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 ~ [This story takes place after Sonic Forces. It also follows the canon of the games. Check out lore to see the rest!] ~

What this server offers:
1. You can make your own OC to role play with. If an OC isn’t your style, you can become a canon character!

2. Music! Trying to chill and listen to some tunes? Well, go ahead and enter a music channel and listen to whatever music you feel like.

3. Art! If you feel like showing some of your talents as an artist, just show off some art in the art channel! Can’t draw but want to show off a picture you really like, go ahead and show that too!

4. Chat. Feel free to just come in and chat with us!

5. An interesting server with ever-developing plot and friendly staff!

Our staff may be a bit low but don’t worry! They are friendly and willing to help you out with anything! So go ahead and join in on the fun!
This server is made to chill RP and listen to some music we have nice staff and members in this server so come and try it out you can submit for a role if you want a certain role and a color (It will just be an effect it won't give you perms)
Its worth a shot trying out this server is made by TheGreatAttack YOUTUBE
IDWSonicNews - IDW Sonic Server is a community of fans who like IDW Publishing's Sonic The Hedgehog comic series. In this server we notify you when news about the comic comes up, we have events, 1k+ passionate fans, and overall Sonic The Hedgehog.

Must be 13 years old or older to join.
The Zone is a Sonic roleplaying server! We are always looking for new members to come along with us. OC's are always allowed. Just hop in and request a character! The server has been active since June 2019. We have many channels and the community is one big family.
This server is dedicated towards fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe whom have an interest in the NSFW side of it. We host numerous channels with a variety of topics that will cater to most peoples tastes in an organised fashion, so please feel free to drop by and say hello.

Our channels focus on some of the following discussions:

- Off Topic
- Memes
- Self Roles
- Video Games
- Media News
- OC Creation
- Roleplay

We hope to have more to in the future!
A Sonic related server, has character roles and might eventually have server events. I honestly am not sure what to put here but there’s not really much to say.
Edit: Forgot to mention the fact it's more oriented towards the fandom itself and less towards rp like most Sonic servers. It's actually half and half. We tend to be active a lot of the time.
This is a server for anyone looking to make friends and play some Minecraft. We have an Java SMP server that you can go on and build a house and vibe! Come join us!
The Right to Arm 'Hogs is a server dedicated to a particular niche, Armed Mobians! We here are interested in everything that has to do with Sonic characters and OCs mixed with military stuff, weapons, guns, swords, and history. If you find that you're interested in those things, come on over to our server!
Hello! We're a nice community of Sonamy fans who wanna make friends and have fun! Come join us and chill out, we're open to all Sonamy fans and Sonic fans in general!
Welcome to our humble Silver appreciation server, where you can worship your favorite psychokinetic time traveler hedgehog all you want!
Welcome to our Sonic roleplay server. If you are a roleplayer who is interested in the Sonic franchise. You came just to the right place. We are dedicated to give you a Sonic roleplay experience that you dream for. We also offer:

◆ Lots of channels for chatting.
◆ Many Sonic locations to explore.
◆ We allow OCs and Canon characters.
◆ There is no character limit.
◆ We are LGBT supportive.
◆ And of course lots of more.

Do not miss out. Come on over to our Sonic Alternate Universe Roleplaying server.
Our server is home to those who like to chill out and play games together, while keeping the Sonic The Hedgehog theme intact! If you like to play games and have a good time making friends all around you, this server's the place for that! Our staff are quick to respond and help out in need, with many different bots to keep members engaged like Pokébot and IdleRPG! Come on down and have a good time with us! We are all about the fun!! :>
Hey there?
Are you looking for a sonic server that has a lot of characters?
Well, I have the perfect server for you.
We are looking for people to take roles for RP since we don't have many people who taken it yet.

We have
-Talking about sonic games
-Freedom of speech
-no rule 34 sonic here
-and we can partner-friendly
-We also include RP! We have 23 Characters we are still adding more!

We are still growing so it would be helpful if you'd join us!
This is the Heartless Ruby Sonic Roleplay Discord, It goes far enough to even add a whole new character. Come down, and join the battle for the Phantom Ruby Shards.
Welcome to the ChaosFreak Official: Sonic RP Server! This server has many things to offer to any Sonic fan, both new and old, anyone who enjoys the Sonic franchise are welcome to join, now here is a list of some of the features we bring to you, the members!

-RP Events! Meaning that there will be server wide events that anyone with a character can join and be participate into it!
-Art Channel, to post your favorite Sonic Fanarts or show your favorite artist online
-Open to both OC and Canon, ever wanted to play as Eggman, Shadow, Tails, or anyone from the canon? Then you are welcome to applied for them and play as them! Not interested in playing as a canon character? No worries! We allow Original Characters into the RP to spice things up!
-Open Minded Community, we welcome all people of all backgrounds, orientation, and a warm and welcoming community to relax, chill, and have some fun RP!
-Voice Channel and Music channel, sit back and relax to listen some of your favorite sonic songs with your fellow members and chat anything you wish to chat about!
-Ongoing Story channel, for those curios to know what has been happening around the world within the RP setting, we have a channel that follows the everyday life of the server member characters, ready to keep it written as history!

Not only we offer such things, we also have our own set time lines more tied into the games! If you are interested about lore, feel free to read about it as we have a channel for such thing!

As of now, we are in need for multiple canon character, so those who wish to play as one, do come and join into the server, first come first serve!
Cheetus Gang is a sonic fan server where we talk about the latest sonic games, watch sonic animateds, and have sonic roleplay! We also have fans of Mario, Roblox, Minecraft, Brawlhalla, and Manyland, so if you like those games you can come here as well. Join today!
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are back in a new animatic project a team and I are working on to finish the fantastic story of the hit 90's show "Sonic The Hedgehog." This server is to show the progress of the animatic and also can allow others to show their art skills and or be apart of the project in some way. Sadly I can not pay but I can you full credit for all the work you do and also allow you to take as time off if needed. It has been always my dream to work on something Sonic related, and finally, those dreams can come true if we take it one step at a time. So let's do it to it!
World of Mobius is a Sonic the Hedgehog roleplaying community that absolutely anyone can enjoy. With plenty of channels to roleplay in, the ability to play as canon characters, go on quests to find artifacts such as Chaos Emeralds and even the ability to go to the afterlife to get your character revived if they die during roleplay. We wish you a pleasant stay in the World of Mobius, and may you enjoy yourself to your heart's content.
This is a Sonic Kin server if you didn't read the tags! Please join if you're a kinnie, not just a fan of sonic.