic roleplay groups already on Discord. This is already somewhat clear from our title alone.

As you could probably guess from the tags, instead of being animals, characters are humans with animal-like characteristics. Something like a "kemonomimi," though it's up to the writer how they want these features to look. They could make it look less "anime" and more "sci-fi" should they choose. On top of that, they're given whatever perks or flaws that animal may have. Skills like Sonic's speed or Knuckle's strength are a separate thing from these characteristics but still exist in some form. Canon characters have also been aged up considerably.

Please don't let any of that scare you away. The founders are very fond of the source materials and the fandom, and have taken great care to show it the respect it deserves. If you are still interested, everything you would need to know is well within the rest of this wiki.



Until we get some mods in, this server is on hiatus. You're welcome to join but in the meantime there will be no applications. You're also welcome to submit suggestions for the wiki. If there are any mistakes we want to correct them.

OCs are welcome.
Hello! I hope you consider joining!
My name is Veemy, and i am the owner of this humble server!

- so what is this server about?
This server is a sonic rp! and is also a remake of the 'Dreams Within' server, which, died. We hope you enjoy your stay!

-This is a completely different server, so events that happened in the past one do not effect this one!

If there’s a problem feel free to report it to our admin ultimadmodding
Or our mod Agent 9!

This is a small community, but also a welcoming one! Please consider joining
Hello! Have u been looking for a server to chat about Sonic Games and everything sonic will this is the place! I host daily sonic polls are do fun things here so if ur ready enter station square!
This is the Sonic Realities Project Server! For those of you who are a bit confused, this is a Sonic community server that will help me organize and create new ideas for a Sonic fan game I call "Sonic Realities" (which is basically Sonic Generations 2); and will help you guys bring your input and ideas to the table. And who knows, maybe with all my/your hard work, this game idea could become a reality! Maybe even going up to SEGA and the Sonic Team themselves! Let the fun begin!
This is the RP server for fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games!
This server, as previously stated, is a Sonic RP server for those who want to roleplay as their favorite Sonic characters and their OCs.
You can do many things in this server besides roleplay too!
Hang out with other users, participate in voice chats, self assignable roles, you can even listen to music in our music channel!
So, what are you waiting for? The ultimate Sonic RP experience is right here! Join now!
Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog: Flames of Ruin.
This is a partnered server with Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Freedom, taking place in that server's Silver and Blaze's ruined future.
Join us as we try to save our future! OCs are allowed, some canon characters may not be available for use.
Welcome to Mobius Online!

⭐️What is Mobius Online?⭐️
Mobius.ONLINE is an upcoming fan-created MMO RPG game with several
characters, team components with PVP and even Co-op! We have many talented artists, and voice actors on our staff team. This game has currently been in the works for 2 years.

Staff members are active and can answer any questions about the games, and it's current development.

⭐️What do we Include?⭐️

Participants will receive an alpha version of the game and will get features of the development of the game, and daily announcements of the process of the game.

⭐️We have custom emotes designed for the server.

⭐️A general chat and sharing area, to share art, music, and other media.

⭐️We also have Vc.

Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog: The New Acts! A brand-new Sonic Roleplay server!

What we have to offer:

-A non-toxic Sonic server.

-Planned events, story arcs, etc.

-Plenty of canons available.

-Semi-literate roleplay server.

We have big plans for this server (including original characters and story arcs) so we’d love for you to join us!
We're 10 years after the death of Sonic and his friends. The one that killed Sonic and his friends isn't Eggman but Scourge. Yes, Scourge. His objective would be basically to take over the world like Eggman did but of course, with his gigantic power, he killed him to get access of Eggman's advanced technology to become even stronger. He's a power-mess. The only thing that Scourge wants is power and he'd do anything to get it so of course, he'll try to get the Chaos Emeralds and he'll try to find energy and power in everything that he sees. Scourge doesn't want an army, he wants all the power for himself, he needs to be the one in the spotlight all the time, destroying every person that tries to stop him. Instead of an army, he'll get few disciples to do the dirty work for him but when he knows that there's action, he'll always be here. The Heroes (Our OCs) are here to stop him but It won't be easy.

This server is new so don't be shy to join!
This is a server that was created a long time ago. After a long while of the server being dead, someone got the server, and made it larger. Now, if you would like to join, we would be happy!
Metal Sonic's taken over Mobius and we need you to join the freedom fighters to take it back... Hehe unless your up for destruction against them then join team metal. But anyway this is the metal Mobius rp we tend to our members need (unless we cant)
And we hope you enjoy
This is a sonic server made by fans for the fans we are all sonic fans here we love to talk about the series and Tv shows, comics and more if your a sonic fan we would love for you too join
The team chaotix discord server! You can come and chat with other people, and chat in your native language!

Follow us on Instagram @ChaotixAgency

To report anything, contact [email protected]
Welcome to a place for the role-playing fans of the Sonic fandom! Here we have a darker take on a Sonic The Hedgehog storyline that we hope you enjoy! Someone or something has altered the flow of space by entering Mobius from a different dimension, something that's not supposed to be there. This has caused rifts in their world that can act as a portal to and from Mobius, and could bring danger to Mobius the way they know it. How will our Heros deal with this new threat, what beings will come through these rifts, will they even notice I before it's too late? Find out, on where the Sonic fandom gets weirder.
In an alternative universe where our hero's never existed,the planet mobius lived in peace-however recently chaos energy has been running rampent and a few evil individuals have been attempting to harness this energy for their own personal goals,attempting to destroy the world-the chaos emeralds have been scattered across the world,chaos energy infecting the areas little by little causing unnatural things to start happening,the chaos emeralds eventually blackened from the negative energy that was being forced onto them,even the master emerald has blackened-now its up to someone,ANYONE to purify them and save the world..or maybe something more is going on behind the scenes..maybe there is something else that's happening. Uncover the truth,purify the emeralds and master emerald,defeat the villains and save the world.
and..something is wrong..VERY WRONG..a red..ruby..or gemstone has appeared,it's went over to the master emerald as it was blackening,creating a whole new set of chaos emeralds..Pink,Gold,Crimson,Azure,Neon green,Grey,and a rainbow..