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Want to rp with any character from any franchise? Well Sonic Roleplay is the right server for you, so jump right in and start roleplaying!
Welcome to the ChaosFreak Official: Sonic RP Server! In here we have cool events, plenty of characters, and a ton of interactive things! There's even a channel that updates new members on the ongoing story! So all Sonic fans who seem interested in a roleplay, come along and join the fun!
This is my, ChaosControl VA's, Discord Server! This is merely a discord server for my YouTubing convenience and your fun!
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Introducing Team Gallant's fan game...
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《

Sonic Expeditve is a current fan game made by the people at Team Gallant. A small group of people who have had experience with
the popular gaming franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Currently were looking for more member's to help out with the project at side!!
The current people were looking for are,
✩ Sprite Artists
✩ Programmers; and
✩ Anyone who's active
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Not into that sort of stuff? That's fine!
The server also includes some other stuff to keep you engaged, such as a memes channel, or a gaming channel where you can connect with friends and play various games from consoles or PC.
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
We hope to see you in the server!
Welcome to Sonic Cosmic! A Sonic RP AU. Set in space, after Doctor Eggman's defeat against Sonic causes him to go intergalactic! Sonic now has to take down Eggman after he finds out the doctor's plan to go after a great artifact that can, after reassembled, take over not just Mobius but the entire galaxy or the universe! We promise you if you join an experience containing the following:
A well designed story that is still ongoing
The ability to create Original Sonic-based Characters
Great administration and owners
And far more than we can list here.
So come on down and have some fun in space with Sonic!
Welcome! To the world of classic! I am classic sonic and I would like to welcome you to a server where you can roleplay have fun and chat. This server is both for RP and For my youtube channel I hope you have fun here we accept a lot of people here just please promise to follow our guidelines.
As you join you must read the questions channel and then answer in the entrance gate. That is all

I hope you enjoy your stay!
-Classic sonic
The Right to Arm 'Hogs is a server dedicated to a particular niche, Armed Mobians! We here are interested in everything that has to do with Sonic characters and OCs mixed with military stuff, weapons, guns, swords, and history. If you find that you're interested in those things, come on over to our server!
The server to go for some fun and talk about sonic game, whether they're bad or good. this is the place to talk about sonic games!
Welcome to ˢᵒᶰᶤᶜ ᴿᵒˡᵉᵖˡᵃʸ ᵛᵉˢᵗᶤᵇᵘˡᵉ! Here you can talk about and roleplay Sonic The Hedgehog! We allow OCs,and have Tupperbox for your roleplaying needs! We really hope to see you here to share our love for the Blue Blur!
About 5-ish months after the fall of the eggman empire, some new threats were coming to light. these threats were the crystallized cheetahs, a somewhat rare species of cheetahs whose origins are unknown. They have gained the trust of many coalitions over the course of years, and are now putting that trust to use.

The crystallized cheetahs want to effectively become the strongest species out there, and are willing to do as much as destroy mobius if it means their dreams become a reality. Citrine and Tanzanite, two crystallized cheetahs of different colours have gone out to hunt down their half crystallized cheetah daughter, bandito.

using the dark gaia, they managed to get to it and start injecting it into Bandito. Bandito's excuse for agreeing to it was to be able to live as long as the man she cares for the most. by doing this she did kinda lose it, and just like the crystallized cheetahs, will do anything to show how strong she is.

As of current, the coalition lands have been surrounded in a purple crystal known as Tanzanite. There are groups rising up against Bandito and the coalitions, all with varying ways of doing so.


1. Harassment and Bullying of any kind is strictly banned
2. while swearing is allowed, you cannot use any form of slur
4. please refrain from using other people's ocs as your own (that's oc theft)
5. Do not disrespect staff
6. do not ask to be staff
7. you must speak with a staff member before finding a chaos emerald
8. ASK before joining a roleplay
9. if a base is used, CREDIT THE BASE MAKER
10. enjoy your stay ig-
it is a server about your god ploxy
we welcome anyone
when you join make sure to read the rules first
and have fun
Just a place for people to talk and share stuff for Sonadow.

There is different sections for conversations such as sharing art, memes, oc's and whatever sonic content you'd like to share.

Nsfw section is present but is separate from other discourse.
This is a Sonic Kin server if you didn't read the tags! Please join if you're a kinnie, not just a fan of sonic.
This is a server dedicated to Sonic best girl, Blaze the Cat! We're still kinda new, so if you like Blaze or Sonic fanart, why not join and help us out?
A sonic the hedgehog roleplay server with a welcoming community. OCs are accepted. A lot of characters are available. All games generations and before are canon. This server also has continuity from archie comics and characters from differing continuities can be worked in organically. We just entered a soft reboot of the server so a lot of stuff is happening right now.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hello everybody! This is Sonic's Radical Hangout Server! In this server you can make new friends, post art, edits (etc. ) and roleplay! Do not join if you are a MAP, Racist, or Homophobe, please. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Peach & Lyric
Welcome to our Sonic roleplay server. If you are a roleplayer who is interested in the Sonic franchise. You came just to the right place. We are dedicated to give you a Sonic roleplay experience that you dream for. We also offer:

◆ Lots of channels for chatting.
◆ Many Sonic locations to explore.
◆ We allow OCs and Canon characters.
◆ There is no character limit.
◆ We are LGBT supportive.
◆ And of course lots of more.

Do not miss out. Come on over to our Sonic Alternate Universe Roleplaying server.
hi and welcome to the sonic the hedgecord discord! if you join this discord, you'll be able to talk about anything sonic related. enjoy your stay!!

1. please do not spam the chat
2. no nsfw content
3. respect others
4. keep anything unrelated to sonic in the unrelated channels
Sonic: Bursting through the eras is a Roleplay Server designed by Sonic Fans for Sonic Fans. We hope you'll enjoy the stay and add to the vast, expansive world of our Sonic RP, be it through the Classic Era, Modern Era, Archie Comics, IDW Comics, or even the Boom Series! Even if not for RP, feel free to come in, show off your artwork, music or your vast collection of Sonic games, Toys and figures, and especially the endless well of memes that the games can provide!

An epic Roleplay server and one with a community welcoming newcomers with open arms. Our team of mods are dedicated to making the experience as great as possible.

A social community with Sonic fans and fans of many other games alike. Stream, Play games together and make new friends!

A roleplay story consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog and many of his friends facing a threat of war taken to a galactic scale, with two brand new fleshed out factions large factions, and the ability to make your own! This war also takes place as a rewrite/reboot of Sonic Forces, using many of its underused or badly used concepts and ideas in new light, on a galactic scale, with new things added in.

So come on in, and join the war for the **TIMELINES**
A Sonic related server, has character roles and might eventually have server events. I honestly am not sure what to put here but there’s not really much to say.
Edit: Forgot to mention the fact it's more oriented towards the fandom itself and less towards rp like most Sonic servers. It's actually half and half. We tend to be active a lot of the time.