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Hiya! We're a small little server about CHAOTIX (And Sonic The Hedgehog)

(NOTE: This server is on a WIP!! Suggestions channel is open!)
Welcome to South island! A place where Sonic fans can hangout,lounge,share memes,and just have a fun time!
Hello and welcome to Sonic the Hedgehogs universe. We are a roleplay server focused on the sonic series! As a server and fans of the sonic series we pride ourselves in allowing aspects from games, as well as the the animated series, and old manga into our roleplays. if your a sonic fan and itching to join in some fun times feel free to check us out!
Sonic Squad Remastered is a Sonic themed hangout server that is a remastered version of the old Sonic Squad that got deleted unfortunately. Come and join.
A surprise final arc for Archie Sonic happens, with Knuckles moving back to Angel Island, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Shadow move from Knothole to South Island, and the whole shebang is over... For now. That's what the roleplay is gonna do, explore Sonic but in a world where the modern games and the classic games both happened. It will be resuming one month after Sonic Forces is over!

Resuming the continuation for some more juicy roleplays! Drama probably! This would not be included in real life chats! Take all of that in private chat. Please and thank you! Rules should be compline, this also include Discord TOS rules. Our server wouldn’t allow anything that’ll break the community’s orders. NSFW, is only allowed for a certain age group. It’s quite obvious. We would NOT allow the channel to be free for minors to view or spectate. Not to mention this also prevents in the characters age group! Fighting this issue and you’ll be kicked, nor banned. It’s disgusting to see minors in some sort of erp/drp. Besides that, read all the lore and rules before entering the server! We’ll greatly appreciate it! This would show how YOUR character can maintain the server plots its self! OC’s are accepted. Just ask one of the admins or owners about the rules of submitting your ‘own character’!

—Hope you enjoy!
Welcome to ˢᵒᶰᶤᶜ ᴿᵒˡᵉᵖˡᵃʸ ᵛᵉˢᵗᶤᵇᵘˡᵉ! Here you can talk about and roleplay Sonic The Hedgehog! We allow OCs,and have Tupperbox for your roleplaying needs! We really hope to see you here to share our love for the Blue Blur!
About 5-ish months after the fall of the eggman empire, some new threats were coming to light. these threats were the crystallized cheetahs, a somewhat rare species of cheetahs whose origins are unknown. They have gained the trust of many coalitions over the course of years, and are now putting that trust to use.

The crystallized cheetahs want to effectively become the strongest species out there, and are willing to do as much as destroy mobius if it means their dreams become a reality. Citrine and Tanzanite, two crystallized cheetahs of different colours have gone out to hunt down their half crystallized cheetah daughter, bandito.

using the dark gaia, they managed to get to it and start injecting it into Bandito. Bandito's excuse for agreeing to it was to be able to live as long as the man she cares for the most. by doing this she did kinda lose it, and just like the crystallized cheetahs, will do anything to show how strong she is.

As of current, the coalition lands have been surrounded in a purple crystal known as Tanzanite. There are groups rising up against Bandito and the coalitions, all with varying ways of doing so.


1. Harassment and Bullying of any kind is strictly banned
2. while swearing is allowed, you cannot use any form of slur
4. please refrain from using other people's ocs as your own (that's oc theft)
5. Do not disrespect staff
6. do not ask to be staff
7. you must speak with a staff member before finding a chaos emerald
8. ASK before joining a roleplay
9. if a base is used, CREDIT THE BASE MAKER
10. enjoy your stay ig-
Just a place for people to talk and share stuff for Sonadow.

There is different sections for conversations such as sharing art, memes, oc's and whatever sonic content you'd like to share.

Nsfw section is present but is separate from other discourse.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hello everybody! This is Sonic's Radical Hangout Server! In this server you can make new friends, post art, edits (etc. ) and roleplay! Do not join if you are a MAP, Racist, or Homophobe, please. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Peach & Lyric
Sonic: Bursting through the eras is a Roleplay Server designed by Sonic Fans for Sonic Fans. We hope you'll enjoy the stay and add to the vast, expansive world of our Sonic RP, be it through the Classic Era, Modern Era, Archie Comics, IDW Comics, or even the Boom Series! Even if not for RP, feel free to come in, show off your artwork, music or your vast collection of Sonic games, Toys and figures, and especially the endless well of memes that the games can provide!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Running at the Speed of 30 is an upcoming fanmade docuseries focusing on the popular blue blur and his history of games, comics, and TV shows, going all the way back from 1991 to now. With a production slate of 13 episodes, a team is needed, and who knows? Maybe you may be able to help! So come along for the race; the blue blur is tapping his foot for you.
A server with our own custom lore and story based around sonic the hedgehog. Come on in. We have.
- friendly staff
- a good plot
- loving creators
And so much more

Will you fight to rebuild the world. Or help Hyperion keep it the way it is. Find out more when ya join.
Derek And Friends Server
We aim to be one of the best hangout servers on discord however we are still growing so it would mean a lot to us if you could join and help us grow
You should join our server because we have:

-Fun bots to use
-Art channels for you to post sonic character art or any type of art
-A friendly environment
-A Fact of the day channel
-Server updates
-And so much more!

It would mean a lot to us if you could join and help us grow so join today and we hope to see you in the server!

This is a standard RP server for sonic fans who like the literate roleplay style, Just dont make things weird. And have fun!
Welcome to Chronicles of Chaos. We are set just 7 months after Sonic Forces and we will accept canon characters from the mainline games, Archie Comics and IDW Comics. Oh & if you want to ERP, you're going to have to do it in DMs instead.
Do you like roleplay? Do you like Sonic? Well come and join this server today! We serve a warm chili dog to each new member!
This server was only created today, and i need staff to help me complete the server, and make it a good server!
This is a server for Sonic RP! Anyone could join except for people who don’t know Sonic like why would you join if you don’t know the franchise or anything. Anyways in this server we want you to have fun. If you want you could ask an admin or owner to get a RP Starter Pack! You get two OC slots that you can apply for any time you want, a special role, and special RP privileges. More details once you ask. Make sure to read the rules and have fun!
Are you a Sonic fan looking to reconnect with the fandom you haven’t been in for ages? Or, perhaps are you an avid roleplayer looking for some adventure?
Look no further, for our server offers exactly what you need!

• An open, LGBTQ+ friendly community.
• A fun, respectful variety of staff.
• Active voice calls.
• The ability to build new friendships based on a franchise we all love.
• Self assignable roles.
• An area to display art, along with writing pieces!
• Roleplay.
• Interactive events.
• Custom and fun emotes.
• An active staff.
• Fun and Useful Bots.
• Strict access to prevent raiders.
• Safe space for venting and expression.
• And much, much more!

What is Sonic Fans?
- Sonic Fans is a server dedicated to bringing the positivity of the Sonic Fandom together in peaceful harmony! This server is meant to build bonds of friendship through a common interest-Sonic!

We hope you enjoy your stay in the server! Remember to follow the rules, and TOS rules! Please respect members in this server, and have fun!
a cool server for sonic fans with many features, including:

-Levels Rewards
-Many Bots (including favorites such as, aki and tupperbox)
-Spoiler Channel
-Voice chat and Streaming
-And many more

So join us in Sonic Café!
A safe haven for fans of the Shadow x Maria ship from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

We aim to be an active server hosting various events over time.

We have channels for many things such as:
🌎 General chatting channels
🌎 Channels specifically to post shadaria/shadmari content
🌎 Channels to discuss shadaria/shadmari headcanons and AUs
🌎 Channels to share your own works

And so much more! Please do consider joining if you're a fan, or sharing it to those that are. We appreciate it!