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This is a server dedicated to Sonic best girl, Blaze the Cat! We're still kinda new, so if you like Blaze or Sonic fanart, why not join and help us out?
come on in and join the Fun, there's someone out there for Everyone!
(In Search of Admins!)
We are a small Sonic community based around talking about it.
We even do comic Dubs and rp sometimes so you can join us on that if you'd like!

We welcome everyone and follow the discord TOS!
Join us today for a relaxing time!
This is chill nsfw server. i post tons of pics of my oc and sonic artwork. if you want to have some fun, come join the sadie discord
Are you a fan of Sonic The Hedgehog? Even the Sonic Movie?
Well this server is right for you! Welcome to the Movie Sonic Positivity Hours Server! Where every sonic fan can hang out, chill, and discuss what they like about the blue blur.
You see, the name is based off the level "Green Hill Zone" from the popular video game "Sonic the Hedgehog" replacing "Green" with "Peen", giving a sense of comedic value, and also serving the dual function of showing what this server is about, satirical humor based off sonic the hedgehog. This discription, as well, does this, by explaining a joke that most people would already get on purpose to make it even more unfunny then it already was, showing once again that the main type of humor focused on will indeed be satire.
Welcome to Sonic The Hedgehog: The Emerald of Darkness!
We hope you enjoy you're stay!

What we offer:
Fun and kind staff (still looking for more!)
Many place to RP in and explore
and lots of fun!
Hello and welcome to Sonic World! This server welcomes sonic fans of all kind, and as long as you follow the rules you'd be good to stay!
We are finished server looking for more members. And we also look forward to making more events in the future. If you decide to join us, i hope you enjoy your stay!
This server used to be set to a certain game that wasn't related to Sonic at all, but we still met a lot amazing fans of it.
Ps. Don't join to raid or attack our members for their opinions/race/etc. It's against Discord ToS.
Welcome to Sonic Cosmic! A Sonic RP AU. Set in space, after Doctor Eggman's defeat against Sonic causes him to go intergalactic! Sonic now has to take down Eggman after he finds out the doctor's plan to go after a great artifact that can, after reassembled, take over not just Mobius but the entire galaxy or the universe! We promise you if you join an experience containing the following:
A well designed story that is still ongoing
The ability to create Original Sonic-based Characters
Great administration and owners
And far more than we can list here.
So come on down and have some fun in space with Sonic!
Want to rp with any character from any franchise? Well Sonic Roleplay is the right server for you, so jump right in and start roleplaying!
Hello and welcome to Mobius dimensions where you can RP and chat with so many cool other sonic fans hope to see you there!!!
This is my, ChaosControl VA's, Discord Server! This is merely a discord server for my YouTubing convenience and your fun!
Slasher's Triple Threat is an NSFW art server created by Slasher333. Come join a growing community of artists with a focus on hentai and other naughty goods~

Slasher333's Inkbunny --
Slasher333's Fur Affinity --
☆ Heya! I’m S Sonic. I own a YouTube channel, and this is the S Sonic Community Discord server, where us Sonic the Hedgehog fans just chat about anything, have fun, and chill! We have many things to do to in our server for fun, and there’s even roleplay and many gaming channels! We’re still growing every day and always appreciate newcomers! Come in and chill with us! ☆
hi and welcome to the sonic the hedgecord discord! if you join this discord, you'll be able to talk about anything sonic related. enjoy your stay!!

1. please do not spam the chat
2. no nsfw content
3. respect others
4. keep anything unrelated to sonic in the unrelated channels
✨ Welcome to Egg School! ✨

❣️This is a Sonic RP server, and best of all, it’s a high-school AU!

❣️We are:

📚 OC friendly! We welcome OCs of all shapes and sizes! Just fill out our oc form to apply for your original character!

📚 Looking for good rpers that can bring these beloved characters to life, and more importantly to have fun!

📚 A kind, and light-hearted server. We prioritize community, and want to create a space that is fun and welcoming.

📚We will NOT tolerate any form of racism or homophobia.

📚 We have very a active community, both with our moderators and role-players.

📚 We have Tupperbot and any other bot you might need in a server!

📚 Lots of channels, both for RPing and discussing everything Sonic related!

Eggman has come to the conclusion that if he can’t kill Sonic and his friends, the next best thing he can do is trapping them in the worst and most nightmarishly cruel and unusual punishment there is: High school.
Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog server! A friendly server and whatnot, just to chill, roleplay, ect.
18+ server for people who identify with Sonic characters. Whether for games and comics both, all are welcome. Doubles friendly.
Sons of Mobius is Hearts of Iron IV global modification which is under development now. This mod is intended to bring Sonic the Hedgehog universe into Hearts of Iron IV. It’s setting is based on Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics and their own fanon.
-You will be able to choice one of many countries of Mobius. There will be 10-12 playable nations by release, but they are planning to work up all countries on the map so every single one would have it’s own focus tree and content. Different powers clash for Mobius - technocratic Eggman, monarchist Acorns, Democratic United Federation and communist Rethenia.
-New technologies. Mobius is a marvelous world of natural power and might of high technologies. Defend your industrial hell with robotic horde.
-New units. Mobians have not only their weapons, but their own powers. Some of them are able to run as fast as Sonic. These units will fight robotic divisions on the land, in the skies, in the oceans.
-Brand new mechanics like Chaos Emeralds and more.
Coming 23 June 2021
Somewhere, deep within the West forest, a hill suddenly formed. Some just think "hey, it's been here for awhile, we may have just never found it", but others think the opposite, that this hill NEVER existed till now. It's rumoured that when you go near it, you can hear faint voices, and that the devil itself "created" the hill, which has led Hedgehog village residents to call it Haunted Hill.

In reality, none of this is true! A dimensional Mobian named Evelyn and a half crystallized cheetah named Bandito formed the hill. there are 3 entrances/exits around the base, hidden by bushes. The inside is hollow and reinforced with citrine (made by bandito) in order to keep the hill from collapsing in on itself. Through winding tunnels it's almost like a dome, with a village inside, home to dimensional mobians and mobians alike!

there's also a rumoured group of heroes for the village (being referred to as 'New Haven' from now on thanks for the name, Dave) 2 of the members being the for mentioned Bandito and Evelyn.

So far, nobody has bothered to see if there's anything inside the hill, will you be somebody to find that out (if you're not a resident).

-Bandito the half crystallized Cheetah
-Evelyn Lambert
-Jack Lambert
-Jester the Hedgehog (FORMERLY)
-Lucia Fex
-Novocaine "Novo" the fox

-Original characters and a canon character claim
-bots (and hopefully more to come)
-an art channel

Join if ya want!
literal hell, and we also talk about other fandoms too, not just the tagged ones.
we also host gamenights